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nice work…

Thanks, glad you like it :)

A great job. Would it be possible to add some things in his future update?

1 .- Bar chart, Pie chart. 2 .- Pop ups Jquery to accept or deny the removal of images or to delete users from the table, and also with forms. 3 .- more options on the table: a search engine. choose to view from 25, 50 or 100 data in the table. modifcar icons, verify, view.

It would be perfect.

Thanks. The charts support line, area, bar and pie modes. I will consider the other points :)

Very nice work, i like your forms and buttons design. Strange, that you chose “select”, and not the pictograms in “Table listing”.

I see that made with love, and it`s wonderful!


Thank you for your comment, S1mba.

Not sure I understand the “select” vs “pictograms” part :)

Hi, S1mba, it is not a problem to be done that way, if you prefer ;)

D’oh! Everytime I start building a new template somene comes along and makes one that makes me go “oooooh”!!!

Really like this one mate – the sidebar is exactly what I was thinking to do so I might have to re-think that now lol.

Best of luck with sales, great job.

:D Thanks. Good luck to you too!

Hello, would have even be nicer if it would not have that much similarities with your former theme Adminus :)

Still, good work.

The most successful features are included in this template too, as the users likes them. Thank you :)

I like it mate.. cool design… :)

Glad you like it, mate :)

Hey @enstyled!

I want the chat to be “area” and I see that you support that. Although the tooltip stops working when you have a rel=”area” on the table.

Can you help me with this?

Otherwise I just love it!

Best regards, Ismail

Hello, Ismailp,

Unfortunately, the plugin does not support tooltips for the area and bar mode of the charts. I will make an update, if that could be done in the future.

Thank you for your purchase!

I fixed it. The JS was not executing properly. I found an extra ../ in the code that I had modified.

Now, that being said… how can I simply split my forms into two columns? They are getting quite long and I lose the proper look if I split it into two “div” tags.

You can wrap your elements in divs with width of 50% and float the first left and the second one right. Add a div with class=”clear” after them to clear the floats.

Also, how do you remove the “Page Successfully Loaded” pop-up? I didn’t quickly see it in the code.

Hi, jasenhicks,

Open you js/custom.js and remove the last snippet to remove the message.

@jasenhicks…where in the JS code did you make the fix. In what file etc?

Thanks!! :)

Ismailp, what issue do you have with the JS code? :)

I thought that @jasenhicks had solved the issue with tooltips for area charts. :)

No, in his case, there was some mislinked JS files :)

The tooltips for the area charts rely on the plugin developer.

I could really use tabs, and maybe a second level to the drop down navigation menu.

Thank you for your suggestions, I will consider them.

Concerning the way you add scripts at the bottom of the page and the order in which you include them… its make it impossible within a page that uses the template to inline jquery into script tags because jquery/$ is not present in the dom yet.

Wrapping the inline script in $(document).ready() is of no use either because $ is not yet defined.

Forcing all JS into external js files is just not practical from a UI and security perspective.

Moving the scripts into the header in exactly the same order you have them in by default then allows inline jquery within script tags to function. BUT , this completely wobbles the navigation on load because of something in your JS fyi.

Actually including the JS files in the end of the document and having all your JS code in external files is what the best practices are telling. The idea of unobtrusive JS is to be executed after the page is loaded.

Of course if that is not working for you, just place the JS includes in the head of your document and everything should work as fine :)

I’ve been working with Adminium for a couple of days, and it is a really nice design. It is well thought out and extremely easy to work with. It was very easy to add in some other stuff I had laying around, and make changes that resulted in something quite unique.

A bug I found is in the jquery.fancybox.css file. In the workarounds for ancient IE versions, images are loaded from css/fancybox, which doesn’t exist in this version of the theme. The only reason I found it is because I’m using it in a CodeIgniter project and I had to go through and adjust all of the paths.

I also noticed some DOM flickering in the left side nav when each list element has many children (this only shows up on slower connections), I’m currently looking into that. I’ll probably just set the child ul to display: none initially, and adjust custom.js

I personally don’t like @import, and it’s also good to fall back on a local copy of jQuery if for some reason the request failed, however that was simple to add.

All in all, this is really good work. It only took me a few hours to figure out where everything was and how everything worked. You can start off with this, not change a thing and end up with a great admin UI that offers a nice user experience, or you can easily modify it to suit your need. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Thank you, tinkertim! :)

Also, thanks for the heads up, I will check those up.


Which icon set did you use?

The hudMsg() function really needs to come before $(function() {}) in custom JS, so it has a scope that’s easier to work with . It would actually make sense just to stick it in hud.js and load it only when needed (after jQuery, of course).

Otherwise, any code that tickles hudMsg has to go in custom.js. I think most smart people would realize that it needs to be moved, but people hacking something together for the first time might realize that a little late :)

BTW , I really like them, they are perfect for notifications after an ajax call. This theme really does have all the elements you need to make something cool. No more, no less.

Thanks for the feedback, tinkertim, I will consider your suggestion.

Glad to her you like the template ;)

is there an easy way to show a tab in the menu active ?

As you roll over them, they turn blue. Is there a way to keep the active tab blue? I know it is CSS , but I messed with some stuff and it just doesn’t look right. Before messing around any more I figured i would check to see if there was an easier way or a setting that I need to choose like class=”active” or something. Thanks and great theme!

Sure, you can. Open css/style.css and copy the CSS of #sidebar ul#nav li a:hover {} to #sidebar ul#nav li a.active {} and then add a class=”active” to your active element.

Thanks! worked perfectly. great support!

I too would like to know which icon set you used. They are very nice and I would like to add more to our site. Thanks again for the great support.

The icons are from this great set. You are most welcome.

Thanks, that link went to an affiliate link, but I found it on the site here: http://www.mcdodesign.com/icons/iphone_sidebar.zip

thanks again

No problem. I updated the link with the direct one, thanks ;)

A quick note to let you know version 1.3 is now available with HTML5 and responsive layout :)

If you have already purchased the template, you can get the new version from your “Downloads”.

Hi I love the template but I have a question. When I changed the name of the page.html file to page.cfm (so i could use coldfusion) and load the page, the layout looks broke. The chart gets bumped down.

Any idea why changing the file extension (with no code changes) would cause this?

Hello, bdee1,

Seems like there is some error in the HTML when run on the server. Can you send me a link, so I can take a look?