Discussion on AdminPro - Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template

Discussion on AdminPro - Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template

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Hello, I don’t remember how to manage the fixed opening of the sidebar on the right when you click on the appropriate button.

In this example link: https://ortomate.leadgest.it/main/index_ospiti.php?idcontatti_ordini=21972, I need for example that the side part (when you click on the shopping cart button) remains open on the right. How you do it? could you kindly remind me please?


How disable all animations in the theme?

Thank you.

I think you are talking about the loader, when page refresh the round spinner apear, is that you are talking about?


I think it’s around the id #main-wrapper or class .page-wrapper that come from bottom sometimes and some other time from left-top and so one. I want (if possible) to remove these small animations.

Best Regards


We didn’t see such kind of things, though you can remove @import “custom/plugins/animation”;

from the style.scss file (src\assets\scss)

and use gulp to compile scss to css as we already provided.

and then check,


Hi, Is this available in Angular?

Regards, Bhuvan.

Hi, I liked this design. But when click on the LHS menu items entire page is getting refreshed instead of RHS panel. Only the right hand side should get change and the LHS menu should remain. Is there any plan to do this ? or is there any configuration?

Could you please clarify this so that i can make a decision to buy this?

This is bootstrap static html template. So, it get refresh after every click.You have to buy angular version for your desire configuration.

Hi, how can I delete the logo from mobile? I would like to hide the black part that you see in the screenshot and bring the menu to its left margin (Without logo).


Is this template available in “plain” html/css/javascript version with no other framework like angular, react, vue ? I’m seen many people talking about the angular version, but I don’t want to use any of these frameworks. Also, does it come with webpack support?

Yes its a pure html, css js with bootstrap framework, not added any angular, react or vue js with it.


why the modal not working in this template?

Hey, We are checking in, will sort that out soon. Thanks

Hello, I’m using your form-wizard vertical functionality for a questionnaire and when I go to the next steps, the page scrolls down and I lose the content. The content should also be linked with the anchor of the step. How is it solved?

The following page shows the example http://questionario.franchisingmodel.it/main/questionario_wizard.php

Can I use in asp.net core react project ?

Its static html template, so i think its base for any project. Thanks

Thanks :)

I was looking at the PSD files included – and they seem to be very partial. Not all elements are in the PSD files, elements are not grouped and there is little structure.

Do I have the wrong PSD files – or are they simple of low standard?

But still, the PSD is very unstructured. Half the elements are not in Groups, other elements are in random groups etc.

They are pretty useless for creating mockups :-(

i will update all current psds with proper groups and update you soon. Thanks

Thanks :) :)

Why the tags includes angular and angular 4? Catching some fish?

Sorry, we had angular starter kit earlier, and thats why its still there, removing now. Thanks

Is it an authorized clone https://themeforest.net/item/admin-press-the-ultimate-powerful-bootstrap-4-admin-template/20470856 of the theme?

Trying to determine who is the original author and where I can expect real support.

Hey, thats our other account and its not a clone, its different, and you can expect support from any theme you want to buy, we are here to help. Thanks

Is it an authorized clone https://themeforest.net/item/admin-press-the-ultimate-powerful-bootstrap-4-admin-template/20470856 of the theme?

Trying to determine who is the original author and where I can expect real support.

Hi I just bought the product. I see an admin-angular-new folder which is an angular project. But the rest of the folders contains normal html, css and javascript files. I want to change the theme to dark in the angular project. Any help in that. Or the dark theme is just the folder with html files?

Hey, We only have angular starter kit, other than that, our full product is bootstrap html template. We are working on full angular version in which you are able to have dark one, but it will take us 2-3 weeks, so if you need to work on it now, you need to do some css changes from dark version of bootstrap html template and apply that to your angular version. Thanks

so if i wanted to add this in my saas product (free/paid) users, for their dashboard. Is the standard licence fine?


hey you would need extended license. Please create support ticket at https://wrappixel.com for more questions if you have


Before buying your template, I would like to know a little more about the functionality Angular 5 / CLI starter kit. Does the starterkit generate an angular5 project with the different modules? or there is only the html / css file. Thanks for your feedback,


Hey hi,

with the angular 5 cli, we have provided many component which is based on typescript (many modules also), you can check the demo of angular starter kit, please let me know if you want any more information.

i Cant buy my paypal account is blocked here in code canyon.. can send you the payment directly?

I think it worked, right? Thanks

Somehow the button wave effect doesn’t work under angular 2.

Sorry I take it back, seems like you do need an additional javascript to make it work.

I do like the design of this template. However, just like the confusion I had, I hope the template and its document make it easier to understand what feature depends on what libraries and scripts. And the example in the angular start kit is a little “hacked” together with a bunch of jQuery stuff which I had to change a lot by myself to make them work correctly and follow the best practice, such as the menu active state.

Anyway, no big issues so far, but I do hope the developer can do a few modifications to this template especially on the angular side, and I believe it could become one of the best templates out there.

Hey thanks and you can always provide your feedback / suggestion at info@wrappixel.com


i’ve bought this template to use it for Angular 4 projects only to realize that it doesn’t have even the have half the features that the base template got!!! so bad


Hey, Yes thats why we called it Angular CLI Starter Kit, as it will help you to kick start your angular project. We will work on full version soon. Thanks

Hi I just purchase theme. It such a great theme. However, I found some error response

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://localhost:5000/scss/icons/material-design-iconic-font/css/materialdesignicons.min.css.map

Could you suggest how to fix it pls? Thank you in advance.

Please see capture image from this link https://ibb.co/fo1qWR

I don’t see any .map but some where in your script locking for that and it say can’t found it.

Trust that error not come from server cuz i just double click on html file to open it still can see the same error. please help me fix it. thanks.

Please get in touch via email, as we only provide support via email, we already mentioned our email id above. Thanks


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