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Purchased the template but after installation my site doesn’t seem to have any images. Did i do something wrong? Where is the futuristic image i saw on the Envato Marketplace, when i bought it?

This is what i’m having…

Why don’t you contact me via PM for support? Please check my profile page for error reporting, but I think you haven’t installed the sample data of my quickstart, so you may quicken your solving by checking my documentation on installing the Quickstart.

I really like the design of this template, but I am having a lot of trouble installing it. The quick start files come with Joomla 2.5.8 which is a very old version of Joomla. We use 3.2 and I need to know if there is a reason that your files come with Joomla 2.5.8? Thank you

If you read the item description you will find that it’s only compatible with Joomla 2.5 for now.

hi Can be updated to Joomla 2.5.19? ?. Only works 2.5.8

Support via PM only please.

Hello. Can i use this template for eCommerce?

Can i use another plugins (gallery from another template) in this template?

Should work, but it will have it’s own styling.

Hi Dan,
I have tried installed quickstart many times, but it just not works like other joomla quickstart package. I am sure my hosting is working normally. But there is no template named Aero* in the Template Manager(after quickstart), if I manually upload Aero theme after quickstart package, Aero displays(backend) but once if I active it, there is a description in the frontend notice me do install T3 framework, oops!

Please have a look on my result:
It just display the default official Joomla demo.

I did try any options of sample data:

Have you checked my documentation? Also please contact me via PM for support, usually this isn’t the best way to provide support.

Is it going to be compatible with joomla 3.4 ? Even with a pay version?

I have this in plan, just it’s very hard to tell when this is gonna be.

Were is the change log

Check the updated documentation, it’s all about the Quickstart this last update.