Advocator: Nonprofit & Charity Responsive WordPress Theme

Advocator: Nonprofit & Charity Responsive WordPress Theme

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Professionally developed for mobile & touchscreen devices, Advocator is a Premium WordPress Theme for building Nonprofit & Charity Organization Websites.

Responsive For Mobile Devices

Designed and developed on world class lightweight responsive framework, Foundation Framework from Zurb, Advocator provides your users with the highest level of mobile device performance.

Developers will love you for the ease of customization and familiarity this framework provides making it future proof for many years to come.

All aspects of charity work and organizations has been taken care of and thoughtfully catered for, from accepting donations, managing your events, to MailChimp functionality, Advocator has it all.

As you tailor Advocator suit your every need, you will find full access to your customizations with the powerful WordPress Customizer showing you real-time edits live on the front-end. You have unlimited choice when it comes to color choices, as well as .mo and .po files for easy translation

Take your non-profit, charity, or organization to the next level. Reach more people. Better communicate what you?re about. Be bold. Advocate.

Features List

  • See customizations live with the WordPress Customizer
  • Light, Clean and Responsive Design
  • Accept Donations seamlessly
  • Add Events for your organization
  • Display a filterable image gallery or portfolio
  • Collect emails with Mailchimp
  • Localized and includes .mo and .po for easy translation
  • Unlimited primary color scheme choices
  • Widgetized areas on the home page, sidebar and footer
  • Templates include home, full width, 404 and archive
  • Post Format Support: Standard, Asides, Images, Quotes, Links
  • Includes demo XML file with media
  • Fully layered PSD for customization
  • 100% GPL
  • Regular updates and professional support included.
  • Sass version available on request!

Accept donations with Advocator WordPress Theme

Of course Donations and Events form the building blocks of your business and Advocator for WordPress rises to the occasion. Use preselected donation boxes for simplicity or allow your subscribers to select their own donation amount and inform them of your next events with elegance and ease.

Manage events with Advocator WordPress Theme

At the core Advocator is a minimalistic and elegant design that allows your content to be the focus, and the same principles can be found throughout the theme including the stunning full page or boxed width image galleries complete with Filters making it a breeze for your contributors, fundraisers or staff find what interests them most quickly.

Make your content King simply with our awesome Shortcodes that allow you to dress up your content for maximum user satisfaction, including elements such as a handy Progress Bar, Tabbed Content, gorgeous Icons by Font Awesome, sleek animations without all the code bloat or simple text highlights – the options are almost endless. No coding required – we promise!

Online Documentation

With our in depth knowledgebase, you’ll be ready to setup and launch your site quickly:

View the documentations

Need Support?

Requesting support is as simple as sending a message. Make your way over to the support tab to get things rolling:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item?s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets

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Reviews of Advocator WordPress theme


Apri 5, 2017 - Version 2.4.4
    * Minor fixes in template home

Dec 5, 2016 - Version 2.4.3
    * Fixes animations set in customizer

July 7, 2016 - Version 2.4.2

    * Fixes customizer setting for donation button color
    * Updated TGM Plugin Activation to v2.6.1

Apr 21, 2016 - Version 2.4.1

    * Adding back function for events list widget images

Apr 21, 2016 - Version 2.4

    * Added support for WooCommerce
    * Updated Font Awesome to v4.6.1
    * Fixed Events list image size
    * Fixed Events title alignment
    * Minor Events style updates

Feb 15, 2016 - Version 2.3.6

    * Fix printf warning in content-single.php
    * Fix 'read more' text into translatable string
    * Adjusting Events Calendar search bar disabled style
    * Adding scss files

Nov 23, 2015 - Version 2.3.5

    * Updated for The Events Calendar v3.12.6
    * Adding support for the Give Donation plugin

Sep 9, 2015 - Version 2.3.4

    * Added option to select target behavior of header donation button link
    * Added theme info page
    * Updated TGMPA class to v2.5.2
    * Removed SCSS folder. Please contact directly for Sass version.
    * Updated post navigation to use native function
    * Updated Mailchimp plugin recommendation
    * Updated to Font Awesome v4.4.0
    * Updated .pot translation file

Jun 22, 2015 - Version 2.3.3

    * Fixed Home Events List button style
    * Fixed Home Blog Title customizer theme mod spacing

Jun 12, 2015 - Version 2.3.2

    * Fixed Events Calendar list widget image display

Jun 11, 2015 - Version 2.3.1

    * Updated for Events Calendar 3.10 compatibility
    * Updated .pot translation file
    * Added text domain to stylesheet

Jun 10, 2015 - Version 2.3

    * Updated for Events Calendar 3.9.3 compatibility
    * Updated to wow.js version 1.1.2
    * Updated .pot translation file
    * Added header font color customizer option
    * Fixed duplicate title tag info
    * Removed unused Foundation files

