Discussion on Admiral Tumblr Theme

Discussion on Admiral Tumblr Theme

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Hi Oliver, it seems the ask form not appear anymore, and one question i want to collect email address from subscribers it is possible for future update to have in the bottom of post a mailchimp form? Also I don’t like so mush the tumblr ask form because is limited, I prefer a contact form but the most not work with tumblr and is ugly maybe you can consider this also. Thanks

Hi! The only thing that’s keeping me from adding a contact form is that reason exactly, nothing works good on Tumblr :)

I think I can add a mailchimp real quick now and if it worked, I might add it as an update. I will email you on your profile once done.


Thank you!

Hi, can I put 10 pictures with text to each in a post? Like a reportage? The post can be like on medium.com

hi! sorry for replying so late. admiral does support photosets wih captions on each photo.

Hello Oliver,

Great work here, I’m so excited to use the theme and get the most of it. However, I have some problems with installing the theme (Note: I literally used all texts apps and coding apps)

The Texts posts are messed up and out of the thumbnails, I wonder if I missed something or there is a bug in the theme.

Take a look on my blog at http://artisblank.com

Thanks in advance

Hi! Really sorry for the very late reply. I came from vacation, sorry. Please do message me using the contact form on my TF profile and I’ll email you the code right away. Thanks!

Are there more than one menu/nav options? I’m not a fan of the hidden nav at the top-left but would be pumped if I could move it to the top or right where it’s always visible.

Not for now for Admiral. But I have an upcoming theme that has the nav you are looking for :).

Hello the Lightbox in new update 1.3. not work, you can see here http://visualastronauts.tumblr.com/post/130885024725/vila-olmo-como Also the *Added succinct.js to control the post preview even if a “Read more” post is not set expand the bounds in front page here http://visualastronauts.tumblr.com I have ask in the past about the feature of big images across the content in post, do you plan anything for this? And one last can we have a font awesome in this theme and a pin button in posts? Thanks

Hi! Seems like you theme code is missing the js scripts for the lightbox, that’s why it’s not working. The .truncate class for succinct.js is also missing. Please send me a message and I’ll send you an updated code just for you. :)

I send you an email :)

After update the code the “read more” works fine but Lightbox not work again :-(

Good morning,

I am highly interested in buying your template for my tumblr blog, but I don’t want to waste time to configure it twice if a new version is pending. Do you know already when you will release it?

Cheers, Chris

Hey Oliver,

how is going the dev?

Best, C.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Still working on it but on the final stages now. Sorry, I was quite fully loaded with work the past weeks.

Cool, good to hear. Please keep me posted once you release the next major update according to your post here: http://admiral-theme.tumblr.com/update

Hi, I have found a small problem with thumbnails in tagged pages in mobile browsing, (Android) it seems broken in size the first one and random with the other thumbnails. The same problem appears in desktop with Safari and Firefox when reduce the browser window.

Hey I have just submitted the update for the fix.

Also, a major update (finally, hehe) is in the works right now for Admiral.

You can read the plans here :)

Thanks again!

Suggestion for the next upgrade 1) I like to have horizontally expanded the size in video posts, not the text only the video :) 2) Also will be nice if you add some of the Foundation 5 shortcodes like buttons alerts boxes accordion etc. 3) An email social icon is very useful 4) Can we have the first paragraph bigger or emphasising? Thank you for the great theme!!!

Hello Oliver seems this feature in new update 1.3. not work *Added succinct.js to control the post preview even if a “Read more” post is not set. In all posts the texts when “read more” is not set expand the bounds in front page. Maybe a major upgrade fix all this problem. Thanks

Hi, please help me. Your theme is not working on my site. I followed the directions, but it is not displaying correctly.

Hi! I emailed you. Please check it :)

Looks very nice your theme :)

Thanks man!


before purchase does this theme have google analytics integration?

Hi! Yes it does! :)

hey, how do i turn preview off and only have the tittle shown on my photo? thanks!

Go to your Tumblr Site > Edit Theme > Advanced Options then select “My posts” on the preview tab.

Hope this helps. :)

Hello can we have in future update some shortcodes like buttons, alert boxes, progress bar, etc and Font Awesome?

Hi man! All that can be added by getting the codes from Foundation 5 since this theme is based on it (though I excluded most components that I thought would only be a bloat).

Font Awesome can easily be integrated by just linking it on the head.

Send me an email at oliver.dionela01@gmail.com . I will help you add this things. :)

Thanks a lott I will send you an email

Hey! I just purchased your theme but things went wrong. I added a post, well a picture, and added a picture under the legend and it all went upside down http://puu.sh/g5w9y/ee756c53cd.png Then I tried to add a post with a photo, thinking it would look like in your demo but the pic doesn’t go in the background like in a picture post http://puu.sh/g5wfC/06b55e1b8e.png

How can I fix all that ?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Can you please message me your site’s link so I can take a look on the code (and how it went wrong). Thanks! I will be waiting for your reply.

Message me at oliver.dionela01@gmail.com

any news for update?

I would like a refund. This is a tumblr theme – I wanted to purchase a wordpress theme for my website.

My mistake yes, but I would still appreciate a refund. I can’t – and won’t – use this. Thanks.

Hi James! Please contact Envato Support and ask for a refund. I will grant your request once they contact me for approval.

On a side note, I am also trying to put up a WordPress version of this theme. I am just to busy at the moment to finish. :)

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for the theme, it looks really nice in the example but I have some trouble with it on my blog. It seems that if I embed images, they end up in the description of the thumbnail and mess up the layout big time. It’s a blocker for me since I have many posts already formatted this way. Is there any way around this?

Thank you Martina

Hi! Let’s see if we can work it out. Message me using the contact form on my profile. Thanks!

First of all, thank you for this beautiful theme. I love it and I rated it 5 stars.

I have 2 questions:

1) On my homepage, my “menu button” is fixed – so that it moves along while scrolling the page. How can I change its colors? (I only need it to be visibile on a white background)

2) About the thumbnails on the homepage: how can I make it so that the title of the project appears on hover?

Thank you for your great job, Flavio

Thank you, I am now stuck with something else, and I can’t seem to find a way around it. How can I make the “next post” “previous post” buttons bigger?

Go to custom css (Tumblr > Edit Theme > Advanced > Custom CSS) then add this code:

.btn-small {
  padding: 5px 10px;

Now adjust both values above until you get your desired size. Change it to 10px and 20px for 2 times the size maybe. Don’t forget to hit save after.

Thank you very much!

Hi I have one feature suggestion, can we have a large picture on top of the posts content, across of blog layout with posts titles on top of that ?

Noted! I am actually trying to do this to no success (yet). :)

Glad to hear that, I’m in wait for the good news! :)

I have one question i want to use this template for commercial products which version i will sell regular or extended? this mean i want to buy this and turn it to wordpress theme and upload it to themeforest thanks . :)

Hi! Please take note that an extended license won’t grant you the rights of converting and reselling it as a WordPress theme http://themeforest.net/licenses/terms/extended

Besides, I already began converting it to WordPress and will be releasing it once done.

Thanks for your interest! :)

Awesome Design Work! :)


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