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Is it possible to move the form labels from being above the entries to the left so it looks like tabular data? The fixes I am making don’t seem to work. Current design takes too much space when you have 10 or so items in a form.

Also, are there public implementations of the theme on the web? It would be interesting to see the modifications people have made.

Most label elements have a break after them, if you remove it, the label and form element will align inline. For textareas and custom select element, you should add float left to their labels and wrap them in an inline element like span, strong or em and add float left to them too.

I know Envato are using the template for some account system. I am also aware of a few implementations from support requests, but I better not share any links, for the privacy of my customers. :)

Hello, There is no any description about Date Format in the documentation, Would you please tell me how to change the Date Format to yyyy-mm-dd and modify pop-up text of calendar in custom.js?
    // Date picker

or any external documentation about jquery.date_input.pack.js

Thanks Best Regards

Hello, sally800,

A detailed documentation on the date picker customisation could be found at http://jonathanleighton.com/projects/date-input/#date-formatting

Congrats on the good work! The template looks awesome and amazing ;).

Thank you, 2mates, glad you like it :)

I am also trying to move the labels for styled selects to the left, but I’m not getting the correct result. You said to add a float left to the label, surround it in a span and float that left as well. Here is my code:

<span style="float: left;"><label style="float: left;">Target Company:</label></span>
<select name="test" class="styled">

When I do this the label completely disappears. Any help would be great!

dreamscapesoftware, please try the following:

<label style="float:left;">Select label:</label> 

<span style="float: left;">
    <select class="styled">

That did the trick! Thank You!

Hi friend, please tell me: Can I use this template to admin online a HTML5 (Kallyas template, from themeforest) website, just to change texts and images???

I need it for a customer, who need an admin panel to just edit text and images.

Many thanks in advance

Hello, enriquetortosa,

You can use Adminus as a template for your custom admin panel, it is a working template, but it does not provide backend functionality.

Is it possible to start day of calendar from Sun instead of Mon?

Yes, it is possible. Please send me a message from my profile page, using the account you have purchased the item with and I will give you directions.

It’s a good value for 20$ but it you need something else than what is shown on the theme live preview you’ll had to custom the css and it’s not that easy.

It’s not perfect CSS ;) for instance buttons have fix width, so you can’t change it or adapt it to the button text (it uses only one background image)

But still, for 20$, i think it’s very good!

Thank you for your feedback! Keep in mind that Adminus is built with support for old browsers and that is the reason for some of these CSS workarounds ;) It is still customisable using the provided PSD, so you can create your own graphics.

So yeah dumb question. Where do I put the files? Its not the docs. I guess I thought this was for wordpress when I was searching..

Hello, fordp86, yes Adminus is not a WordPress theme, but a Site template.

Any way to view the “Fixed” version. The demo is the “Fluid” version.


Hello, troymcd, please send me a message through my profile page and I will send you a link.

I have some JavaScript that generates a new list of options for a select box dynamically, but I find that when the options are updated via the script, the select box label does not update unless I manually click the select box itself.

I have tried using both of these methods to update the options:

document.getElementById("tid").innerHTML = selectHTML; $('#tid').html(selectHTML);

I’m assuming this is due to the select element being styled via jquery. I tried to re-issue the select_skin function, but that just adds another set of styled select boxes slightly offset from the original box.

Any ideas? I have tried updating it myself via JavaScript using multiple methods, but it won’t change unless I manually click the element.

Hello, dreamscapesoftware,

Let’s say you want to replace all the options in the select with only 1 option “test”, you can do the following:


Let me know if this works for you.

Disregard my last comment. It occurred to me that I could have JQuery “Click” the element to force the update using: $(’#tid’).trigger(‘click’);

Thanks anyways! Great Theme and I’m anxious for an HTML5 version.

Already replied to your previous comment to manually manipulate the label. Whatever works best for you :)

Thank you. For HTML5, you can check out my other admin template Adminium.

have the multi-select feature of the object file.


I’m thinking to buy this template but I have a question: - I can read that there is a PHP version for this template. can I know what php code is included (contact/login/...) or all the website with a database?

Kind regards,

Hello, b_lamine ,

There is an example PHP script for the AJAX file uploader, but nothing more for the backend – the template is focused on the front-end.

hello! with this panel it is possible to edit a my template in HTML?

Hello, mariomarianidesign, I am not sure I understand your question, but yes – the template is coded with plain HTML and you can edit and customise it the way you want.

with this panel it is possible to edit a my page or another page in HTML?

Live demo doesnt work :(

Hello, eduardoavdr, I just tried and it worked fine. Perhaps it was some temporary issue?