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beautiful work, nice one.. good luck

Nice work indeed! Keep it up!

Thank you for your nice comments, I really appreciate it!

I like this theme very much. is it optimized for fast download? ARe you planning to add a wordpress theme so that I can integrate a blog with it?

Hello edwinyzh, regarding the optimization, each theme(blue, green or gold grey) without gallery images and uncompressed code(only html/css/js and layout decorations) sizes less than 1 mega(approx 900KB). I don’t have plans to turn it into wordpress yet, first I will see how well it sells.


I have bought this. Is it possible to move the menu bar to center or left? how to do this?


Hello pnselthil, thank you for purchasing my theme. Regarding the menu alignment, you need to do the following:

a) to align the menu to the left, open the main_styles.css file, go to line 20 where this id #logo is defined, modify the line margin:45px 0 0 34px with margin:15px 0 0 34px – this will decrease the top margin of your logo with 30 pixels. After that go to line 52 where #main-menu is defined. Change float:right; line into float:left;. After that the last change you need to is set float:left to menu shadow: go to line 149 where menu-shadow id is defined, and put float:left; to it instead of float:right;.

b) please note that the layout was not intended to have a center aligned menu, however there is an easy compromise to do that: go to line 52 where #main-menu id is defined: modify the line containing this: margin:22px 2px 0 0; with margin:22px 2px 0 200px;. This will basically add 200 pixels to your left margin of the menu and it will look like it is centered. Go to #menu-shadow id and add margin-left:200px; (it has to be the same value as the margin added to the main-menu). In case you have problems on internet explorer 6 with menu-shadow margin property(it usually doubles the value, instead of 200px it will show you 400px) just add display:inline; to #menu-shadow id.

You might want to adjust these values(top margin for logo and main-menu and menu-shadow margins), I just gave them some values that work well on my template, however you must find the values that are most suitable for the length of the menu/logo dimension you want to create for yourself. I hope it helps.


Excellent work on this. You should create an admin theme with the same style of boxes, etc.. I bet that would look really pimp..

Where did you get your icons from on the main page? The ones in the 3 boxes?


Hello Syndix, thank you for buying my theme. I will think about making an admin theme some time in the future. As for the icons on the home page, I downloaded them from . Just to let you know, in the README – Instructions folder, there is a txt file named README – HTML CSS instructions.txt – in the credits section I provided all links to the plugins and icons I used.


I want to buy this template. However it says compatible browsers are only IE, how about chrome and firefox?


Thanks for interest. Yes the template is compatible with firefox and chrome. In case you have any issues please come to our support forum – . We will update the template description now by adding compatibility with chrome and firefox.

a wp version will be nice

Hello thukza,

The template is too old and outdated in terms of design and I don’t think themeforest staff will accept a wordpress version of this template anymore.