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designova does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hi i just purchased, installed,import adria.wordpress.2015-02-24 – Promolanding.xml

but my home page doesn’t not appear everything how to fix it.

Hi, This is not a WordPress theme but HTML Site Template, but you are mentioning about WordPress version here.

The WordPress version thread is http://themeforest.net/item/adria-minimal-one-page-parallax-wordpress-theme/10466140

If you have already purchased WordPress version please contact our WordPress support system: http://www.designova.net/support.html


At the top, the scroll down mouse icon is not working!

What to do?

regards bendorff1991

Kindly post your issues on our forum. Our developers will assist you.

Hi, How can I customize font size, style, color etc. in Visual Composer ? For example in the “about” section.

I can’t find anything about that in the Visual Composer doc…


In fact, when I want to edit a new page with Visual Composer, there is no “Adria shortcode”, as indicated in the Adria theme documentation… See screen here : http://hpics.li/a9fda10

You have commented on HTML version of Adria. I hope you are using the WordPress verion. As it is a support query kindly post the same in http://designova.net/support.html our developers will assist you once they are back online

Yes true ! I will look at that, thank you.

Hy where i can find the instruction to use it after the download?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our product. After downloading please do unzip the file. You can find instructions for Visual Composer, Theme and Slide revolution under ‘Documentation’ folder inside the download pack.

Hi there,

I downloaded this theme and it isn’t installing on WordPress. I first got an error saying it was missing the style.css stylesheet. To try and fix this, I created a style.css stylesheet and placed it in the theme’s ZIP file. When I tried installing it again the style.css stylesheet I had created worked.. but unfortunately, a new error came up (unrelated to the stylesheet) saying something I didn’t even understand…

The only explanation seems to be that I have been given a corrupt download. I also read through the documentation and it didn’t help.

Hi, this is not WordPress theme but web template.

You should check the WordPress version: http://themeforest.net/item/adria-minimal-one-page-parallax-wordpress-theme/10466140

Also you may request a refund for your wrong purchase if you are interested: http://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

Hello! You customer support didn’t aswered me at all, so I try here now. I cannot find where to change the background image – the 1500×1500 one.

There is explanation about all of the other pictures, except this one – I know it’s not in the package, but the link to it is hidden somewhere I cannot find. It’s already 48 hours since I’ve contacted your customer support. Can’t you just tell me where to find it, please?

Hi, sorry for the delay due to local holidays. Please check your email, we have made it up.

Thank you!

Hi, i’m having some problems seeing the bg images on this template, i’ve updated the placeholders with the path and still they don’t appear?? have a look yourself www.beyondevents.org.uk, cheers

Hi, please open a ticket via http://designova.net/downloads.html we will send you a demo with preview pack, so you can replace images easily

hi, how can i remove the loader.gif when the page loads and the top line which is loading?

Please post your query on our support forum, our developers will assist you. http://designova.net/support.html

How to change the speed of the parallax scrolling. I have tried changing the following line, ”$(this).parallax(“30%”, 0.1);”. bu that didn’t help…

Hi, please refer to pugin’s original user guide for setting up plugin options.

Hi designova,

I modified the font.less file so the main title (font3) font would be Fjalla One (A Google Web Font). The font appeared to have changed, but it is not recognizing the font’s condensed look… see here: http://nwwinecountry.com/index04.html

How can I fix this?


I’m opening one right now – please help!

Still have not received a reply from support…

Hi, we are processing the existing support ticket queue. We will make it up soon

Hi again – how can I make the testimonial slider (bx slider) automatically slide? I don’t want the user to have to click…I want them to automatically animate. Thanks.

Hi, please check your email. Plugin setup should be done by referring to documentation of BXSlider http://bxslider.com/

I’ve already gone through the BXSlider website and tried all of their suggestions, with no success. Please provide a solution so the testimonials will automatically slide from right to left.

Hi, you have to follow plugin userguide and setup the plugin as needed. Integrating a third party plugin according to your custom requirement is beyond the scope of our support system. If you like us to debug your website for a nominal fees, please send the website ZIP pack to us.

Hi Designova,

How can I change the css so that the large parallax images scale to a smaller size when viewed on a mobile device under 600px? Currently they zoom in on part of the large image, but we would like them to scale smaller to fit the small device.

Thanks, Theresa

Thank you we are emailing them now.

Designova – can you please respond to me?? I’ve submitted this ticket on your support website as well and still haven’t received a response 4 days later…

As we already insisted you, your actual requirements are customization requests that does not fall under support category, but paid custom task. So kindly discuss with our project manager project@designova.net

Great template but a couple questions. Can I use a background screenshot behind a video so that it shows once the video is done playing? And are there code helps for player controls on the full screen video. Would like play buttons to stop the video when setup to loop. Thanks, DM

Hi, thank you for your message. Your requirements need custom coding.