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I just wanted to say that it is an absolute joy to use this theme from both a coding and aesthetic perspective. Great stuff!

Thank you, jacobrocks, really appreciated!

Hey! Thanks for this! I have one request. If you will update it, please make folder like “Update” and put here content which were edited, because I edited many items myself and if you do update I have to check each file if has been modified. Sorry for english :)

Yep, but when I edited core files? Like datepicker etc. :) Will be new update soon?

I think the date picker should be ok, but I will make a change log for the future updates ;)

Files change log will be good :) thanks from czech republic!

Has anyone worked this layout into the cakePHP framework? I am about to give it a go but wondered if it has been done in the past and if there were any issues.


P.S. I love this template, a great base to start a web app with.

Hello, leerox,

I haven’t been told if anyone is using the template with cakePHP, but there should not be any problem. Glad to hear you like it :)

Hello, are you still supporting this theme? I might be interested :)

Hello, drexlsd,

I am surely supporting the theme :)

Well, it looks too nice to resist ;) Thanks for the nice work

You are most welcome, thanks for the purchase. I hope you enjoy the theme! :)


Could you please help me with an issue I’m having?

When access the link admin/page.php#sb3, or any other # part, it actually goes to admin/page.php (even though the URL contains #sb3 at the end), and the #sb1 is open. I can only see #sb3 if I click on the proper tab to open it.

I have different forms on each # and if I submit a form, after submitting, I wish to return to the #sb it was submitted from, not the first #sb of the page. After submitting and processing the form, I redirect using:

header(“Location: {$_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]}?msg=Profile saved successfully”);

Also it would be cool if I could ditch the msg parameter from the URL when switching to a different #sb, so that the notification message doesn’t show up on every tab. Or perhaps I should modify my web app to show that message in a different way, not with a $_GET

Any thoughts?


Hi there,

If you open http://enstyled.com/adminus/original/page.html#sb3 the third tab should be open.

Can you send me a link to your application so I can take a look?

It is open, from your link… but when I do the same with my application, it doesn’t happen. I’m sending you an email with the link

Replied, let’s take it over E-mail :)

Thanks a lot for your help enstyled, now it works the way I want it to!

Most welcome :)

Feature rich template that I am seriously considering using for a project template. I see an example of dual blocks. Would a try block be easy to implement?

Ha! I meant tri block. I need to turn off Lion’s new autocorrect feature.

Example, 3 content blocks set at 30% width in the same “row”

Or one set to 30% another content block spanning 70%?

It could be done by modifying the template, adding some extra classes :)

I feel you about the autocorrect in Lion :D

Hello everyone!

Enstyled, a long time ago you sent me a code to open a page in second tab (page.html -> Big text box with tabs) but I don’t remeber If I we talk by mail or by comments. So, I didn’t found this code inside here. Also, I searched in my email too but maybe the Hotmail has excluded your email.

Can you say me how can I do this again?

Sorry about this, :bigsmile: Thanks!

Hello, lucasmoreira, sorry for the late reply.

I don’t keep the modified script, so I should make it again. Let me get back at you later.

Loving how easy this is to mod, but I am stumped on one thing. What determines if a column is sorted? I’m not seeing specific ID’s or classes. I would love to turn some on and off.

Hello, okivanleer, In js/custom.js find the “sort table” snippet. There are headers which disables individual columns. Check the code comments for reference.

Hello, I’ve tried to add jQuery UI icons to blocks within this template and there seems to be a css conflict preventing the icons to display correctly. If I place the jQuery UI components outside the blocks the icons disply fine.

Here is an example of the icons inside a block:


Here is an example of icons outside the block:


Let me know if this can be resolved. Regards, Chris

Hello, escapecwilli14,

The reason is the styled ul and li elements. You can reset the styles for your current ul element. Send me an email via my profile page if you need assistance with the CSS .

Is it possible to have a sub menu under the main menu (instead of the drop-downs)? Like a contextual menu tab under the top-level menu.

Hello, seetharamarao,

It can be done with some modifications :)

Hi enstyled,

I just want to ask you a question: What’s the best way to implement the messages?

These messages: <div class="message errormsg"><p>An error message goes here</p></div>

After I submit a form and perform the actions, I refresh the page or redirect, and then want to display a success message if everything went fine or an error message instead.

Now I’m doing it by using a GET parameter, in the url. I do the operations and then redirect using page.php?msg=success, then process it with php.

The problem with this is that on the pages where I use the Big textbox with sidebar>

if I submit a form – for example, the form I submitted was on #sb_a, and on success I redirect using header(“Location: page.php?msg=success#sb_a)

then if I go from a section to another (for example from page.php#sb_a to page.php#sb_b ), the msg parameter will remain in the url, and the message will remain displayed on every section until it’s closed.

I like the sidebar navigation without reloading the page but I need to only display the success or error message on the $sb_ section where I submitted the form.

Is there any way you could help me with this?

Hello, drexlsd,

As far as I get the problem, you just need to put the message in side the “sidebar_content” div, so it will be displayed only for the tab you need.

Is there a mobile template to accompany this one ie/a version that will work on iPhone/Android devices?

Hello, jchannon,

There isn’t a special mobile version of the template, but it works well on smartphones and tablets.

Thanks mate, looks like a really good template. Waiting to get my teeth into updating our outdated cart ADMIN to this.

I hope you enjoy working with it! :)

Absolutely love this admin theme, great work!

Are you planning to release a mobile version soon?

Thanks! :)

I might develop a mobile version in the future. Thanks for your interest! :)

I cant seem to access the correct tab by using page.html#tab2

Am I doing the correctly?

Can you send me an e-mail via my profile page, with URL to you application, so I can take a look?

Thanks for the great work.

One question… What needs to be adjusted to upload more then one file on a single page?

Thanks again.

Do you mean to have more than one file input on a page?

Currently the script assumes there will be one upload, but with some modifications it can work for many. First you need to replace the id with a class for the upload inputs and then apply the JavaScript to each one with that class.

Yes, multiple file inputs on one page.

I have it working now… along with displaying the uploaded images on the fly!

Thank you for the general direction… it helped a lot.


Cheers, glad to hear you got it done :)