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Nice theme! We could not get the media library to show up when inserting an image. There was a bad variable in the code that was preventing it from working. You may want to fix this in the theme to save others the hassle of figuring it out. Thanks!

Go ahead and send me an e-mail in regards to this with specifics please. I haven’t had anything like this reported and assume it was specific to you.

Ps. You always have my e-mail address in the case of this :-).

Hi, i would like to know if i can use a shotcode to do a box like you have in your site in the top of Service Page –

If yes, can you tel me the code, please.

Cheers Pedro


That would require some javascript and HTML that isn’t built-in to any of my themes. You can download the script that controls this here


Hi there, I would like to add several sidebars… how do i do this? Not just the page side bar, on other pages I would like to show other stuff in the sidebar…

Thank you in advance!

p.s. great theme!

Yeah send me an e-mail and I’ll help you out. This should be pretty simple to do. You can contact me via my e-mail in the documentation or the contact form on my profile page.


It’s all good, ignore me! I fixed it – was the facebook plugin!

Thanks :)

Hi there,

I love this theme, it is so well done. I just have one problem that I can’t work out and would SO appreciate your help with.

I can’t get rid of the space between the display boxes and the feature box… I have tried everything! I have this theme used on another of my sites and i dont have that problem, so i dont know what I am doing wrong this time.

Can you help me out at all?




Go ahead and send me an e-mail and I’ll help you out. Great job with the theme so far by the way! You can find my e-mail in the documentation or via the contact form on the right side of my profile page.


Great theme!

I am having a problem with the content sliders, tho. I am using a full width 940×430 pixel slideshow, however when transitioning from slide to slide, they bump up and down, revealing the slide behind at the top.

Can you take a look?

Send me an e-mail and I’ll help you out. Note: Make sure your images are the same size. You can reach me via my e-mail included in the documentation or via the contact form on my profile page.


I am very interested in buying this theme. Is it possible to center the links in the nav bar?

You would have to customize this yourself with CSS but it is of course possible to center the links in the nav bar. It shouldn’t be that difficult if you knew CSS .

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey Mike is this theme full compatible with multisite?

Yes, this theme should be fully compatible with multisite. There is no TimThumb script which usually breaks in MU. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi, very nice theme, but no mail is sent through the contact form, whatever mail adress I put in the general settings… Anyone have this problem too ?



Send me an e-mail through my profile page and I’ll help you out. It is likely a hosting provider issue, sometimes they don’t include the necessary PHPMailer.


I just bought this theme and have an image much bigger than 1600 wide that I don’t want resized.

How can I make the full width slider “full width” ? I don’t want to be restricted to 1600 wide, that isn’t full width.

It will always have a restriction as the JavaScript will need to know the parameters of the images. It is pretty simple to make it larger though, only about 3 places to update. Send me an e-mail and I’ll give you directions.


How do I get around IE problem slider displaying off center(to the right of center) when viewed in a wide computer monitor?

I love this theme!!! I wish people would not use IE browsers!

Thanks, Sharon

Sharon, check your email as I already responded. The theme works fine in IE7 and above. Please send a screenshot via email.


I’m having trouble displaying Category Pages, they would return a 404:


I’m wondering if the problem is an adora-theme issue or I changed something I shouldn’t.

I’ve checked everything:

-disabled plugins -deleted .htaccess -resaved/changed permalinks options

and if I stop using pretty permalinks the problem dissapears.

Thanks for your help, Bye!

Send me an e-mail as this is a particular case. Include details on whether you are creating the category pages yourself like the portfolio or if you are using the WordPress category page template.


I’m having a problem getting disqus comments working with this theme, it works no problem with other themes.

Any ideas?

I’ve had many buyers use disqus comments on the theme. There are no issues with the theme using Disqus comments. I’ll send you an e-mail since I already have your address and help you figure out the issue.


Check your e-mail and respond via e-mail :-)


I want to turn off the slider on the blog page…

How do i do this?


By default there is no slider on the blog page unless you have it set as the homepage or using the Blog Page Template with Slider. Check the documentation and it will explain how to set the blog page (Just 1 step). Note: The blog doesn’t need a page template.

If you still have trouble, send me an e-mail with a link to your site and I’ll explain further.

Hi, the simple slider dosent loop, why ? looks no problem in JS

It looks fine in the Live Preview:

Go ahead and join our support forum and post a link and description of your issue.

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.

Visit the Support Forum here →

If I purchased the theme would I be able to re-position the menu, I feel like its in a very strange place and on some browser resolutions the submenu appears offscreen (below the fold). It would be cool if you could position it below the “email & phone number” across the top and to the right of the logo!

You can customize the theme how you wish. Repositioning the Menu isn’t much of a problem as a few buyers have done this. We of course can’t offer free web development so you would have to hire us if you needed help like that or handle it on your own.


Any update planned to this theme ?

No planned updates as of yet. Everything is working perfect in WordPress 3.3 and the feedback has been great so far.

Feel free to send me an e-mail through with feedback about any specific additions to the theme and I will consider them in a future update. Buyer feedback is always useful. (Contact form on bottom right for contact)


I need to keep open the sub-menus if the visitor enter into the main item or any of its sub-items, like if they were with the hover effect (but static, I think you understand me ;-) ).

I’ve found this kind of solution (I haven’t tested it yet) in order to help, but I wonder if you could help me or “release” a kind of official solution?

Thank you very much.

That solution should work properly that you have found but I cannot confirm of course. We are using the superfish drop-down javascript file so anything found on that subject should work (Note our css is in the file navigation.css). This is such a particular customization that we likely won’t release this as an official update. If you have further support questions, feel free to create a discussion in our support forum.


Was checking out this theme for a project I have coming up. I will need to add a static background image banner across the top of each page, move the logo around and remove the black bounding box behind the logo, but after hammering on the demo with firebug, I can see that I can do that with some pretty simple css modifications.

Curious though, is there an option in the admin for boxed layout or just stretched?

Thanks! Bob


Glad you are interested in purchasing. The only option is stretched. As you noticed, it should be simple to add in background images via CSS and make your modifications. Feel free to e-mail if you need any help after purchase.


I added a plugin to my site – Geolocation – and it works great in Posts, but does not show up in Post-type-portfolio. Any ideas? I think it would be a great asset to Photography Portfolios.

Most likely it’s just an issue with the plugin as the portfolio is just one custom posts type.

Start a discussion in our support forum and reference the plugin and a link to your site:

Visit the Support Forum here →


we are a small video production company based in Berlin, Germany. Currently we are looking for a new Wordpress theme for our Web site. We want to keep the site simple, but it has to meet some key requirements. Our main content is videos, preferably self-hosted, 720p. The requirements are as follows:

1. Correct and stable site presentation and navigation on PC, Mac and most newest smartphones, incl. iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Full support of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

2. Stutter-free playback of our films on modern computers and smartphones. The films should be self-hosted or embedded Vimeo videos with fullscreen playback option.

3. Full support of SEO , with a unique search engine metatext for each page.

4. Preferably, but not necessary, HTML5 -based designs.

We like your Adora WP theme and would purchase it in case the requirements listed above are fulfilled. Please let us know if you think your theme may suit our needs.

Thank you in advance!

J. Adrian, Reaction Shot Filmproduktion GbR

Yeah, this theme will suit your needs. Note: For serious SEO , we always suggest 3rd party plugins from

Let me know if you have anymore pre-purchase questions,