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Nice work, good luck with sales

Simple, clean and a nice structure. Great work.

Thanks for the comments, guys, really glad you like it!

Looks very nice, allmost ready to but it. A few things that would make this much better:

1) Other color combinations 2) A sub/vertical menu 3) A date picker

Hi, crweb’s,

I just posted an update, adding a nice jQuery date picker. I hope they will review it soon. You can see it in the live preview.

About the dropdown menu – the idea here is to have the sub navigation in the header of the block. So if you go to the “Pages” section, you can have the “Add page”, etc. links in the right side of the block header.

About the color combinations – you can easily customize the UI in any colors, using the provided PSD files. I could add some more pre-made skins, so your suggestions are welcomed.

uspeh v prodajbite kolega :)

Merci, kolega, podobno i na teb! :)

I just purchased it. Thanks for adding the date picker. I will try it soon. I am assuming that I can use two of them (start date and end date) on one page; hope that is not a problem.

Yes, you can have as many date pickers as you need, not a problem.

Thanks for your support!

I just purchased it too. very nice clean and a nice structure….

can you include a submenu? :)

Thanks for the comments and the support! :)

I guess I could add a submenu, but it would be after a while, because I am in my hometown for the holidays. Stay tuned.

Be aware that there is an update still in the queue, waiting for approval. It contains the date picker and the nice image mini menus. Be sure to redownload the files soon.

enstyled I wanted to notify you that jquery.visualize fails on IE for the chart. The only one that seems to work decent in all browsers is the percentage pie chart.

Thanks for the heads up, Mike! I will look in to it as soon as I have IE around.

Really great admin theme. I like it a lot.

If you could add a sub-menu, that would be really appreciated.

Also, could you add a drop down menu (select menu) to the form? I’m not that strong with CSS and had trouble figuring out what selectors to type in the style sheet, to get it styled properly. Anyway, i think it’s a good form element to have as part of the theme.

How do we know if the download has been updated?

Hello, thanks for purchasing Adminus!

I will add submenu and the select element (form dropdown) as soon as I get back home :)

The latest update is uploaded and reviewed. I think the buyers have the option to be notified for updates of the products, they have purchased.

I really like this theme a lot. I came here to ask if it’s possible to get a select element added, but I see it’s already requested and confirmed, so thank you :D


great admin template, loved it! Just waiting on a small bug to be fix and i’m buying this one!

1. on the WYSIWYG editor… Whene parsing text content from a Word document, the code arent erased so it keep only the content… For that we must always parse the content from Word, parse it into notepad and then reparse it from notepad to have a clear content code with no formatting. Is there any fix or workaround?

I’m using TinyMCE for my project and it’s doesnt do this bug so i know it’s possible to do it.

Regards and looking forward your work!

Hello, fakokay,

Thanks for pointing that out. There are some JavaScript functions that might do that, I will have to test some of them. Other than that, you can always replace the WYSIWYG editor with another one – in your case TinyMCE.

I will dive into that next monday, as well as all the other requests and will notify you guys for the update.

Thank you for your great support and the nice comments!


I am looking forward to the changes you wil be making next week. I am customizing mine now and I would like help with a couple of items:

1) I like the block style. However, it seems that it is fixed width. Is there a way to make it auto adjustable to the browser window size? These days, everyone has wide screens and I will use it to display data form a database. So, the larger the better.

2) In the block action links (tabs), the first tab link has a rather long inline style. I would like to move it to the css file. Is there a way to make it a class or something?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, crweb,

Thanks for purchasing Adminus!

1) There are images, used for styling the blocks, which could not be scaled to fit an auto adjustable layout. The layout width is fixed at 960px, which is the optimal one for todays displays. Also, auto adjustable layouts are built with dimensions in percents, which are quite troublesome in most cases. Some of the plugins also requires dimensions set in pixels. Basically fixed layout is the optimal solution for that kind of design and I believe it’s wide enough to fit any data.

2) I am not sure I get this one right. The tabs are working by manipulating a class “active” and there is actually no inline styling. Could you explain?

I actually saw what you are talking about. The inline styling comes from a small JavaScript tweak I am using. It’s actually not a problem, but I have a workaround and this one will also be in the next update. :)


Thanks for your response.

1) I know what you mean on the merits of fixed layout. I have seen how some designers use auto expanding backgrounds in such cases – so I was wondering if something like that would be available here too. I am displaying tabular data with lots of columns: First name, last name, city, state, income level, etc. so it becomes quite long. It would be awesome if you could add it.

2) Just to make sure that you know what I meant by inline style, here it is:
  • I think this is to remove the first separator from the action links. Ideally, I wanted to put this in the CSS but really it is OK either way.

    It’s Perfect!

    I am unable to get the tabs to work… Straight from download “Per Days” and “Per Months” append #anchor to the end of the URL without showing new data, they both show up together in the box.

    I’m anticipating that being fixed along with the addition of the graph and date picker you have in the demo. Didn’t realize those weren’t available yet… I have big plans for this theme!

    Hello, bradenkeith,

    Thank you for purchasing Adminus.

    Can you open the live preview of the template and see if the tabs are working in there. If not, I guess the problem should be your browser. Which browser do you use?

    Otherwise, if they are working online, you can redownload the files, as you could have the pre-updated version. Please, have in mind that I am currently preparing the next update and it will be available in a few days.

    Yessiree the live preview works fine. I’m in Chrome. I have tried redownloading the files, like I said straight from a fresh download the tabs aren’t working.

    Seems like they approved your update. I have downloaded it and it works like it does in the live preview. Thanks

    Hello, guys,

    Just wanted to let you know that version 1.1 is available, adding a nice dropdown / submenu to the navigation and a custom select form element.

    If you already purchased the template, be sure to redownload the files.

    uii, nice :D thx