Discussion on Advocator: Nonprofit & Charity Responsive WordPress Theme

Discussion on Advocator: Nonprofit & Charity Responsive WordPress Theme

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My website is not displaying properly on mobile – it goes to a page that says “home” in text with social share icons underneath, and then a place to leave a comment. You can’t see the actual website from mobile unless you scroll to the bottom a click “view full site.” However I want the “view full site” to be the default when coming from mobile.

Hi GFilz,

I’m happy to help. Go ahead and send a support request through the support contact form. The mobile display is working fine on my test site but I’ll see if I can sort out the issue you’re having:


My web address is smpla.tigerwashbr.com

The Titles are not showing up. (Who We are. Our mission, Help Us Reach our Goal, Latest News Releases etc). Also, the ‘Home Events’ section never downloaded and does not show up. Please help! Thanks

Hello cambro2,

I’m happy to help out. For support requests, you’ll want to send a direct message through the support contact form:


Looking forward to hearing from you.

- Jami

What it mean This item is licensed 100% GPL.?

Hi jaydul,

You can read more about the GPL license here:


Hello. I realy like your theme and want to purchase it, but before that I have one question. I intend to make a multilingual site, using polylang wordpress plugin. Does this theme support that plugin? Thanks.

Thanks for checking out the theme! The theme is internationalized / translation ready and includes the standard translation file required by WordPress so as long as the plugin you want to use follows WordPress translations standards, it should work fine.

I have a purchase code but when I get to the support website I don’t find any means to register, only to login. Help!

Hi pacomelo,

You’ll just want to send a message through the Envato Market support form below:


There’s no need to have an account on the Rescue Themes website for this.


Hi, great theme but I’ve run across an issue. For some reason when I add my custom menu to the hero section it displays a duplicate version in the form of a vertical bullet-style list just beneath it. I’ve tried a bunch of things and am about to start exploring the editor to see if there is some sort of corruption.

Any ideas? URL is http://www.robshope.org

More specifically it appears there has been a div inexplicably added (div id=”nav_menu-10”) to the homepage slider section and I cannot find in the editor the place to remove this line of code.

Hi pjsewall,

You can send in a support request on our support contact form below (select Envato Market):


Done, thanks! Just submitted.

Is there no support for this theme anymore? Every support link I click on is 404 not found. Have I paid for non-existent support? Hopefully not.

If there’s someone available – I can’t seem to appear to get the soliloquy plugin to appear on my home screen (home hero). Can anyone assist?

Hi Nick,

Support requests can be sent through on the contact form below (select Envato Market):


I’m happy to help out with setting up your home page. In the mean time, you might also want to check the home page setup steps:

http://docs.rescuethemes.com/article/200-advocator-creating-the-home-page http://docs.rescuethemes.com/article/193-advocator-home-page-slider

hi.rtl support?

Hi arash0039,

Thanks for your question. The theme hasn’t been tested for RTL languages.


Loved the demo and so far the set up has been easy. However, I’m having issues recreating the bottom of the home page. Upcoming Events (I set up in Customizer > Widgets), Latest News Releases, and Latest Gallery aren’t showing up. Please help!

Also, when uploading the widgets file, two Tribe widgets (tribe-events-adv-list-widget) say that the site doesn’t support the widget. I feel like my issues might be due to that. How can I fix that?


Hi Ryan,

I’m happy to help out with this. Support is offered through our support form here:


It looks like you may have already sent in a message so I’ll respond directly to your email.

Kind Regards, Jami

Where or how do I add a Google Map API key?

Hi take a look at this page: http://demo.rescuethemes.com/advocator/shortcodes/ I’m in the process of updating all the docs after Google made this change.

You can get an API key from https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

Then put in your shortcode like this below. [rescue_googlemap title=”Rescue Themes Offices” location=”5046 S Greenwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60615” zoom=”14” height=250 key=YOURGOOGLEAPIKEY]

Hi there, very nice theme! I have a couple of questions: 1. Is there a fixed menu option? 2. Can I use my own font files? 3. Is page layout done primarily through shortcodes and widgets, or do you have a custom editor?

Hello, there is no fixed menu options, you can probably use a font plugin to add any custom fonts, and we have a shortcode plugin that offers some basic grid layout options. However it’s not a page builder or editor. Thank you for your questions!

I’ve purchased the advocator theme but I’d actually like to download the layout you used in the demo. Can I please do that? it would save me a lot of time.

HI Dawn, I’ve responded via your support ticket.

thankyou! very helpful! love the theme!

I’ve also purchased the Advocator theme and would love to download the layout you used in the demo. Can I please do that? it would save me a LOT of time between my full time job and volunteering for this. Thank you so much!! :)

Hello, I responded to your support request. Thank you!

I purchased this theme a year ago and it’s been great; however, I am trying to use The Events Calender now and the current theme does not display Event List images as a larger square as you see in the Demo – it will only display images as small circles. Please advise, I need to use this and can’t figure out how to modify CSS to even get the small images to display larger.

I figured this out thanks -

Hello, Glad you figured it out. We have fixed this in the latest update.

Hi, we are using this theme to revamp our nonprofit website and are wondering if there is a recommended “visual composer” plugin to add. We are comfortable enough using shortcodes and custom HTML but would like to have a more visual option for staff who might prefer a more “WYSIWYG” content management option. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Hello, I don’t have one a recommend or support. However, I know some customers have used the Visual Composer plugin in the past.

Hi. I bought a theme that depends on IgnitionDeck plugin and I hate it because I didn’t know it before I got it, that’s why no I ask before. Several questions: does this code depends of additional plugins? is this is the case: are they completely free or I need to pay for them? also, is it possible to let each project owner to setup their own paypal account in order to let them receive donations directly to their account? is it possible to show automatically all donations in one page to make transactions transparent to all public? please let me know. I’m very interested in a theme with this features. thanks.