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Responsive will be Awesome for this template !

Help me to rate this item! thanks!

5 stars

Hi , i purchased this template, it works in chrome but in ie or firefox some javascript errors , portfolio section.

can you help me?


i will release an update for this template by the end of this month. will let you know. its responsive and based o bootstrap, and more cross browser.

ok but in template details Compatible Browsers IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome so i purchased and i can not wait end of this month i must finish this site in 2 days.

hi, currently i am pack with my task right now,but i hope i can support you in two days. for portfolio section, you can delete the line : event.preventDefault(); will make the other browsers works

Hi! I send you an email…. :-))

Pls waiting for an anwser :-) Does it support video (Iframe – youtube) in the blog page? Thank you!

Well I copied fast some images I will NOT use that)and vimeo in the blog… and this is the result!

Look at:

1. Pls can you make the cover image responsive. 2. pls can you make the youtube/vimeo responsive.

The rest is perfect! :-))

I put the vimeo IN THE BLOG! Thanx a lot for help and waiting for your reply!

thanks for purchase. okay let me code first. will back to you soon

It is really a GREAT template and facebook look a like. I already made the vimeo responsive, by making the wide = 100% Now only you have to make the cover image responsive. Can you make also for a little extra money a slider of the cover image, So you can choose. Or only one image. And when you want more images arrows appears and it is a automaticly slider. Woulde be great!!! ;-))

Hope to hear from you…..

I purchased this theme but cannot find the index.php anywhere, thus wordpress is not able to install the theme, it says “template missing”.

Demo link not work… any one please give me the demo link ???