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Clean and great design!! GLWS :)

that’s lovely :) good luck!

Looks great! GLWS ;)

Thank you!

congratulation. GLWS :)

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you.

Best tumblr theme for now, congratulation!

Thanks man!

Marvellous! Congrats!

Is there a possibility to set the grid full width? And/or customize the grid with no gutters?

Hi! Yep. A singel line of css change would do that. :)

I mean the no-gutter thing. Like I said below, I am testing on the full width/wider version. Once it’s good, I will add it as an update.

Great! Thanks for considering the request ;-)

Nice work! GLWS

yes great theme!

I would like to add to @westkast request. I would also like to see the gril as full width with option for no gutters around images.

Hi! Sorry. Check the demo now. I activated the 4 column width already. Thanks!

will the 4 column span full browser width? i was looking for a tumblr layout that the images would span the width of the browser (to the right/left edge of browser or gutter distance) Is that possible or no?

No, sorry :(

Great theme! Congrats! GLWS :)

Thanks man!

I really like it! Great work :-)

Thank you!

I’d really like to know what program you used to create the logo. Thanks.


I bought the badge/logo on Graphicriver from mengloong (not included on my theme). Here’s the link: Vintage Logo Insignias Vol 2

Hello thanks for the update, I have one question, the “note” icon is missing or work only from dashboard?, it’s only appear with my old posts from my previous template before change to Admiral. Thanks

Hi! The post notes are only shown on single pages, if that’s what you mean. Can you elaborate further? Thanks!

Ok I found what you mean, it appears if you are login in tumblr as a user, some other templates shows the icon in both cases when you are login and out. Thanks for the reply!

In the article feature boxes on the front page – is it possible to set a feature image for a post so that the image comes up instead of the grey area and just blank text behind it?

Hi! The only way to do that (without editing any code from the theme file) is to create all your posts as photo posts. :)

Hi. Great theme. I wondering about the functionality of the posts (or maybe i read over it);

You mention only text posts only have the “read more” feature and it’s easy to place on other posts. Is this what allows the photo to show as it does on the theme? In other words, how is the post effect activated?

I tested a reblog of one of the posts and it reblogged as a photo post with a bold text [the title]. How can one separate the body text from the title text in a photo post? Or is that format from the title post and was somehow converted to a photo post?

I’m probably thinking too hard about it but thanks in advance :)

Hi! Thanks for your interest.

The “read more” are added to photo post by adding a [[MORE]] code (via html editor, don’t worry, it’s fully explained on the docs). Only content above the break will be shown on the index page. This is the best thing I thought to mimic the post excerpt feature on WordPress :).

Titles on photo post are made by formatting it with HTML tags. The titles are basically text inside h3 tags, but you can use h1, h2, h4, h5 etc too.

Hope this helps. :)


Before I buy this theme, there is a question to ask.

As you said in the last comment, the “read more” are added to photo post by adding a [[MORE]] code and only content above the break will be shown on the index page. Then what happen if there has no [[MORE]] code at all with my old posts? How many words it’ll show on index page?


Right now, when no “Read More” break is added, the whole post caption/content will appear.

Since more and more buyers (and soon-to-be buyers raised this question), I will be making a fix where only the first paragraph will be shown when no read more break is added.

Next update soon - or when my workstation is back to normal. ;)


Awesome Design Work! :)