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I changed the flexslider.css to set a max height for the slider

In row 26: .flexslider .slides img {width: 100%; max-height:85%; display: block;}

but it only works in chrome not in IE or Firefox.

do you have any idea how i can make this work??

Hm, no idea really, you should contact the author of Flexslider about it :)

i have another problem.

when i use the € on the site there comes a sign like ? can you tell me how i solve this??

Did you try also € ?

i found it: special signs need special code in html for the € :

Yes it’s &euro with a semicolon character at the end (;):)

Im have problems with the weather widget, and booking form.. Can you pls help me with this. I dont see any action.php script nor it works…

Please keep the discussion in one thread :)

Amazing template! Fantastic job on coding, design, everything! 5 stars from me ;-)

Thank you sir! You know where to find us if you need something. Happy new year! :D

Im have problems with the weather widget, and booking form.. Can you pls help me with this. I dont see any action.php script nor it works…

hi there,

Sent you an email :)

Can you please help me about action.php ect? Same problem as shazeensamad :)

Hi there,

There’s no working contact form included in this theme :)

Dear cssigniter,

before I’ll purchase the really nice “Aegean Resort – Responsive Hotel Template” I’d like to know more about the content and the backend development, that means is this template running on Wordpress or Joomla? Since I couldn’t obtain additional information in the description, I’d like to ask.

I’d be really happy for a quick reply, as so far I’d like to purchase if it’s based on a database format (J! or WP).

Best regards, Emre

WordPress version is available on our website

Dear cssigniter, How i can change the location and the temperature item on top? (example: santorini)

Best regards

Open /js/jquery_scripts.js and locate line 74

var location = 'GRXX0044'; 

Locate your code http://edg3.co.uk/snippets/weather-location-codes/greece/ and change it :)

Dear cssigniter, this the is’t rendering the text in IE9 or less, how do i fix this? Best regards

Not sure what you mean :) text rendering in IE9?

Do you have a php script for the contact form that I can plugin? Thank you!

Hi there,

No we haven’t included a working php script for the contact form with Aegean Resort

Sometimes it takes a long time to load the index page. also here on theme forest.

I myself feel that this is by loading temparature widget. has anyone an idea how you can solve this.

check the proges

Perhaps there’s an issue or bad connectivity between your server and yahoo services. We haven’t noticed anything weird and I’m afraid apart from disabling the widget all together there’s not much that can be done :(

i disable the // Weather section in jquery.scripts.js now the page is loading really quick. i`m trying to get another weather widget on the same place but then i have problems with the mobile page “menu selector” when i have a solution for this i wil post it here.

this is a screenshot in firefox while “hanging”


I have some problems in page rooms.html with the flexslider in FF 19, IE9 and Chrome. When cursor is hover at #room-gallery element the buttons next & previous image apperars appear below (aprox. in the table element example). These bottons must appear beside the principal image. The buttons next & previous for the carrousel are in the right position beside the carrousel. Any solution? Thank you!

look at http://www.milbytes.com/css.png http://www.milbytes.com/aegean01.jpg http://www.milbytes.com/aegean02.jpg

I think when mouse is over the image gallery the buttons next & previous must be visible on each side of the DIV element contains gallery. This effect is not seen! Should occur the same effect as in the carrousel

Nope, that’s how the theme is supposed to work, the gallery is the actual navigation of the large thumbnails!

Ok, thank you very much. I will try to modify css code.

Hello, please can you help me? I want create different gallerys on the site: http://www.haus-waldwinkel.de/hw13/impressionen.html whats my mistake? the gallerys don`t stop thank you!

Hello, I can’t see a problem with your galleries, have you solved it or perhaps I didn’t understand something?

Hello please try to klick on the blue button – BETRACHTEN – if i klick on the picture (i chanced the template, who i download) – now its right, but i want the gallery open with the button – Thank you and sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand me – Greetings from bavaria Klaus

Hello, the gallery opens when I click the blue button normally (check out screenshot: http://d.pr/i/6npM). Which browser and OS are you using?

Hi, I downloaded this theme, but it is not working on wordpress! Why? regards

This is a site template, not a WordPress theme :)

Hi, I downloaded this theme, but it is not working on wordpress! Why? regards



Because it is the html site template. Wordpress products are called THEMES

if you had read the description and looked at the pricing you could have figured that out.

html site templates range form $8 to around $17, Wordpress themes start at $40 and go up on Themeforest

Thank you :)

hello, is possible convert this html in wordpress template? I need it in wordpress, but i can’t work now for this. Very thanks

Hello, a WordPress version of Aegean is available in our website :)