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congrats on your first sale!

Thank you very much. I am glad you noticed this small detail

Excellent design.

I’m glad you like it

Hi, great design… but are you sure about the “Myriad Pro included in any windows installation”? I know it’s a commercial font. Can we use that font in our templates? It’s a good news

Hi wld

Yes Myriad pro is included in my windows 7. I have 4 computers where i have windows 7 installed and i have this font.


Great design, but it’s “only” the psd. If you would release a css template, I would buy it immediately…

I would love to see this one coded!

I haev already the html version, and it will be released soon

Make an code it for WP, and i`ll buy it too.

Very smart work, keeps up! Why you do not make more?

We have alot of gradients on our website. Unfortunately the Envato team did not approve some of our files.

Do you have an HTML template (with css) ? But this is a really nice PSD file.

Hi… I saw one of your comments said you have the HTML version from about 2 years ago. Do you still have this available? If you do, I will buy immediately.

Let me know asap… thanks! Chad

Yes, i need html version too! When and where is it available?

No CSS Template… Only the psd files… .

Graphicriver staff did not approved my template :(

@lestatminiyo can you contact me on mkrizan98@gmail.com ?

is it possible to make this into a template with a few changes? add me to skype broomop@hotmail.com