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Hi, great template, but I’m struggling to find where to change the twitter feed to my own.

Please advise, will be much appreciated.


Apologies, I found this:

How to change Twitter account ?

To change Twitter account with your Twitter account please open “theme-functions.js” inside js folder and go to the line 66, you will see this options :

Yes, you can find some tutorial in documentation :-)

Hi, several days ago I wrote:

Hi, good template, but I need help.

On ASP.NET 4 (HTML5), i’m retrieving the following error:

Parser Error Message: ‘camera-css’ is not a valid identifier. Source Error: Line 17: 
<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/base.css” id=”camera-css”/>


Could you help suggesting how to solve? I’m using: <Head runat=”server” cssclass=”camera-css”> But I don’t know if is “the” solution… Thanks in advance…

The code for the camera is not applicable like attribute in Html5. The slider for the “post” is not working. Please would you help me to fix the code? Regards Nik


You can delete the id of camera-css into like this :
<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/base.css"/>


Beautiful theme! I’ve noticed a lot of mobile phone issues with this website. Especially with the slideshow in particular. Text not showing and the buttons not showing on a few slides. Tested on phone with the demo on here. A few slides are missing the text that shows when view on computer and a few are missing buttons. Is there a fix for this?

Anything?? Please… this is a bug not an issue on my end.


Yes we disable some text and button in mobile view because there no room to display text or button, you can open “media.css” in css folder and see the ”/* Mobile Portrait -—*/” section.

You will see some code with “display:none”, you can delete them if you want display it in mobile view, but I do not recommend in terms of aesthetic design.


Is there a way to access the additional pages in .psd? These pages shown in the live preview:

column page
table page
button & list page
typhography page
testimonials page
pricing page
faq page
single page
fullwidth page
404 page

Let me know,


Has the twitter feed become outdated with release of V1.1 of the API? Really need to get this going – thanks.

I have the same issue with the twitter feed. do you have a fix?

No reply for one month from chapinpaullin’s basic question above. Sharichstudios – don’t hold your breath. I administer two other sites from templates that have produced a Twitter widget update, guess they are more consciences and diligent.

I need a fix for the twitter widget as well.

Love the template, I seem to have an issue in IE10 with the slider. When you click a slide it stops the slider from switching to the next image. This is not working in IE10. Do you have a fix?

i have an issue with IE8 when i want to use fancybox to display an html page with fix width. the width column is not working well(using tab list). other browsers is working excellent. do you have a fix? tq

please tell me how I can add the fields in the contact form – for several hours trying to fix it does not work ((

Support does not work?