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Very cool theme. Good luck :)

Thanks Vicky, good luck with yours :)

Another great theme! Best of luck with sales :)

Thanks alot Louie, I wish you the same :)

Very good work! Good luck!

Thanks WD, u2 my friend :)

hello, first check – I like it, there are just a few things I need to know : 1. theme looks tight – 960 px or so – is it possible (and very difficutl) to expand it to 1060 or better 1160 ? I am not a scripter, just able to make some changes ..

2. the google-fonts: I dont like them, first, who needs 500 fonts, to use more than 4 different fonts ruins the readers attention .. I like my old Verdana, Tahoma, Arial stuff – is this built in ? I already purchased a theme without those basic-fonts and cannot use it now ..

2.a. google-fonts deactivation : I refuse using cloud-stuff on my sites, I want to host everything on my own server and dont want to depend on foreign stuff, most of all of those of the biggest spies on earth, google .. beside that it will cause a lot of useless traffic if I have to load all my fonts from a cloud—did anyone ever try to find out how much traffic this will be when about 5000 users per day call a site ? its a lot of money this traffic costs and for what ? that I have 496 unused fonts and every move on my site depends on the grace of google ??? so – is it possible to use normal. traditional fonts and kick out google totally ?

guess thats it more or less thanks in advance .. B.

1. Options Panel has Theme Width Settings where you can set your desired theme width.

2. It’s easy to use what ever font you want, you can just disable the Google fonts and use the fonts you want. The font list cache is inside the theme, but fonts come from Google CDN, in any case, it can be done easily.

You can do just about anything without touching the code.

sounds too good to be true , I think I will go and grab it over the weekend, thanks ;)

this is very nice… Good work, good luck with your sales.

Thanks my friend, good luck with yours :)


Using Google webfonts in no way increase your cost. Fonts are loaded from Google servers which are btw. much faster than your own one. Also, since many websites use Google webfonts, chances are visitor won’t even have to load them, as they probably have them cached.

Last thing, you don’t load all 500 fonts at once, you only load those you actually selected.

@dnp_theme Sorry for offtopic, great design!

Thank you for your input, very appreciated :)

Very nice ! Like to android 4 .No!?

Sorry, what do you mean?

Great feel. Congrats!

Thanks Bedros :)

I think that’s the best WP Theme I’ve seen so far.

Thank you, glad you like it :)

Great Work Dan! Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks Tommy :)

uh how do I say… WOW!$ VERY Nice and looks amazing on mobile even (n uv that responsive menu style) Any way to see screenshot(s) of how back in, how to build looks (is it all built w shortcodes or..)? Congrats on Sleek very Modern Uniqueness too!

Thank you Will, glad you like it :)

Sorry I didn’t read your complete message on my phone, please contact me via PM, will provide more screenshots to you.

Before I buy this theme…. Why the theme is glitching? (safari & firefox)

I believe I’ve fixed most if not all the flickering issues I found with Google Chrome, should be fixed for Safari and generally MAC as well.

beautiful theme….

Thank you :) Everything alright?

I think is the best theme that I see in times arround here…. it is complete! My only recomendation is to improve more in colors and more promotion and i predict good in sales….


Thanks man, did you check the color-picker? In both back-end and front-end? Anyway, I have in plan more features for color control.

Also you must consider to use colors into your content :)

Thanks again.

I installed “Aeon” successfully on Wordpress, but when I go on my site, appears the error message below and I can not see the admin page.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /homepages/11/d405108286/htdocs/ on line 878

Please contact me via PM and provide more info on error: server, wp version theme version. Thanks


Thanks man, appreciated :)

@OriginalExe First of all: I am hosting offshore and anonymously, I am not interested to depend on one of the biggest data-retention- and spy-center of the world. Sooner or later, when many people will use those cloud-fonts, google will force users to accept other google-browser-apps like ads and statistic stuff to let you use the cloud .. that means: no adblockers and not trackerblockers etc etc – OR – no fonts on your site – just wait and see, it will come, right when enough people use those rentfonts ..

