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Looks great. No login screen though?

thanks.. this theme has a login page on sample pages -> login

This is beautiful. Any chance the tables will be sortable in the future?

Well done.

Hi votestewart… I will include this feature in the next theme update. thanks for your suggestion :)

Really cool theme ! I’ll buy it for my next project !

thanks :)

This rocks.. Well done! :)

thanks :)

The only one (if I’m wrong, please correct me) really clean, not complicated, well styled theme here. Simplicity – it’s a strong point of this item. Thanks!

Hi friskweb.. thank you for purchasing my theme. I’m glad you like it. :)

This is amazing, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks a lot! Looking forward for your next template!

thanks, stygian :)

Hi, this is really a great Template. But loccaly i cannot open it in internet explorer 7.

What im doin wrong ? Can you Contact me per Email ? Thanks

Hi, liberado… I can’t find your contact form or your email address on your profile page. Can you give a more specific info or a screenshot about this issue? Thanks for the purchase.

This is a problem of IE with javascript.

IE always stops javascript in a HTML document when opened directly, but not if it is online. When developing locally with IE, i suggest you install a local web server like WAMP ( Place the scripts in your www folder, and open with a http url like this: http://localhost/adminique/dashboard.html

If you don’t want to use a web server, you can change the setting in IE to allow active content. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Security -> enable the “Allow active content to run in files on My Computer” and restart IE. This will bypass the ActiveX Warning.

Hi, again. I have a question here. I’m trying to use facebox and add some content to it like some of the galleries’ images. However for some reason the facebox doesn’t show the cufon h1, h2, h3… tags. just the background for the headings but no text. Any ideas why? My email is

I think facebox doesn’t support callback function, so you must edit facebox.js and add this script in the reveal function:


I have sent you the modified facebox.js via email

Hi, great job. Can I use the native jquery widget´s ? For example the dialog?

Thanks, luizrossetti. Of course you can add more jquery plugins to this theme.

Hey jogjadesign, really well done! I like the theme’s clear structure – impressive!

Thank you, MrPepper :)

It seems on all pages, there is always a scroll-bar, even when one is not needed. For example, if you view the Settings screen in your sample pages in 1920×1080 resolution, you have to scroll to get to the footer, even though the content area is short. I’ve tried on both IE and Firefox. I also noticed if I go to full-screen (F11) the scroll bar disappears. Is there any way to change this? I’m afraid I am not very strong with CSS .

Hi, ryanj19

To change the height of the content area, you need to edit the style.css, find this section:

section#content {
    min-height: 80%;
    padding: 20px 0;
    min-width: 960px;

and edit the min-height value

The best Admin theme ever.

Thanks, I’ve been looking for one that is this beautiful and at the same time simple to customize.

A fast template. Really amazing.

I’ve bought a dozen of admin templates, and this is by far the best one.

Thanks a lot.

Thank you for purchasing this theme, dklima.

Glad you like it.


How can I get the upload field to be like the sample?

<dt><label for="upload">File</label></dt>
<dd><input id="upload" type="file" /></dd>

Isn’t working for me.


the input type=”file” is styled with jquery uniform plugin
in my template, it must be inside a form with class=”uniform”

<form class="uniform">


Oh, I see.

Already at class=”uniform”, I had to initialize .uniform();

<script type="text/javascript">

    $("select, input:checkbox, input:radio, input:file").uniform();


Oh, already in custom.js. Just had to load it.

Sorry for bothering.

I was considering purchasing this template. I noticed a few inconsistencies between browsers. In firefox 3.6 it looks great. In IE 8 its lacking a few things for example: The Hover effect on the navigation bar isn’t there. The rounded buttons on the color switcher and the side menus aren’t rounded either. Is this fixable? I really like the way it looks in FF, but unfortunately we have mostly IE users.


This template uses CSS inner shadow for the hover effect on the menu. Unfortunately, this feature is not supported by IE8 .

The rounded corners for IE can be activated via css (using PIE .htc). See the search box for example. I disabled most of rounded corners because of slow rendering in IE.

Where can I preview the modal boxes?

Everything else looks great! Might buy today!

Hi, chagwood

you can view the modal boxes on Sample Pages -> Photo Gallery, and click the view link


how can i set up the colour chosser for template like demo page?

The color switcher is for demo purpose only (not included in the download package).
But if you need it, send me a message via the contact form on my profile page, and I will send you the script.

blind buy! it is supercool!!!

blind buy! it is supercool!!!

thanks, reasonstar :)

hi great work, but the Form Validation when you click on Submit only works for 1 Field, though I’ve given for other fields too, but it does not validate it???

But the same thing if I mouse out, it works, but when I submit it only checks first field and ignores rest of the fields

What could the problem be, please let me know thanks

Hi.. sorry for the incomplete attributes on the demo
The input must have a “name” attribute for the validation script to work correctly.

Please check this example: