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How can i edit footer content, i want to edit only content in the footer and i want the same look like the dummy data footer. how can i edit that footer?


We recommend you to check the loading time using this tool https://gtmetrix.com/ which shows you what can be done/changed to improve website loading time.

Hi , i am using slider revolution for playing a youtube video , i have checked auto play option but its not working,it is showing youtube play button on video. i got slider revolution plugin along with the theme Adviser | Finance & Accounting, what i have to do to fix this issue?

Hello, Please submit a support ticket at https://axiom.ticksy.com/ and provide your website URL and login details for closer investigation. Thank you!

Our support forum is temporarily down for maintenance. Please take our apologies for any inconvenience caused. It will be up and running in a while. For urgent cases, pleases contact the technical support operator via email anna.themerex@gmail.com

I am using Adviser | Finance & Accounting WordPress Theme, i am working on this theme in localhost, but it is taking lot of time to load a page, what i have to do to minimize the loading time of website?


Please see our answer above. Thanks!

How can i customize header part ? i want logo and main menu to be displayed in single line, is it possible?


I am sorry, but unfortunately, theme options offer Center (under logo) position for menu only.

Hi there, Could you please help me in removing the envato website links from the home page image slide show i.e. From the ‘More Info’ tab? And also how can i add the google map? Cheers


In order to remove/change links for slider, you should navigate to Slider revolution > choose slider to edit. Each slider has a layer “More info” – http://prntscr.com/fbuhcd If you want to add a google map, you can use Visual Editor and select Google map element – http://prntscr.com/fbuhr4

If you have any problems with locating elements, do not hesitate to submit a ticket at https://axiom.ticksy.com/ – our support team will be glad to help you.

Hi, thanks for the theme. How can I edit the contact form ? edit/ add fields and change lang. thanks


You can translate form fields in language file – wp-content\themes\adviser\languages folder. Please check this article for detailed instructions: https://axiom.ticksy.com/article/9674/ You can create a custom form with fields – http://prntscr.com/g3bl1n, but please note that custom form doesn’t have validation. Alternatively you can use additional plugins such as Contact form 7 or others for advanced form configuration.

Thank you, I am going to check that. Also : I Want to invert the color of the buttons: they are RED then BLUE on roll over, I want the opposite. thanks

You should add these css rules to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS: .sc_button.sc_button_style_red { background-color: #a0e220; }

.sc_button.sc_button_style_red:hover { background-color: #209de2; }

Hi, do have a issue into the widget Axiomthemes – Show logo and social links. I do add the social buttons. How do I customize their css Exactly as the css you have in the DEMO site , with blue on roll over, thank you

Hello, It will be easier and faster if you please submit a ticket at https://axiom.ticksy.com/ and provide your website details. Thank you

HI, thank for the theme, I wish I could hide the contact form when message is send- in various cases of responsive , the form keeps the main display and the success message cannot be seen. so the message is send again. and again when the person keep sending. . can you give me a code to add that I can hide the contact form after success please. thank you


Unfortunately, such function (hiding contact form after message is sent) requires advanced customization of the files which is beyond our support sphere. I have tested contact form on theme preview on mobile and I didn’t find any issue – the success message is displayed right below the contact form – you may check screenshot here – https://we.tl/EOwlcgvcuU

If you don’t have this message on your website, please submit a support ticket at https://axiom.ticksy.com/ with your website details so we could check the issue. Thank you

hi, I did not say i do not see it, anyways, how can I disable this contact form and add a external plugin as contact form 7 ? thank you

You can remove Form element from the page and after you install/configure Contact form 7 you will be able to add CF7 form to the page using Visual composer. Please note that additional plugins (not included) in theme package will not have the same styles.

Do you have the option to add paypal and credit cards payment option in the pricing ?


Could you please specify where you want to include these options and I will check it? Thank you

Hi, The Blog is not appearing on the home page for me. I am not sure if I changed something to prevent it from showing. Nothing in the documentation mentions anything about this.

Can you help me understand why this would be the case? Much appreciated.


Do you mean this section from the Homepage – http://prntscr.com/gwdxh5 ? If yes, please make sure that Blogger element is inserted in the Homepage, and check the settings – it displays specific category – maybe you removed that category, or don’t have any posts assigned to it.

THANK YOU. It was the set to display the ‘most popular’ category (which I had removed). Respect.

You are always welcome!

If you like our theme, we would really appreciate if you rated the theme/service in your Themeforest account. Thanks in advance!

Hi, Is there anyway to change the placeholder for the third field in the contact form from ‘Website’ to something else? In the code the field Name (and id) is specified as ‘subject’, so it would be good if the placeholder was Subject instead.

You are welcome! I am sorry, but unfortunately, 3rd party plugins that are not included in theme package do not inherit theme styles, thus may have a different design. You may need to adjust plugins styles if you need the same design. Thank you for understanding

Cheers. Well the design is no problem, just getting the subscribe form to actually work so that submissions subscribe to MailChimp. is it the shortcodes file I am editing? I tried but couldn’t get it to work.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee 3rd party plugins to be fully compatible with the theme. Mailchimp plugin may need integration in theme files, but such customization is beyond our support sphere. Thank you for understanding.

Does this include a tax calculator on earnings?


This theme uses Calculated Fields Form plugin, you can check this link for more details on functionality of this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/calculated-fields-form/#description

I have updated my theme to the latest version you offer, but the WPBakery Page Builder isn’t working correctly at all with the theme. Please advise on how I can download the most recent copy.


Unfortunately, we can’t send the download link here, so please submit a Pre-sales ticket (if your support expired) at https://axiom.ticksy.com/ and we will send you the latest version of Visual composer. Thank you

My site completely disappeared. The last thing i recall doing was updating the ‘All Posts’ Page Titles/Descriptions via Yoast. I re-uploaded my theme files, I even rolled back to a previous version of WP. Deactivated plugins… the site, apart from small bits of text has just vanished.

See here: http://bewise.com.au/service-plans/ Now this is what it is meant to look like: http://bewise.com.au/service-plans.htm (I had this page open before the issue, so i copied the html to create this page.)

What has happened exactly, and why isn’t the theme loading? Your response is appreciated.


1. Yes, this is correct. You are able to download the latest version of purchase theme anytime.

2. In order to investigate the problem and provide you solution we need to check website. Unfortunately it’s not possible from our side until you re-new support service and submit us ticket.

Best regards

Support purchased. See ticket #1473632

Hello Neil!

Thank you!

We have already received your letter and our support representative is already replied you. Could you please check your mail box and provide her all requested information?

Best regards

Hi, I’ve been using this theme with no problem unfortunately suddenly the revolution slider on home page disappeared without any actions. I didn’t even enter the admin panel. console gives errors. please, give me some help. www.abacoconsultora.cl/

Hello Ben!

Thank you! Our support representative is already contacted you and specified way how the issue can be solved. Could you please reply her in ticket?

Best regards

Yes I am doing that. thank you

Hello Ben!

Great! :) Thank you!

Best regards

Hey there, you have an error in the site title, just before the slogan, it’s outputting “axiomthemes” and there is no way to replace it, just replacing the template/parts.


Could you please provide the screenshot of the issue and your website details in the support ticket at https://axiom.ticksy.com. We will be glad to assist you with that.



I don’t longer have support, but you can see the error in here, next to the logo


I not looking for support because I’ve fixed this on my website, this is more like a friendly comment for you guys, in case you didn’t notice the issue before.

Thanks :)

Hello David,

Thank you so much for letting us know! We will fix that asap.