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Hi, transcend, I just purchased Admintasia-Powerful backend admin user interface, and I expect it is html pages, but all are php.

How can I get everything working in html? I purchased it tonight around 6:15pm(PST) with account email Please help.

And continue the message…. The web design looks very different from three major browsers,

Firefox, IE, and Google Chrome.

What wrong with the codes/scripts?

Not sure. Would you include screenshots so I can see what you mean?


Also, Admintasia is an HTML /CSS/JavaScript template that uses PHP includes to reference component files. There is no other PHP in there and could easily be converted to use no includes at all, server side or .ASP includes.


I wanted to let you know that we have a full version that you can view here: Admintasia Demo.

I am offering a 30% discount for those who have purchased Admintasia 1 on

[removed by staff]

If you have any questions, you can contact me through my site: Admintasia Admin Theme


I have purchased the theme but I can’t find buttons.html containing icons for buttons as shown on the screenshots. Where are these icons?

Ok, I found them !


Menus not displayed correctly on IE 9 . You can look at the screenshot

The image at the right of menu item not placed correctly.

I will take a look Kocamane and get back to you.

Thanks, Adam

Kocamane. We have that fixed in version 2.3 and we will be releasing that very soon. Please check back to


Hi Transcend, I purchase the Admintasia 2.1 and I have one problema in Chrome with sidebar.

Some elements look like blocked as change theme link and fixed layout link.

You have any solution for it?

also I want to know If I have discount to buy the new version 2.2.

my e-mail is


Marco Aurelio

I will look into that Chrome issue.

Yes, we offer a discount to upgrade to 2.2. I will send it to your email address.

Thanks, Adam

I am offering a 30% discount for those who have purchased Admintasia 1 on

[link removed by staff]

If you have any questions, you can contact me through my site: Admintasia Admin Theme

i want to buy this template but i need to know if i can have the portlet div to be set expanded or collapsed on page load since even in 2.2 i did not find this done.

Demo has bugs:

Using latest Safari browser.

Select: Theme Options > Page with left sidebar

This stopped me from looking further, as I wanted to then do: CHANGE LAYOUT WIDTH (to) 980px width.

Thought I’d let you know.

Hi there, I’ve detected 2 issues: 1. “tabs” div, The link tab-1 displays the content of tab-1 & tab-2 … 2. “Table” select page 2/5 then change the result per page —> we have an overlap..

For the rest, this template is simple an fast.

Thanks Digitaldax. We are releasing Admintasia 2.3 very soon and we will apply the fixes we did there for the Themeforest version. You can follow this progress here:

backend admin theme

The tab issue occurs on Chome 18 and Firefox 11 (not IE)

Fixed in our latest release, Admintasia 2.3!

how can i get this latest release? i already purchased it here. thanks

Updates are available for our full version, Admintasia 2.x. If you upgrade, we are offering a 30% discount for those that have already purchased here. Here is the link:

Cheers, Adam

hi transcend, i have purchased today this version here on and i would like to know about wordpress support!

btw thanks a lot for this awesome tool.


Tiago from Portugal

Do you want your WordPress site to have Admintasia for its dashboard?

Hi, I saw the demo, seems really good. I have to prepare a plain HTML website with CSS (no PHP at all), can i use modules from here, like accordion, tabs, sortable tables n all ? If yes i will purchase immediately.

Yes, you can Abhishek. The only PHP we have in there is the includes code which can be easily taken out and you can put the code snippet found in the internal includes file right where they are referenced.


Hi friend, please tell me: Can I use this template to admin online a HTML5 (Kallyas template, from themeforest) website, just to change texts and images???

I need it for a customer, who need an admin panel to just edit text and images.

Many thanks in advance

Enrique, Yes, you could use this to admin an HTML5 site for editing content and images. This is a strict HTML5/CSS/JQuery template so yes!

Its easy to integrate this admin panel on wordpress?

Hi there, I have a problem with ” Admintasia-Powerful backend admin user interface “

- I need to support ” rtl ” language, does it support and how to do that ? - in navigation menu, the items appears vertical while I’m trying to make it horizontal !


Why you never update this?


tibasce Purchased

Any chance to update Admintasia again?