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Just noticed envato is using this at http://accounts.envato.com…. nice work. I wish I could buy it but now since its SO popular, I won’t be the cool kid on the block anymore…. haha :D

Yaw-za! :D Didn’t know that, thanks for the heads up :)

With Adminus, you would be cool even if everyone is using it :P

:D nice work! —> IDK , I was planning to use it as more of a SaaS deal, and I’d rather not, even though I’d be the 700th buyer :/

LOL :D I kinda do, but not living in your closet, you know :P

haha. yeh. zoning board would not be into that.

anything else you’re working on? :(


:) You better give me special help because i’m number 700

:D Thanks for your purchase, I hope you love the template!

Drop me a line if you need assistance ;)

Hi there, How and where would I change the date format for the date picker? Ex. mm/dd/yyyy?


Hello, peerhouse,

You can see how you can customize your date picker at the documentation of the plugin: http://jonathanleighton.com/projects/date-input#date-formatting

Hi enstyled,

after a few weeks working with this template I’m still happy with it, but there’re still a few disturbing things. I’ve tried to integrate the SmartTextBox plugin [1], but I gave up. Your CSS defines many styles on the element level (not on the class level). Consequently it’s really hard to integrate 3rd party plugins, because most of them define their styles only on class level and so the styles are overwritten by your higher weighted styles.

So, if you’re bored some day, could you integrate the SmartTextBox plugin? :)

[1] http://wayofspark.com/projects/smarttextbox/

Cheers, Daniel

Hello, Daniel,

The CSS is written with high weight rules, because of the many custom elements in the template.

You shouldn’t have any problem integrating the plugin, by making some tweaks in the CSS . I could check how to implement it, when I have enough time.

Great Admin Theme! I am having a small problem with the theme tho. This is probably just a simple fix, but I can not figure it out. When I load the theme right out of the download the tittlium fonts show up for the headers, but when I load it in my localhost it does not. Any insight into this problem would be much appreciated. Thanks

Hello, nspinelli,

I guess your localhost configuration is somehow blocking the font files. You can try to upload it on a live server and see how it works there ;)

This theme is awesome! one suggestion though. It would be nice to have stylized breadcrumbs. But otherwise it’s awesome! Thank you for the great work.

Thanks for your purchase and your comment, geocalleo!

I will surely have the breadcrumbs in mind for the next update ;)

Beautiful design. Congratulations!

Thank you, flashmaniac. Glad to hear you like it! :)

Hi, I’ve implemented the block with sidebar with tabs and within the tabs, I have some forms. The form’s action returns to the sidebar page, and the page loads with the default first tab selected.

What I want to do is return the user to the tab with the form just submitted, however I can’t figure out how to reference the tab link. A simpler example would be to just include a href link to other tabs, like a href=”#sb3”>Subpage three /a but apparently this does not work.

So how to I reference or trigger individual tabs? Remember, I’m trying to return to the tab containing my form, when I submit the form and come back to the page again.


I’ve very close to finding how to keep the current tab active by using the jQuery cookie plugin (jquery.cookie.js). In fact the jQuery UI uses this to maintain the click state of tabs.

In custom.js, where ul.sidemenu li is reference I’ve placed the following code:

if($.cookie(‘the_cookie’) != null) { // I need some help understanding how to reference the sidebar tabs. // I know the current tab via the cookie, but I don’t know how to set // set the tabs and content active. alert($.cookie(‘the_cookie’)); } else { $.cookie(‘the_cookie’, ’#sb1’); }

$(“ul.sidemenu li”).click(function() { $(this).parent().find(‘li’).removeClass(“active”); $(this).addClass(“active”); $(this).parents(’.block’).find(”.sidebar_content”).hide(); });

var activeTab = $(this).find("a").attr("href");
$.cookie('the_cookie', activeTab); // set cookie
return false;

Any suggestions??

Hello, escapecwilli14,

Excuse me for the late response.

