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Hello:) very good theme, i loved it :)

It would be perfect, if the form elements would be like this without a form too. for example i try to add some elements to but if the element is not directly above the elements it wont work :(

A fix for that in the next version, would be sooooooo coool :)

The form is expected to be inside the ”.block” div. You can edit the css/style.css file, and make all the ”.block form …” to just “form …”, but that might conflict with some of the other forms, so you can add a class to your form.

But as far as I see, you don’t need the form to be outside the .block div.

will do that :) Thank you


yiw Purchased

I highly recommend Adminus. Bought it yesterday and my admin console looks way better within one day. I emailed the developer twice about how to use it, and he get back to me within 2 hours every time.

Thank you for your recommendation, yiw, it’s appreciated! :)

Hi – bought this theme few weeks back and added this to our control panel – it looks nice

Here is my feedback

- The main drawback is that it does not work with Safari – the select options do not work - It does not have 3 columns – it has either 2 or no cols – - The two cols will wrap themselves badly. eg:

div left div right div left (this will not be in left – it would go right below the first right if the the first right height is small - No colors for buttons except for default blue – other themes have colors – Also, I don’t understand why the submit button needs to take long, small in classes – other themes will print left border and then text with color border and then the right border - Shipping some icons for div titles should have been good

Thanks – just a constructive feedback for a great theme.

Hm, I should check it. Using Safari 5, there is no problem. Neither in Chrome.

Did you get a chance to check this as it breaks all Safari browsers?

Next, I think you should add a class for small input width as right now it is set to 96% which is huge for small inputs.

Yes, I tried it in Safari 4 and 5 and everything works fine. Maybe there is some other problem, can you send me a link to your application, so I can test it?

In the live preview, you can see there are styles for small, medium and big text inputs. ;)

Enstyled, how would I fix this issue? The form is sticking to the bottom. http://cl.ly/4jVK

Brandonjjon, can you send me a link to your application via e-mail, so I can take a look at the code?

Is it posible to wrap a textbox in a div or span so the border turns red?

You can add a class to the textbox, per say “error” and apply a red border to it. Or I didn’t understand you correct?

Almost, but I need the border to follow the same contours of the textbox, or even if just the background of the textbox could change to red?

I am not sure if I understand you right. Do you need the error class on the WYSIWYG textarea?

Great looking template! I do have one question, it would be nice to be able to put the graph inside one of the sidebar content blocks.

Which when doing so works almost perfectly. The only issue with doing that is the border around the graph doesn’t extend to the other side, it only goes for about 193px

For example: http://i53.tinypic.com/i5ysyq.jpg

Hello, Kussie, thanks for pointing that out. Open js/custom.js and replace this line:

var chart_width = ($(this).parent('.block_content').width()) - 60;


var chart_width = ($(this).parent('div').width()) - 60;

Also, don’t put the entire block with the graph in the sidebar content, put only the stats table.

You can see a example at the live preview: http://themeforest.net/item/adminus-beautiful-admin-panel-interface/full_screen_preview/94668

Scroll down to the block with sidebar and open the second tab. If you need further assistance, please drop me a mail via the form in my profile. :)

Very impressed with the template so far.

I have one question RE the date picker.

Do you know how I can customise the date format?

Hello, mattwins, you can read in details at the plugin’s documentation:

http://jonathanleighton.com/projects/date-input#date-formatting :)

Hi enstyled,

Thanks for the nice job. Just two questions

1) How can I change the label in file upload button. It is written “Upload” but I need to translate this text to something else.

2) Is it possible to use a javascript body onload event to focus the second or the third tab instead of loading the page in the fist tab?

Thanks for all!

Hello, heubel,

1. The upload button is an image (required by the script), you can edit it in the provided PSD file.

2. There is no need of extra JS for pre-switching the tabs. You can point to a tab, by adding hashtag (#) to the URL . For example, see http://enstyled.com/adminus/original/page.html#sb3 and note that the 3rd tab is open.

