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How difficult would it be to have the sidebar and top bar stick when you scroll?

Please send me an e-mail trough my profile page so I can send you the modified code.

THANKS SO MUCH for your offline support. I appreciate you taking the time to address my issues and requested features!

No problem, you are welcome! :)

I too would like to keep the top and side bars in a fixed position. Would you please send me the code modifications as well? Thanks!

Can you please send me an email via my profile page, so I can send you the modification

Clean design :D I like it !! Good Luck with sales :)

Thank you, Brainart :)

hi, this theme have the Login and register Via Api Facebook, Gmail and Twitter ?

if have can send me some code for this thank..

There is a login page included, but it is the design part, you need to handle the backend for login and registration. There are numerous tutorials on the web, depending on the programming language you use.

you can suggest my the php i want use to make at my site..

if i use this design can ?


and i want search php can include at panel admin to create, and change it ..

If you need login buttons for the login page, there are plenty available for free, for example: http://speckyboy.com/2011/08/28/20-free-social-login-and-bookmark-buttons-source-files/

You should code the actual login yourself or implement some script, depending on your system.

hi bro,

why the search bar cannot come out the name of my client ?

i was modified my template, when i want search my name client the search bar cannot search like buffer.. why ?

please fix the search bar..

this is a screenshort of my search bar. http://awesomescreenshot.com/0ef2czq3bb

please fix to me new code thank

Hello, can you please send me a link to your application via the contact form on my profile, so I can see the modifications you made.


I’ve recently purchased this template, but i don’t see the calendar page. What can I do to get one for this template?


Hello, akademio, You can easily implement a calendar that suits your needs, for example take a look at http://fullcalendar.io

Hi I’m loving this theme. I’m currently modifying it for an app backend. I’m using it for mobile as well as desktop editing. Sent you an email with a small issue other than that it’s awesome.

I’d love this 3 years ago, but I just buy this these days. I think it is lightweight and easy customizing.