The functionality which you need is already implemented. Try opening the following addres: http://enstyled.com/adminus/original/page.html#sb3

and note that the third tab is open. After the form is submitted, you can redirect to the page you want and add #sbX, where sbX would be the ID of your tab (take a look at the documentation on how the tabs work). That should do it ;)

Yes, that is what I thought of at first, however I’m using the template with a CMS . In this system the urls are search-engine/human readable (like, example.com/news/article/my_article) so passing the $sbx anchor poses a problem.

I was able to hack something together using the jQuery cookie plug-in as follows: [code] if($.cookie(‘the_cookie’) != null) { $(”.sidebar_content”).hide();

$('ul.sidemenu li').each(function(index) 
         if($(this).attr('id') == $.cookie('the_cookie')) 
    $("ul.sidemenu li:first-child").addClass("active").show();
    $.cookie('the_cookie', '#sb1');
$("ul.sidemenu li").click(function() {
}); [/code]
var activeTab = $(this).find("a").attr("href");
$.cookie('the_cookie', activeTab);
return false;

I didn’t know any better way to reference the li so I had to add my own id, and then search for it in a loop. Any thoughts or improvments on this will be appreciated.

If you are using the cookie plugin for anything else, it’s ok, but if you are using it just for this, I think it’s overkill. The best bet would be to try to change the URL rewriting to allow the hash tags in the URL . If it isn’t doable, the cookie would be fine ;)

Why the open modal don’t work on demo ? I have the same problam… thanks

Hello, noomiastudio,

In the demo, the modal points to a non existing page and that’s why it just keep loading.

If you click on “view” on the images at the bottom, you can see it working.

I guess it doesn’t work for you, because you are passing an invalid URL to it. For detailed information, you can check the plugin’s documentation: http://chriswanstrath.com/facebox/

Does it work ok with latest jquery 1.4.4 ?

Hello, tiefox,

You can test it yourself, the demo is now with 1.4.4. Everything is working correctly ;)

I am developing an application, first of all great work, lovely style.

I am inserting a select input in a form in the login page, and it doesent get the style form the stylesheet.

The code in the stylesheet i suppose it is

.block form select.styled { width: 245px; height: 18px; margin-right: 20px; cursor: pointer; }

but in the container it doesnt get the style.

Im i doing something wrong?

The rare thing is that all the form elements get the style but the select input doesnt.. im developing the app in my computer, as localhost is not in a server.

Ive realized about the extra login class, but the other elements such as input dont hace that problem, i just realized that the input type=”file” has the same problem.

Im going to try to upload the example of what im saying and show you.

I was forgeting to attach the custom.js to the file i dont know why i forgot!, thanks a lot!

Not a problem, glad I could help ;)


I love your table pagination style.

do you know how to get it working ?


Hello, Klian,

It depends on which server side language are you using. There is a quite extensive tutorial on Nettuts on paginating with PHP : http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/php/how-to-paginate-data-with-php/

enstyled, first, I want to commend because adminus is really, great! Simple and clean! :)

I have one question, i can’t change width of . Can you tell me, how to change it?

Thank you!

Hello, timotej,

You need to change the width of what? :)

Sorry :)

I wan’t to change width of input, type = file :)

Btw: You are really fast :D

enstyled, after a little more research i figure it out. :)

File: js/custom.js Line: 142

Glad to hear you worked out ;)

Just one question…it is possible to use classes in filestyle?

example: i have 2 input field with different class. Now i want for every class, different width size.

Sure, you can. In custom.js, instead of $(“input[type=file]”).filestyle.., use $(“input.class_1”).filestyle… with your settings and then do the same for input.class_2.

You can always refer to the documentation and the plugins documentation for more options and tips ;)

Webstats have a tab function but I need more than 25 tabs… Is there a possibility to solve the tabs with a select-field?

You can always put a select dropdown instead of the tabs, if you need that much options ;)

Just to say I got more useful help on Adminus from the developer, quickly and without fuss, on questions that were not problems with the theme. Thanks again for excellent support.

You’re most welcome, cfoinfo, glad I could help! ;)