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Hello! This looks great.

Does this files include the fonts used in the design?

Hi, thanks. None of my designs does not include font but they are all free and you can search and get them


Any word on the HTML or Word Press version of this template? Thank you!

Any idea what happened with the WP version ?? thx

It is still in process of developing. Sorry for delay.

We add e-commerce pages and many others and we are still working on it and we do not have a release day for now.

Any update for wp-version please?

OMG no word press version? What a shame! Thanks!

Yes, I know. There were some disputes with development team. You can type your email and in case WP theme will be done I will email you. Thanks

Hi did you guys change your mind about the word press version, this would’ve have been perfect for an upcoming project…you guys are missing out in an opportunity to make money!

I’ve started a partnership with a developer based on Aella WP developing so hope soon will get it live.

There is a God! Thank you…please please keep us posted!

Hi guys…any updates on the WP theme version please?

Hi. We are still working on it. First we will release HTML version and after 2-3 weeks WP. Sorry for delays.

When will be the html version available for sale?

We are still working on it. Let me know your email address so I could inform you once will have it ready. Thanks

I have send you a private message.Thank you!

Hello any updates on the wordpress version please?

Development team changed their deadline to first dates of June. Hope will get it by then.

You are more then welcome to check HTML version of Aella

Hi, I am still really holding out….how long for wordpress version please?

I am desperate for this in wordpress….


Please let us know when it will be available please thank you!

HTML version Item No Longer Available

Developer removed it. Sorry for that.

I would love to purchase this, yet I use wordpress. Any help on how to convert or is there a wordpress template coming?

Thanks for your interest. Please drop me a line on munfactory@gmail.com

Hello! I see the HTML version was online, but now not available. Will there be a version for Word Press soon? Or, is there a way for me to convert this to WP?

Hi. Thanks for your purchase. Use the contact form on my profile page and email me. I will reply with details regarding HTML and WP version. Thanks