second: I cannot imagine that it does not cost more traffic when e.g. 5000 users a day first call my server, my server calls the cloud, the cloud sends the fonts to my server and my server sends to the user …there are 2 steps more between and now take this a few thousand times a day …

most of all : I want my stuff under my control as far as possible, beside that – I come from print-journalism, I know about effects of typography … newspapers use same fonts like they did 100 years ago for a good reason because people are familiar with it. concentration on content is disturbed if users see something “strange”, even if its a small change. There is no logical reason to leave a well tested field for , hm, for what ? its “hip” to have 500 fonts but cannot read your own site if google suddenly forces you to allow them to spy on your site for it ? no thanks .. if I need a different font beside the well known I can download and integrate it and beside this noone should ever use more than 4 different fonts on one site ! More does not mean better ! And surely not safer !

Hello there.This is not a public forum, if you have a question of this matter, you can address the Themeforest forums.

If you have further questions on the item here, go ahead and ask. If you like my theme and wanna use it with the fonts you want, let me know via PM. It’s gonna get done ASAP.

Thank you for understanding.

sorry I did not find a way to answer directly to OriginalExe who addressed his post directly to me ..

You can contact author OriginalEXE via his profile page contact form.

to the Authors of the theme : I played with it while the weekend and found something about images:

It seems that there is no image-resizer built in because when the small slider is working the page is moving up and down while reading .. images have different sizes and also proportions are different even if you optimize the image for web by hand with photoshop which is a lot of work .. but beside that if you import articles or you have different authors you cannot force them to optimize their pics to the exact size you need for a slider. Sometimes the original image is lets say 600×600 and your slider is e.g. 400×200 and the blog where you import the article from has normal image-sizes of 400×300 .. you will have the half image cut away and the slider will hop und and down because of a higher pic, a smaller pic etc etc … now imagine you read an article under such a slider – drives you crazy always have hopping lines before your eyes .. so what is really necessary ( I already tried to fight with several extra plugins but noone really works) is an image-optimizer, where I can declare an image size as standard and where the imported image is transformed to . if its too large, then cropped within the natural dimensions and if its too small then there should be an invisible border around it so that its not to small for the slider and make it hopping … I have a theme with this but am not a scripter so I cannot find out how they made it and use it on other themes .. When you imagine you have a hundred users and authors a day uploading images from their phones or importing articles from other blogs thats a lot of hopping and ugly cut-down images .. its hard to check this on a testsite like this because I cannot see how the images you used originally looked like but I can only see the up-and-down- moving of the small slider and this tells me that images are not cropped automatically – and thats very important .. any solution ?

The small slider can use what ever image size you want, I have chosen to use large ones for responsive and retina displays, you can choose to use thumbnails if you want. You can also set a custom size for: thumbnail, medium and large size for all post types if you want, that is also easy, then use a good Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin to do the work. My news slider is capable to handle different image sizes and even videos with animated effect. The fact that images look like this, all same size, is because I do Photoshop work, that is what I understand a PRO should do and it’s not about making eye catchy sliders, it’s about typography. I use a calculator to get the image size when browser resizes starting from the original image size.

I like to keep things clear and not include too many scripts that a third party plugin would do better. As far as I know, there is nothing to do cropping as you would expect for all images like Photoshop would do. My understanding is that a theme is just a couple of CSS and PHP/JS, with no Photoshop with batch included or some “automatic whatever you want”, in most cases it’s a matter of choice you have to make.

Wordpress has it’s own image edit feature with media manager, allows you to resize images, crop them as you want. If you want something to do automatic tasks on the fly, you have to do it on your own, find the plugins you like and use them. I can only teach you my way if you want, but if you want anything else, you have to do it on your own as I may not afford the time for that.

So again, please if you have any further questions, send them all via PM and I will reply ASAP.


This theme is very nice, probably the best I’ve bought on Evanto. :)

Thank you, glad you like it :)

HI, ON the big slider on the top of the page i see is with full width. im interested to make it smaller to insert featured posts or videos, and put on the right side a side bar with widgets, Can i do this?

Test panel for what?

is an admin panel with a test page, to see how you can manage the page and how you can use it

Send me a PM, will send you some stuff to check.