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How are you? Great theme. I am trying to add fieldsets inside a 4 by 8 grid but the whole thing is out of place.

If I add the fieldsets to your tabs page, when you click on another tab and come back to the tab with the fieldsets, they are gone?

Can I contant you? Huambo

Hi.. I’m fine, thanks.
The example in the forms.html uses inputs with class=”medium”. You can try to change “medium” with “small” to fit in a smaller area.
I have tried the form/fieldsets inside tabs and they work normally. Do you have a live demo for your tabs issue?
You can contact me from my contact form in my profile page.

Greetings, I changed all the inputs to class=small and, it still gets messed up. I took the fieldsets from your forms page and added them to your styles page, inside the tabs. when you go from tab 1 to tab 2 and then back, the fields in the fieldset are all gone.

Also, how can i make all the tabs the same height?

Thanks, Huambo

Hi, what browser do you use? I have tried the form inside tabs and it works normally in Firefox 7, Chrome 17, and IE 7 /8.
For the input issue, if you don’t have a live demo, can you send me your html file? I will check it.

And for tabs with same height, sorry this script doesn’t support this feature.

Hi, the tabs issue is resolved; thanks for your help! Is there any documentation on how to use the grid system with nested grids?

I need to do something like this:


grid_4 grid_4

field set field set


Thanks, Huambo

For sub grids you must use “alpha” class for the first grid and “omega” for the last grid, for example:

<div class="container_12">
    <div class="grid_8">
        <div class="grid_4 alpha">
        <div class="grid_4 omega">
    <div class="grid_4">

The grid is based on the 960 grid system. More documentation/tutorial can be seen here:


I’m unable to add more required fields, even if I copy it exact I’m not able to get a new required fields, I want two of them, can you give me a exact example?



You can add class=”required” to each input you want.

This is an example of a form with all fields required:

Greetings, I ran the pages on a 17 inch monitor and both the fixed/fluid are chopped off? Any ideas? Thanks, Everardo


Do you have a screenshot or live demo? And what is your screen size? I have no problem when tested this template on a 17 inch monitor with 1280px width

Another question: the users need to enter diagnosis codes and descriptions from a drop down or from a web service.

How would you implement dynamic data entry of tabular data? Would you create a small dialog with a text box where the user would key part of the diagnosis, fetch the descriptions from the database and allow the user to select an entry and then add it to the table for display?

Thanks, Huambo

For data entry, I’d rather use a dialog/modal box that contains a form

Hi, Do you have a recommendation for how to implement a form with this theme having multiple fields per row? e.g. FirstName: [ ] Last Name: [ ] Address: [ ] City: [ ] State: [ ]

What’s there currently works great for having one row per input field, but some of my pages need to be more densely packed with input fields. Thanks!


you can use div for each row, for example:
        <label>First Name</label>
        <input type="text" class="small">

        <label>Last Name</label>
        <input type="text" class="small">

Hi i want to two wysiwyg text area on same page.

But not working, only work one wysiwyg text area.

Please help me

Hi, you have to add a unique id for the textarea, and then add this in the javascript:


Question I need to run this on 800×640??? Is it possible? Thanks, Huambo

This template have a minimum width of 960px. It is still possible to run this on 800×640, but you will see a horizontal scrollbar

Hi, Do you recommend any compatible jQuery multiselect plugins? I tried using , but I get some rendering issues that appear to be conflicts. e.g. I get form button z-order issues (always on top), and width issues.

Sorry, I never use any multiselect plugins. Do you have a demo url with that issues?

Sure – here’s a zipped version using local file links. I tested it using Chrome. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like for me: Thank you very much for looking at it.

I think you forgot to include the CSS file “ui.multiselect.css” on your page

Doh – sorry about that. Thank you!

Greetings, Let’s say that you have two departments using very similar pages based on your forms demo. Would you create a sub folder for each department and use the same name for each form or create 2 forms with different names in the top folder? I am afraid that if I keep prefixing the forms with the department I will end up with a mess pretty soon. Any thoughts? Thanks, Huambo

Sorry I don’t quite understand your question. Can you explain it more?

Gatot, Sorry. What I meant was this: i need to have a page that looks very similar but has a few differences between departments. My options are to create one page per department pt_charge, op_charge, etc. Or, just create a charge page for each department but save it in a different folder. When the user logs in, the system will know his department and pull the charge page from the correct sub folder. \root login

\op folder - charge.htm \pt folder - charge.htm \x folder - charge.htm etc


Personally I prefer to use folder to separate different sections of application, but I think it’s just a matter of preference on how you organize your files.


I just bought another copy, they like the design very much!!! Great work.


Any news on the page for me? Thanks, Huambo

Didn’t you get my last message? I have sent you a message 3 days ago.


Is there a way to select a different tab when the page loads?


Sorry, the tab script currently doesn’t support this feature. It always open the first tab when the page loads.

I added a ‘required’ class to some of the input fields but when I tab out or click submit, nothing happens. In your demo, the required fields show with a red border.

Can you please help? Thanks, Huambo

Hi, please make sure you have a unique id on your form, for example <form id="myform">, and use this javascript code:

$(document).ready(function() {

Thank you! Because I am using master pages, there was a conflict with two versions of jquery on the page.

Greetings, I just tried your page on 1024/768 and the fluid mode is out of whack. The menu sidebar is fine but the content is pushed down below.

Any ideas? Thanks, Huambo

Do you have a screenshot?