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Working version please. Thank you

yeah i forgot to provide the link. updated! thanx!

Lovely work – great job

Thank you for that :)

Great job filaraki. Bravo sou.

Euxaristw :)

Thumbs Up :) Another great release.

Thank you sir!

Looks great! Working on a Wordpress version? I hope so :)

We are working hard on the WordPress version but as with every WP version of our themes it will be available on our website :)

Looking great template! much sales :)

Thank you very much :)

Great work, good luck with sales!

Peter Zickler..

Great looking template. I am a hack at best, so bear with me. Can you set the pics on the homepage to auto scroll? Any timeline on the WP version? thanks

Yes it is possible to set the images on the homepage to auto-scroll. WP Version will be ready by the end of july and available on our website :)

Cool theme :D

WordPress? :D

Coming really soon on our website :)

Amazing template.. Congratulation !!!!

Thank you sir :)

Hi, Great job on this template!

So the wp-theme will be available late july? Is there a way to follow the work and buy it the moment its ready? Working with a deadline here, and really want to use this template, fits perfectly to this business and it looks just amazing.


Hi there, sure as soon as the theme is ready i will let you know :)

Guess what. WordPress version is now available :)

This code is not 100% compatible with Chrome or Safari on PC. Otherwise, nice work.

Oops? When? Where? :D

Have you found a bug? Do let us know so we can fix it!

Wp version already? :D

It’s already online on our website :)

Where? I dont see it in ur portfolio

It’s our latest theme. Unfortunately i can’t provide a link here in themeforest.

sorry, how do I do that?

Just edit your comment and delete the link :)

I can´t edit that post comment :(

Meh don’t worry i’ll report it and will fix it :)

Hey man! Just bought this yesterday for wordpress of your site, having alot of problems with the rooms and nobody answering on your own forum. Please help me get this thing working.

Thanks Niklas

Let me check that, because i didn’t get a notification. Dealing with it now! :D

Sorted :) Back in track. Please check again :)