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Welcome to Themeforest.good luck!

Well Done. Congratulation mate! :)

Thanks Mario!

Hey! Good to see you here on TF! I like your themes. Good luck!

Thanks Oliver!

Really like your theme and am tempted to add it to my blog as its just my style. One thing I did want to know was. Would it be possible to add pages to the top menu? For instance I would want to link to a separate page from the top menu to show a selection of posts with specific tags and if so how many could I add? three would be perfect.

Hey Crease, thanks for your interest.

1. The answer of your first question is yes, the custom pages will be aligned with other navigation links (home, message, submit and rss) you can add as many as you want!

2. To add a specific tag got your customize panel, scroll down and click “add a page” on the top left select “redirect” then type in whatever url on the first field and ”/tagged/the specific tag” in the redirect to field, don’t forget to toggle “show a link to this page”. Click save and wait for 3 minutes and it will show.

Let me know if you have more questions :)

Perfect Thanks.

you’re welcome!

Hey, I really like your theme! I’m thinking of adding it to my tumblr. I just have a question about the drop-down menu: is it the only drop-down menu you can add, or can you make other page-tabs into drop-down menus? Also, can I customize the content in the drop-down menu? Thanks!

Thank you for your quick answer! I hope it’s alright I was looking at your other themes and have some additional questions. I was wondering how it looks if you post a photo-set in this theme? Also, I was looking at your Brick theme and I really like your option for big-posts in that one; is that a feature in this Adventure theme too? Lastly, is it an option to disable Disqus? Thanks!

For photosets it only shows the first photo. Adventure theme doesn’t have the option to enlarge posts, and yes it has an option to disable Disqus. Hope this clears out your question!

Thank you so much!


great looking theme but I didnt realize that the images dont expand when you click them. Is there a way to add this function?

Hello Gorumpl? what do you mean the image don’t expand? it jumps to the permalinkpage when you click on the link button, and goes to the click through link when you click on the image.

Just purchased this and I’m annoyed and confused, after pasting the code into tumblr it appears it needs more styling to correct several issues. There is no padding between any of the posts, they are all smashed together. The posts are also running underneath the navigation bar. Also there is no mention of the “Codes” folder in the documentation anywhere that I can see. What is it for? Where do I add these codes?

You can customize the post margins from the customize panel.

Nevermind, I figured these things out after fiddling.

Glad you did, thanks for purchasing!

Hello, thank you for the nice theme, i just purchased this. How can I change the title into a logo? I’ve upload a logo but it isn’t on the page. Thank you very much for your support.

Hello thanks for purchasing! the logo is located on the cover. You need to upload an cover as well to make the logo show

Hey, just purchased this theme and so far so good. Few quick questions for you:

1. Is there a way to remove the RSS top nav link?

2. The SUBMIT top nav link disappeared, wondering how to get it back?


Hello Bwishen,

Thanks for purchasing, to remove the rss link delete line 272. To enable the submit link, you need to turn it on in your blog settings.

Thanks, Jen

Thanks for the response. One more question: when I add a target=”_blank” to the photo’s pulled from tumblr on my homepage, then surf to that new link; when I go back to my site, my top navigation gets a big display:none; in the css styles. Any idea why? Or is there another way to open the posts in a new window?


Hey sorry I’m bit sure what you did with your theme. If that is the case I would suggest you to reinstall the theme and edit “only” the part where you feel comfortable editing.

I like the theme and have a question for you. Is it one of the options if I create an image post or text post that anywhere the image is clicked or on the title of the text to go to the post page. Right now it seems if there is an image post or text post, you have to click on the permalink. Thanks

Hey MajesticWarrior,

if you want to go to the permalink page, you need to click on the link icon. It appears on photo posts when you hover over it.

Thanks, Jen

Thanks for getting back to me. I know the link icon shows when you hover over it, I saw that, but what I was referring to is there an option or a way to make it so when someone clicks on the image or title itself of a post it will take them to the permalink? thanks

Sorry the adventure theme is designed as it is, you can’t add the permalink when users click on the image.

hey looks great! I want to use it to display my photography portfolio – how big can the images on posts go on the individual posts pages?


I’m not sure how long it will be. I’ll update the theme once there is an actual bug or I have a handful of features then I’ll add them all at once. Thanks again for your suggestion!

So not something I should expect to be added anytime soon?

Thanks for the prompt response – greatly appreciate it

Not anytime soon… and not a problem!

Hey, question for you: when in mobile browser or when the window is scaled down to mobile size, the submit widget cuts off the actual ‘submit’ button. How do I fix this?



Hey Brad,

thats weird, can you send me a screenshot and your blog url to my email please?

Thanks, Jen

Bought it, love it. How can I make the entire image clickable to link to post? Also how can I make the links open in the current window and not in a new one?

Thanks mate

No problem, thanks for purchasing!

Hey! I have one more query – how can I place my logo where the site titles goes? I’ve removed the cover image/logo overlay for the purposes of my site but I’d dearly like to be able to add my logo on the left of the menu bar.

Thanks again

Hey buddy, sorry the theme is designed as it is. I cannot customize theme for individual users.

looks really good!


Hi, Got a problem regarding the logo, even when adding on the cover + in theme options… nothing happens. Could you please let me know how to solve this issue? Regards,

Hello, could you please answer. Should be kind of you.

Apologies for the late reply. Once you upload the logo wait until it’s finish uploading, then click on update preview and save.


Hey, I would like to change the cover image to a loop video, do you know if that’s possible?



Hey Luke,

Unfortunately, It isn’t possible with this theme.


Hello, Thanks for great theme. Question: I want to change the size of the font for the Blog Title so that it’s not so big. I can’t seem to edit that in the html. Help please! Thanks!

Hi Austin,

Try adding: #header h1 a{font-size:30px !important} to the custom CSS section:, change 30px to the value you’d like it to be.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.


Hello, Thanks for great theme. Question: I want to change the size of the font for the Blog Title so that it’s not so big. I can’t seem to edit that in the html. Help please! Thanks!