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really clean design! I like it ;)

Nice work. Good luck with sales! :)

Nice theme, I like it. No Blog?

Hello, thanks! Most definitely there’s a blog area. It’s just been named ‘Latest News’ in the top navigation. Here’s a direct link to the blog page on the demo:

Welcome to the Forest, and good luck with your authoring journey.

Kind Regards,

Very interesting design ! GLWS ;)

Nice work man!!!!! Fantastic theme!!!!! ;)

And welcome to Themeforest!!!! ;) Wish you many sales!!!! ;)

This is a really interesting theme as I’ve been asked to build a food festival organizer website! This combined with a directory plugin could be amazing.

It’s on my list to purchase guys :)

Yum! A food festival! Let me know if you have any questions pre or post purchase. :)

Congratulations on your theme! Wonderful template;)

Very nice!Keep it up :)

Hi there! How about events on map? And will be nice to setup site like onepager, it’s possibly?

Hello! We’re using Events Calendar by Tribe which is totally free out of the box but has some awesome extra features with their Pro version including a Map View which plots events on a map:

I’m not entirely sure I know what you mean about setting it up like a onepager but I suppose that with some customization, anything is possible.

Hi! Beautiful theme – perfect for our need, but I need to make sure it’s accessible since we are hosting an accessibility seminar :-) The gives an error; it can’t process the site.. Can you confirm that Advocator follows basic web accessibility guidelines?

Thanks for the kind words! It does seem important to have an accessible site for an accessibility seminar! :) I’m not sure why that site isn’t loading but maybe you can try an alternate one:

I am considering getting this theme, nice work. Just wondering what are you using for the donation form? Is it easy to customize the fields or add fields on your own? Can Stripe be used as a payment option? Also, are you planning to update this theme often?

Hello and thanks for the consideration! The donation system demonstrated is Seamless Donations which accepts Paypal.

If you have a preferred donation plugin or system that you’d like us to customize for this theme, let us know and we’ll add it to our future updates list. :)

And yes, we are supporting and updating this theme regularly.

Great theme!

When clicking on Our Team and Our Process the links do not go anywhere…what do those two sections look like? Is there a place for Mission, Vision, Board of Directors and Sponsors?


Hello! Great question. That’s a widgetized area on the home page so you can literally place any widget in those sections. On the demo, it’s simple text with a link that can go to any page you create so the possibilities of what’s on those pages are endless.

Thank you! One last question….can the colors/fonts be changed on the home page?

The theme options panel currently has the following color customizations available:

Can you redefine “Customize with Unlimited primary color scheme choices”? There are three primary colors, so that seems limited. We are seriously considering this theme for two projects, but want to make sure it can handle our color needs. Thanks!

Hi Ryan! Sure, we’ve packaged this theme with an options panel that includes a color picker for each area that has a color assigned to it. Here’s a screenshot of the selections available (and of course a custom CSS box where you can input anything you’d like too):

We offer support as well and are happy to help with that if needed.

Hi there,

Loving the clean design of this! I have a couple of questions. How big can the logo be in the header? Can you change the colour of the header?

Also, I’m looking to replace those icons with mine, is this possible?

Yikes and one more question…Is it possible to remove the Donate Now button?

I’m looking to purchase this for a client.

Howdy! Thanks for your interest.

You can upload any size logo and it’ll fit into the 3 column grid width that the theme’s setup for out of the box. And if you need something wider, this can be changed with a simple class name change (this is the beauty of the Foundation grid).

The header color can be changed with a color picker in the options panel:

The Donate Now button can be removed by unchecking that option:

And of course, if you need help with anything, we’re available for support:

Hi there – we were wondering if you were planning to add further colour options to this scheme? We love it, but it doesn’t fit our brand colours at all..

Hi Marcus. Sure, we’re interested to hear what you’re needing. Right now you’ll be able to change the main colors via color pickers in the theme’s options panel (for example, the green header, the yellow donation button, etc). What additions do you require?

Thanks for the speedy reply. Brilliant – I’d missed that in the live preview/ documentation. Just looking for an electric blue to suit this – looks like it’ll suit fine!

Great color! We’ll be happy to help out if you get snagged up customizing. Just shoot us a message through our contact form:

adding captions to the slider? is this not possible with this slider you have used? as it does not seem to show my captions..

you live documentation is not working.

the documentation please can you include full list of shortcodes.. (as not all users install demo data) ..

the theme seems quite straight forward and does lack quite a lot of features you see in most $50 themes but overall its clean and easy to use. thanks

Hi medi8tor,

The demo’d slider uses the Soliloquy Light plugin (free) which doesn’t accept captions out of the box.

Looks like the documentation link was just a typo on our part. Can you check again?

We’ve also updated those docs with a complete list of shortcodes in the new “Shortcodes” section.

Last but not least, thanks for your purchase and feedback! If there are specific features you’re interested in, we’d love to hear more about them so that we can consider adding them to future updates.

^^ Great thanks, yes there are a few pointers ill get back to you once i’ve finished this site..( just creating a CPT for Team members right now ) ... Overall great theme tho loads great on mobile devices so thanks! nice work saved me lots of time.

I really like your theme and I was ready to buy it for a new website I am working on. I checked your demo in IE9 and it seemed to perform just fine even though it isn’t considered compatible, but when I checked the demo on my iphone I had to zoom in to read the text and there was no mobile nav. Is there any chance the theme will be made more mobile-friendly in the near future?

The ThemeForest iframe seems to be displaying the demo not in mobile format. Viewing it without that shows how it’ll display normally: