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For the dynamic table, the id is “dynamic-table”. I cannot find the style for this id in any of the css files. I’m trying to create a page with multiple dynamic tables, but without the id=”dynamic-table” attribute assignment the dynamic table will not be styled correctly. Ideally it should be a class so that multiple tables can simply inherit it. Can you help me with this please? Where is the “dynamic-table” id located?

Hi thanks for the prompt response. Once I remove the id=”dynamic-table”, it loses its search bar functionality which I need. The classes “display, table, table-borded, and table-striped alone don’t provide the search and sort functionality provided by data-tables…

I changed #dynamic-table to .dynamic table in “dynamic_table_init.js. It seems to be okay now, but I hope this wont break anything else that expects “dynamic-table” to be an id and not a class…

Yes you can define it like class this wont be any problem.



i would like to see a list of all the different glyphicons. all i have are what you used on the template which are about 15.

pls assist me where i can find the complete list.


Hi, We are using fontawesome icon.


thank you soo much – i am still learning web development.


Nice theme :) Is there any chance that you can implement a Gantt chart – maybe something along the lines of this:, with nestable/collapsible projectlist, name of project, start date, end date, and the gantt chart itself. Is there any chance that you can implement something like that?

Hi, thanks for your comments and sharing about Gantt chart. We’ll think about it and if its feasible then we’ll implement it.


Hi, I am trying to pull certain data items from my Google analytics account into some of the chart samples you have provided. Do you know if there is a way to do this using Googles API? Currently I am only able to find solutions where Google provides the charts and metric visuals. I would really like to keep the same formatting of your charts and graphs.

Hi, We’re really sorry that we don’t have idea about this issues.


Hi, I have a problem with the sidebar menu in any browser, it didn’t show the scroll down bar !!

I have just 6 elements in the sidebar, but the last one got lot of sub elements, so please provide me with a solution to solve this.


We checked our theme but nothing found like this type of issue. Can you please give us your link so that we can check it out.


Check the link : The scroll bar is hidden !!

Hi, sorry for late reply. Can you please check it to remove sticky leftside bar option.


Hello. How to make the same font in FF and Chrome. I have

We’ve checked out theme both browser. But didn’t find any different font like your screen shot. Did you change the font?


Hello, my company want to buy this item. And i have some questions for you. - What’s different between regular license and extended license? - Live preview for this item is regular or extended license? - Can i use another plugins in this themes (ex: kendo UI…)?

If you’re planning to use AdminEx for multiple clients, or want to make a product based on AdminEx to sell to your clients then you need to purchase an extended license. You can use third party plugins like KendoUI but you will have to customize it for you :)

Thanks for considering AdminEx. We’re looking forward to see you as one of our happy clients.

Thanks a lot! And can i changes themes of charts in AdminEx ? And when you update new version? How can i use new version?

You’re welcome, yes you can change charts. we’ve a plan for update soon. In doc have mention how to update you files.


Hi, I am a customer of Adminex template and I believe that I have once error with css layout. I want layout with horizontal menu and this requiere : <body class=”horizontal-menu-page”>

but this implies that layout for dropdown is not correct, for example if you put once dropdown menu with class dropdown-menu , the color of this is not correct .


Hi, we check our code and nothing found issue and saw your mail code where you missed “navbar” tags. we will mail you navbar code. So that you can compare it.


This template does not work on mobile, when you scroll on the page and then on the menu not working, very bad

Hi can you please re check it to remove the class name “sticky-left-side” from the following tag <div class="left-side sticky-left-side"> .. </div> just take only this <div class="left-side"> .. </div>

please let us know if its not working. thx

I need horizontal scroll for data tables , Its very urgent requirement for me please let me know how to get that.

Hi, please check this link here have instructions. Hope this will help you.


Is possible use AdminEx – Bootstrap 3 Responsive Admin Template into wordpress page template?

Hi, AdminEx is made just html, css and js only. So you can use this template to any framework. Right now don’t have wordPress version by default.


Hi i buy this template but i need a 3 levels menu is very important. I read you development this, please what i can do for you send me this fix???

Thanks a lot and sorry for my english

Hi, We’re really sorry that in this menu structure 3 levels menu are not available. But you can try this plugin its have a multi-level option though in that case you’ve to modify or rebuild the menu UI design CSS.

We’re really sorry for this inconvenience.

On iOS mobile devices the sidebar is not working. It works on Android devices and in mobile simulators on a desktop.

The issue persists on both Safari and Chrome for iOS devices running iOS 9.

We have looked into this extensively and reviewed the comments but have not found a solution for this. is a screenshot of what shows on iOS devices.

We have emailed you multiple times as you have asked but we have yet to receive a response regarding this. This needs to be dealt with immediately as we have been waiting almost a month now for a simple response on our issue.

Hi, We’re really sorry for late reply. We’ve tested our theme in IOS device and it works fine here.


Unfortunately, this reply does not at all suffice for even looking into the issue. There is clearly an issue, hence the reason we bring this to your attention. We have emailed you about the issue with the details that you need to replicate this but you did not even bother to review nor address the issue we are reporting.

Please email us back to the email that we have sent you at your request and please make an actual effort to address the issue. The issue is still unresolved as of now.

hello, the js framework do you use is angular js?

Hi, Nope we didn’t use angular js.



I have an important question about Adminex, we have a web database and we need the tables to be connected to this database. However, inside the documentation of Adminex, I couldn’t see any explanation how to link (connect) the admin panel to web. We need to know exactly how you link the following:

1- chart data to be linked to the charts 2- csv files to be linked to datatables 3-Realtime data like Inbox, weather forecast etc. linked to the panel

Briefly, How should I connect my overall data to the panel?


Kivanc Kilicer

Hello, I want to get show the data’s in from another site.(samples: and and In this template(AdminEx) instead photo link and infographics can you put it? So I import data from other sites. Can we do this the data transfer?