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I just purchased this template but the Fluid design is not included. Can you include this design I need it to my backend website.




The fluid design is included. Please see the documentation to change the design from fixed to fluid.

Thanks for your purchase.


I want to buy your themes and I have a quick look on comments section. There were some discussions about sticky footer and breadcrumbs.

These changes are included in the package if I’m buying it ?

Regards, /Sorin

Hi, these changes are not included yet in the download package, but I plan to release an update within the next few weeks that will also include these features.

Hello. Do you have an estimate for this update ?

Regards, Sorin

Hi, I’m working on it, should be ready in about a week. Thanks for your purchase :)

I have submitted the update. It’s in the update queue now, waiting for review. Thanks

The update has been approved. You can re-download the files. Regards

Hi I have a question. Perhaps it is rather simple for you.

1. Firstly in IE, the header and menu structured seem to loose style and appear white, rather than the black gradient. In your latest update this has error can not be replicated, which leads me to think you have updated some files. What file should I update to make this compatible with IE?

2. In addition the date picker uses the format… how can I make this dd/mm/yy?

Thanks so much!


CSS gradient for IE in this theme is disabled by default. You can activate the gradient in header and menu by adding this in style.css:
nav#topmenu {
    behavior: url(js/;
Please note that text shadow (used in menu text) and inner shadow (used in menu hover effect) are not supported in IE

Solved the dd/mm/yy format problem by modifying jQuery.

Great theme!

Question: How can we make a Menu Item Link on the Side Menu, ‘active’ or ‘current’. For example, if I am on the dashboard.html page I would like ‘Menu Item 2’ to be highlighted.



The side menu doesn’t have the highlight style yet. You can easily add your own style in the style.css file, for example:
.menu li.current > a {
    font-weight: bold;
And add “current” class in the <li></li>:
    <li><a href="#">Menu Item 1</a></li>
    <li class="current"><a href="#">Menu Item 2</a></li>
    <li><a href="#">Menu Item 3</a></li>

Hi Thank you very much for your theme, it working perfectly and reduce a lot of work. No doubt giving 5 rate!

Just a quick questions, What is javascript function to trigger between 100% and fixed width? If I would like 100% by default, are there any section can I overwrite this behavior?

Thanks Chanon

Hi, thanks for your purchase

The javascript function to switch the width is switchWidth(). This function is located in js/switcher.js

If you want a 100% layout by default, just add class="fluid" to the body

Thank you very much, gawibowo. I will definitely buy more and follow your design for other coming projects.

Your code and document are very well written. Great job mate!

Cheers, Chanon

Hi i want to disable cufon for H1, and also enable the selection at the table. how i can do that? i try remove the selector H1 and disableSelection in the custom.js but it give me js error. Please help.

Hi, I will assist you with your issues. But first, can you send me a message from my contact form, so I can verify your purchase status. Thanks

ok no problem. i will contact you with different account since i purchase it with another account.

Hi i want to disable cufon for H1, and also enable the selection at the table. how i can do that? i try remove the selector H1 and disableSelection in the custom.js but it give me js error. Please help.

Hi, you can delete this in custom.js to disable cufon for h1:
Cufon.replace('article > h1');
To enable selection in table, delete the disableSelection() so the script should be like this:
$('table.sortable tbody').sortable({
    handle: 'img.move',
    helper: fixHelper,
    placeholder: 'ui-state-highlight',
    forcePlaceholderSize: true

Great template! :) (very easy to integrate :) ).

One question: Right now the side menu is collapsing horicontally, I would like to have a menu which collapses in the other direction:

Usecase: The user decides that he needs full space for the content area, he collapses the menu and the content collapses to the left, the content uses more space.

Do you have a tip which jquery plugin to use for this functionality (if any)?

Hi smartclick,
Thanks for your purchase.
I don’t know about the jquery plugin for this functionality.
But if you need customization, I’m able to customize it to fit your needs. You can email me from my contact form for details.

Hi , can you tell me what plugin do you use for charts ?

Hi, this theme uses Flot for charts. Thanks.

hi.. when i place the collapsible boxes inside a content container, the box is distorted.

to fix the box title inside the content, please add this in style.css:
#main .box h2 {
    margin: 0;
#main .box img {
    padding: 0;
    border: none;

awesome!!! =P

It’s a nice template, I have buy it a few days ago. but I meet a problem, it cannot be used by IE6 , how can I do? thanks.

in IE6 , the png icons picture looks ugly.but, how to show you the screenshot?

one more a question :

in style.css

“aritcle h1” can not work when I input chinese words. English words show perfectly. why??

the code list below :

Admin ????

I’m not sure if chinese characters are supported by this font or not.
Please contact me from my contact form, I will send you the font with all available characters. If it still cannot work, you can disable cufon by deleting this line in custom.js:
Cufon.replace('article > h1');

For the png transparency bug, you can try this.

Hi there, really nice theme to work with, but I’m having issues with Cufon and the font included. There doesn’t seem to be latin characters enabled (like ñ or á). Would it be possible for you to add a compiled font with these settings ? Or should I go for another font ? (Maybe Delicious doesn’t support those characters)


Hi AgustinSaldias

Sorry for that, the font included only supports basic characters.
Please contact me from my contact form, I will send you the font with all available characters.


Nice template. But i have this small problem.

When i generate the information msg in jquery it will not close?

Any idea on why?

Here is the generated code:

Free space Click to close.


Hi, I can’t see your code. Do you have a live demo?


I don’t have a live demo.

function checkplass()
              "plass" : $("#plass").val(),
              "bid" : $("#bid").val(),
              "ringgathering_id" : $("#ringgathering_id").val()

                if( data['ledig'] ) {
                  $("#plassinfo").append("<div id=\"plassinfomsg\" class=\"information msg\">Ledig plass.")
                  $("#plassinfo").append("<div id=\"plassinfomsg\" class=\"warning msg\">Plass opptatt av: "+data['bussname']+" / "+ data['busscovername'] +"")
            , 'json')
        return false;

This is the code that adds a information msg.

Found a quick fix: Add the functions to a onClick.

$("#plassinfo").append("<div id=\"plassinfomsg\" class=\"information msg\" onClick=\" $(this).fadeTo('slow', 0);$(this).slideUp(341);\">Ledig plass.")


For dinamically added elements, you can modify the script using live():
$('.msg').live('click', function() {
    $(this).fadeTo('slow', 0);

Greate. Thanks.

I just replaced it in custom.js.

And it work. :)


Hi again.

Found this problem with the font. No norwegian char (ÆØÅæøå).

Anyway to enable these?

Another thing.

How to enable right color theme on load?


Do you mean the cufon on the headings (h1 – h6) ? The font included for headings only support basic characters. Please contact me from my contact form, I will send you the font with all available characters.
And what do you mean by right color theme?

What i mean about right color theme is how to change it so the next time that user logs in he get the correct colors.

Is there any cookie/session variable that is set?


This template uses cookie to store color, so if you go to other pages, the color should automatically change to the color you selected. You can check the cookie variable in the switcher.js file

If you only want to use 1 color, you can link only 1 skin file and delete others. For example, this will only load the blue skin:
<link href="css/style.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<link href="css/skins/blue.css" rel="stylesheet" />