Hi enstyled,

Thanks for your reply! As I need one URL identifier to change the tab behaviour I have added the following code right before closing the body tag.

window.onload=function() {
    if(window.location.pathname.match('index')) {
        $("ul.tabs li a[href=#tab2]").parent().addClass("active").show();
        $(".block .tab_content#tab2").show();
        $("ul.tabs li:first-child").removeClass("active");
    } else {
        $("ul.tabs li:first-child").addClass("active").show();
        $(".block .tab_content:first").show();

Thanks for all and success with your amazing theme.

i’m facing the same problem as Brandonjjon with the form fixing at bottom inside the sidebar content…simple copied the content from the form block in the template and put it inside the sidebar_content div and there is a huge blank space at the top.

Hello, tiefox,

Adding overflow:hidden; to your form should fix the problem ;)

Worked great!!! thanks a lot ! excellent template and excellent support!!

Most welcome! :D

Great template, I’m really going to enjoy using this.

Just one issue, the bar graph does not show in ie, please could you provide a fix for this.. thanks.

Great work!

Hello, njmarkham,

Thank you for your purchase and your kind words :)

I fixed the problems with the graphs. An update is coming for this. Meanwhile, please send me an e-mail via my profile so I can send you the modified file.

Love the theme ! im sure i will purchase it in a not so far future!

Glad to hear you like it, salvafc :)

Great theme – one question – I’d like to have “normal” buttons and also buttons with less emphasis (like a dark grey or black button).

The themes only have one primary color – how can I adapt to add a secondary button color? (Not a Photoshop expert, so not sure if I can pull off the changes myself).

Hello, dchurchv,

You can use the button images from the green and red skins. Otherwise, you can edit the button images in the provided PSD file.

Any chance of a black or grey theme lying around somewhere :-) ? Not very good in photoshop, and I only have Elements which doesn’t read grouped layers unfortunately.

Actually would you be able to provide an ungrouped PSD so I can edit it in Elements? That would be perfect.

Hello, dchurchv,

Can you drop me a mail via my profile page? :)


First of all, congratulations for this wonderful theme!

I didn’t read all the previous messages so its possible that someone has told you this already, but I want you to know that there’s a issue with the wysiwyg editor in IE 7 /8.

To be more concise: - adding an ordered or unordered list doesn’t work - the remove formatting button doesn’t work

I know that IE is a crappy browser, but can this problem be fixed somehow?

Thank you.

Hello, cosminchiru,

I will look in to the problem and get back to you. Thank you for pointing it out!

I have just tested in IE 6 , 7 and 8 – no problem with the WYSIWYG textarea. Are you testing it with a native IE installation?

Hey enstyled!

Yes, it’s IE7 that comes with Windows Vista and IE8 that comes with Windows 7. Here is a little demo.

I have replicated the bug. Will fix it in the next update. Again, thanks for the heads up! :)

Hello again,

Thank you for fixing it, but is it possible to have the fix until the next update? The website will go live this thursday.

Hello, cosminchiru,

You can edit the following line in js/costom.js:

$('.wysiwyg').wysiwyg({css: "css/wysiwyg.css"});


$('.wysiwyg').wysiwyg({css: "css/wysiwyg.css", brIE: false });

Let me know if that works for you :)


It works, but not as desired :)

If a users pastes 5 lines of small text with no formatting and then selects all the lines and tries to add a bullet style, only the first line will have a bullet and the other ones will only be indented.

On the other hand, if I write a line of text, then press enter, then write another line of text, then press enter and then select them both and apply a bullet style, it looks ok, but after pressing enter between each line, the space is quite big inbetween the lines.

If I buy this script is there a way to connect to google analytics?

Hello, dexterfly,

I guess you are talking about the graph? You can use the Analytics API to export your data. In the template it’s just putting numbers into a table :)

If you want to use another interface for the graph, there are some scripts which visualize your Analytics data.

I am trying to get the navigation menu to behave like this one (the green bit), http://www.whmcs.com, is it possible?


Hello, dquinney,

Please send me an e-mail through my profile page, so I can send you some code :)