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Do I need to have muse to get this? I just have Dreamweaver.

To edit the files correctly yes you’ll need Adobe Muse.. which comes free with their creative cloud subscription btw.

Menu links do not work on iPad

Works on our iPad :) both in Chrome & Safari. Sorry its not working for you, maybe try reloading.

Beautiful template! I have 2 questions:

1) It is possible to make a picture transitions in the first section of this template? I mean, it is possible to change the picture of the little girl with 2 or 3 pictures?

2) Can I place a Google Analytics on this template ir order to measure the visits on my website?

Thank you!


Well, you can, but you’d have to use one of the pre-built-in widgets already in muse .. like a Slideshow or Blank Composition. We didn’t design this to have a slideshow of images.

Yes you can place Google Analytics in the <head> section of your Muse templates.. copy + paste.

Are the tablet and mobile versions included? Did you include any SEO metadata?

Most of them will have it. Not all. Some versions don’t need a Tablet version, but we’ll be supplying mobile versions to all of them if they don’t currently have them installed in the next couple weeks.

We just submitted an updated version w/ the Phone version now included.

Hi there,

Just found the Muse templates and they look great. I’ve heard importing Muse into Business Catalyst is pretty straightforward. Have you tried this with your theme?

I have not yet done that, but I know there are many resources & tutorials by Adobe or similar that will show you how. I’m sure if its easy now, it will be even easier later :)

Hey, very nice project (Advocacy)! I’m having a small problem with the background image. It works when I access it on my desktop but looks very weird in mobile devices. The exactly same thing happens inside the muse project (Muse CC). Looks like the picture got scaled to the height of the page.

You can check it at

Hey thanks so much for downloading our theme, I like what you’ve done with it!

The reason its not showing up properly in mobile is because the BG image is so large and Muse doesn’t resize images like that. You’d have to create a mobile version of the site and use a smaller background image .. but

To make things easier we’re going to release an update very soon that will include a mobile phone version for this theme :) You should be notified once its been updated via Themeforest (make sure to click the checkbox in your downloads section for this theme to get updates on it)

We have submitted version 2.0 now with the Phone version included. It should be available this Monday.

Hey, Great theme.

Kind of a noob question but i am one when it comes to muse. How do i change the default browser height?



could you also let me know how to include a tablet background image. I’ve changed the main desktop version which works in all browsers but there’s nothing displayed for tablets….

Any support… Jesus

Thank you for downloading our theme and your patience during the busy holiday season.

1) Right click on any page, click on ‘Page Properties’ there you will find how to edit each page’s height.

2) You should be able to see 3 main buttons in your ‘Plan’ mode to access the Desktop, Tablet, or Phone modes. We’ve also included basic documentation that you could try reading through.

3) Right on! Jesus is probably a more efficient option in supporting us with our problems.

Hi – I originally posted a comment about an issue, but it’s now been resolved…sorry!

I’m having two very weird issues with this theme. I’ve uploaded it to a site temporarily to see it. . When viewing it none of page seems to take up the entire window. When I click any of the menu items the website seems to shift over to the right. One of my anchor seems to reboot the entire website

Thanks for downloading our theme. I would suggest emailing or tweeting Adobe Muse, doesn’t sound like a design issue.


For some reason when I change the background picture where it says “Reolace this image…” the website is no longer scaleable. My browser fill is exactly the same so I don’t know what’s wrong. I have just replaced the file with a new file with the exact same size.

Not sure, would have to see your file. Did you read the instructions in our Help Doc? You should be replacing the fill in the image, not the image holder.

Or – Make sure you have stretched the image holder to the -100 / +100 px areas (will light up red) on the edges of your workspace.

Quick question, I’ve opted to use drop lets in my men (see However, the damned images don’t want to scroll down with the menu.

Being ignorant with Adobe Muse i was hoping you’d be able to help if you have a free moment. I appreciate the theme and your continued support.


Sorry for the late response, it looks like you figured it out? The small ‘Pin’ selector in the toolbar is how we set that up. A little trick for the future is to place everything you need, then group all of the pieces you want to be pinned.. then select the group and use the pin option rather than pinning every single object.

Love what you’re trying to do, looks like a great project.

Hey guys love the theme. Just have one problem right now. I am trying to get my main picture to stretch across the whole screen like yours does in the demo. Right now mine has white spaces on each side of the picture when the browser is maximized. This is what it looks like:

Thanks for the help

Its hard to say what you might have done. Is the image stretched to the right and left sides completely? You’ll see a red line appear once you hit the edges of the canvas in Muse.

Also check the X coordinate when stretching the image. The left side should be at (X) -100 and also 100px past on the right hand side. Hope that makes sense?

I tried dragging and dropping the picture onto the page and stretching it and it will stretch to the right forever so I’m not sure how that works. I’ve just been uploading the picture into browser fill and the stretch to fit option. The problem is there is a 2 inch fill on each side of the page which can only seem to be filled with a solid color. I just can’t seem to figure out how you guys got that picture stretched all the way across on your live preview.

It seems you’ve deleted the original placeholder we created. We have featured this in the documentation that came with the theme which shows you how to use a placeholder (meaning square .. not image) to stretch across ..

Create a square box – make sure to stretch & size it from the left, top and right edges. Fill in that square (placeholder) with an image.

Fill:> Image > Scale to Fill

You might also not be selecting the correct ‘Scale to Fill’ option which you need.. not ‘Scale to Fit’

Hello there. I just starting working on this theme and being fairly Muse illiterate I have a question for you guys. I need to know how to change the text in the top menu, I would like to change the links for my own purposes. I assumed there would be a source file for PS where I could edit but there is none. Is there some way to edit it in muse that I am not aware of? I have tried selecting the layer which contains the menu and no editing boxes appear when I hover over it. Also, is there a way to change the red arrows in the top menu to another color? Thanks for all your help!

I also cannot find any font files in my download. Am I missing it somewhere?

Fonts are included within Muse via TypeKit integration they have with Adobe CC.

i purchesed themeforest-5109905-advocacy-adobe-muse-nonprofit-theme. but show error missing style.css file…. how to fix this problem…..

All you need to do republish the file in Muse.. it provides all the files. I also wouldn’t recommend hacking through the code, just use Muse!

Hello, i purchased the theme, and it looks awesome, but i don’t have an idea how to customize it, i have adobe muse, but when i consult the documentation, it is so brief and the tutorial link is unavailable, please can you help me with the tutorials.


Thanks for purchasing our theme. Sadly we never get around to making tutorials yet. But Adobe TV has plenty of Muse tutorials or there’s a ton on YouTube. Muse isn’t as daunting as it might look ;)

Have you tried those yet?

Hello, i purchased the theme. but show error missing style.css file. when download this theme. or upload this theme on wordpress then error show that missing style.css file…i am confuse…i dont know….plz help me step by step….

Hi. I purchased this theme and I’m running MUSE cc2014. I can’t seem to adjust anything, from text, to graphics. It’s showing no Master Page, only a header/footer. I’ve probably built 20 sites on Muse, so I’m fairly familiar. Am I doing something wrong here?