Apr 23 2015 - Version 2.1

    * Updated TGM plugin activation class to 2.4.1
    * Customizer settings will now reload changes asynchronously
    * Added additional customizer options
    * Added support for 'title-tag'
    * Added support for 'the_archive_title'
    * Added support for 'the_archive_description'

Mar 30 2015 - Version 2.0.9

    * Updated text domains & translation file
    * Added Widget Imported & Exported plugin as recommended

Mar 10 2015 - Version 2.0.8

    * Fixed event page buttons to match sitewide button color selected in customizer
    * Removing Seamless Donations plugin as recommended
    * Added Donately as recommended donation system
    * Added style for pre tag

Mar 02 2015 - Version 2.0.7

    * Added individual widget classes to widgetized areas
    * Added option to display event images as square
    * Updated child theme stylesheet enqueue function
    * Fixed Recent Posts widget date display on mobile
    * Fixed price display on single events

Feb 09 2015 - Version 2.0.6

    * Updated name of parent theme for child theme compatibility

Dec 22 2014 - Version 2.0.5

    * Updated cutomizer style option for submit button background color
    * Added background hover color option for sitewide buttons
    * Added footer background color option

Dec 12 2014 - Version 2.0.4

    * Added category option for home page posts
    * Added color selector for home top text widget hover
    * Added animation options
    * Updated style of buttons for widgets
    * Updated mobile display for Home Left widget area

Dec 02 2014 - Version 2.0.3

    * Added option to select background color for home top widgets section
    * Added additional description for customizer controls
    * Added separate options to select colors for links and buttons

Dec 02 2014 - Version 2.0.2

    * Added option for donation button hover color
    * Renamed a few customizer controls for clarity
    * Minor mobile display updates

Dec 01 2014 - Version 2.0.1

    * Removed options.php
    * Added LinkedIn Icon to footer social icons

Nov 24 2014 - Version 2.0

    NOTICE: This version is a major overhaul of the theme. Changes include:

    * Updated to Foundation 5.4.7
    * Converted to Sass development environment
    * Removed search toggle
    * Removed theme customization panel
    * Added WordPress live customizer options
    * Added additional sanitization
    * Added additional footer widget areas
    * Added Jetpack support

Sep 26 2014 - Version 1.7.1

    * Updated to Foundation 5.4.5
    * Added child theme template to download package

Sep 02 2014 - Version 1.7

    * Updated to Foundation 5.4.3
    * Fixed search localization
    * Updated .po/.mo translation file
    * Updated Google Font Link

Aug 04 2014 - Version 1.6.4

    * Updated to Foundation 5.3.3
    * Fixed textarea filter for CSS

Jul 15 2014 - Version 1.6.3

    * Updated for Events Calendar 3.6.1

Jul 09 2014 - Version 1.6.2

    * Resolved Events Calendar Pro notices in map view

Jul 08 2014 - Version 1.6.1

    * Corrected Font Font Awesome directory in style.css

Jul 06 2014 - Version 1.6

    * Updated to Zurb Foundation 5.3
    * Updated to Events Calendar Pro 3.6.1
    * Added Custom CSS input to theme options panel
    * Updated to TGM Plugin Activation 2.4.0
    * Added Font Awesome to main stylesheet
    * Added custom background color option for home top info box

May 28 2014 - Version 1.5

    * Updated Events List widget for Events Calendar plugin version 3.6
    * Fixed price button custom color for events

May 21 2014 - Version 1.4

    * Added support for Events Calendar Pro
    * Added Pinterest to social media footer icons
    * Corrected 'wp_enqueue_script' Fancybox naming mismatch in functions.php
    * Updated license version to GNU v2.0

Apr 25 2014 - Version 1.3.5

    * Parent menu added to dropdowns for mobile navigation

Apr 17 2014 - Version 1.3.4

    * Resolved warning message for enqueued stylesheet in functions.php
    * Tested for WordPress 3.9

Apr 08 2014 - Version 1.3.3

    * Minor mobile style updates to Home Hero area

Apr 02 2014 - Version 1.3.2

    * Fixed color selectors
    * Removed call for /css/options.css
    * Fixed gap in Recent Posts widget

Mar 24 2014 - Version 1.3.1

    * Fixed home page gallery plugin path check

Mar 22 2014 - Version 1.3

    * Rescue Themes plugins moved to github repo for easier updating
    * Fixed minor alignment issue with Mailchimp notification message
    * Added error reporting function
    * Updated docs with new icon shortcode

Mar 20 2014 - Version 1.2

    * Improved child theme compatibility
    * Updated dynamic stylesheet
    * Fixed Rescue Portfolio plugin filter issue with apostrophied categories
    * Files edited/added/removed -

Mar 19 2014 - Version 1.1

    * Additional styles for 404 template page
    * Updated instructions with shortcode list and fixed minor typos
    * Adjusted home page events section padding for tablet
    * Adjusted events page for tablet and mobile
    * Adjusted donation button size for mobile

Mar 06 2014 - Version 1.0

    * First Release