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I’ve just bought the template. Nice coding but i’ve found out a bug on iPad Screen. At 768px screen width aint no margins: http://d.pr/i/2SOj

So on skeleton.css line 81 i set: .container { width: 748px; }

Maybe you can come out with a better solution.

Hello thanks for this, didn’t this change break the whole website?

Not at all. You can check here, even if it’s still a work in progress: http://test.hotelgiordo.com/galleria/

Ok since you changed it only for that break point and it doesn’t break the website I believe it’s the best way of doing it since it’s the fastest.. If you encounter any problems any future let me know.

Hi there

I’m considering buying this template, few questions does the reservation request form works, and so can I ad more fields, or do you have a dedicated reservation form html not just the tittle one in the homepage.

Thanks V.C. DJ Sideral

this is an HTML template so reservation system in not provided.

Hi. Team,

I have a question. Is it possible to change or edit reservation form on the main page? For example. i want to add the “select box” or comment. please let me know the it is possible. :)

Thank you. Hans.

This is entirely possible using HTML, you need to edit the files and replace the inputs with the HTML code you wish.

Hello, this is a very nice theme. Do you have a wordpress version?


Hello, yes, it’s on our website :)

Hey! I recently bought this fantastic template and my website looks great now. However, since my site is bilingual, I have a problem with displaying text in Cyrillic. It’s all question marks like this ”???”. How can I solve this problem? Thanks

Hello, this is due to an encoding issue. Please make sure you save the files in UTF-8 format.

Hello, I have just bought the theme, and I cannot install it because an error message says to me that the file “style.css” is missing. What is the solution? Thanks

Hello, this is a static HTML template, it is not a WordPress theme.

Does your Wordpress version have a working booking request form ?

Hello, ThemeForest team

I communicate with you because I bought a few days ago Aegea resort template with a regular license $ 15, but this presented issues to install wordpress, because the package. Zip you sent me gives an error when uploading.

Hello, this isn’t a WordPress theme, it’s a static HTML template. The WP theme is available through our website currently.

Could you please send me the link of that WP theme so that I could check the price and buy it? Thanks in advance

it’s our name plus a dot com after :)

none of you forms work. reservation and contact form. i bought it thinking it will work out of the box. i wasted my money here. if it work with wordpress it would have been great. now im completely stuck

Hlelo, this is a static HTML template, there’s no functionality involved. Forms should be coded separately along with the rest of the website. There is, of course, a WordPress version in our website were the forms do work. I’m sorry you think this is a waste of money, you should contact Envato for a refund.

Hello! I’m really interested in buy this theme but I’ve a question…¿Is just the HTML template or I can customize it with the last wordpress version? I’ve no experience in web design but I know how to create website thanks to wordpress menus, so, May I use this great template for it? Thanks in advance David

Hello! This is a static HTML version, it’s not a WordPress template. The WordPress theme is available through our website.

Hello, I seem to have the same problem as some other users here. I get an “action.php” error when trying to book a reservation. Could you help me?

Hello there, the template provided here does not contain any dynamic files like PHP or other script languages, apart from the static HTML and CSS files. The booking forms etc are all placeholders and will need your custom coding to make them work with your reservation/booking system.

pre sale question :

I’m working on Wordpress.

Is it possible to create a page, with a feature image (for the thumbnails of the homepage) but not to show the “feature image” in the top of the page ? To not show the image over the text.

Thank you very much.

Hello, this can be done with a bit of guidance via our forum support, but the Aegean you’re seeing on Themeforest is just the HTML version, the WordPress one is only available through our website.

Hello I have bought this theme more than 4 months ago. I am using Aegean Resort Version 1.6 Wordpress Theme. For some reason on 480px, 320px, 240px (usually Ipad and Mobile Viewport)) It llooks messy. The logo is so big and its overlapping the slider.

Here’s my site where I installed this: http://arubatsa.com/

Is there any update for the team?

Really need to fix this ASAP!

Hello, for the WordPress theme, can you please use the support forums on our website? Thanks!

Hi there I don’t know if I have the login details on your support.

They’re the same ones you used to purchase the theme, I’m terribly afraid that I can’t help you from here, if you can either get a password reminder from our form or mail me directly at vmasto at cssigniter dot com with the email you used to subscribe so we can go from there.


I think there is a bug in


when hovering over the greater image in the gallery the next/prev buttons appear at the end of the browsers viewport.

They should be appear in the image itself.

Ah thank you!

It’s a simple fix, paste somehwere in your style.css file this code:

#room-gallery { position: relative; }

Hi, how to change the time to fahrenheit.


Hello there! Open the file js/jquery.scripts.js and go to line 75, change

var unit = 'c';


var unit = ‘f’;

Hi there,

First of all; brilliant! cheers from the theme. But I do need help creating the action php for the search form. Any idea where I can get a template php specifically for form on the website (flat html version)?

Cheers, Rikki

Hi cheers for getting back to me! Yes please that’ll be great.

Hi there, can you get back to me via email at vmasto [at] cssigniter [dot] com ?

No problem, I have sent you an email now.

Cheers, Rikki

we need to change the map en “location” but I don’t know. Could you hel me please?, thank you

Hello, send us an email at vmasto [at] cssigniter [dot] com regarding this and we’ll help asap :)

I am helping out a company whose web designer has gone AWOL. Their version of this theme is quite out-of-date, and I would like to update it for them. If we buy a new version and use this to update, will it cause any issues with existing site data etc? Thanks

Hey there, are you talking about the WP theme or the HTML static version (the one here is the static html version)?

ah sorry – yes I am after the WP theme.

For the WP theme if you extend your subscription by buying the theme again you’ll get the new update etc and all will work fine. You won’t lose any data, but prior to doing it feel free to open a ticket at the support forum for more clarifications.