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Hi! very nice theme, good work and good luck! I’m interested in buying but I have some questions: I’m a photographer and I need to create multiple single galleries, for example weddings, landscape, industrial, portraits ecc…is it possible? Then, I see in the demo only squared pictures, is it possible to show also other formats? Thank you

I think the images can be as you wish.

Ok. Last question: in the demo I see title appears over every pics obscuring them a little bit. is it possible to show picture without title?

Hello. I’m interested in purchasing this great-looking theme, but there is one thing keeping me from hitting the button. I noticed that in your picture at the top of the item description page there is a shopping cart icon, and price tables are among the overall features of the theme. Does this mean that your theme supports eCommerce and/or Woo Commerce? If so, this is a definite buy for me. Thank you in advance.

Sorry no eCommerce at this point.

Well, thank you for your swift reply. Your theme looks amazing. Good luck with your sales.

Thanks. If you like it, you buy it and use it for portfolio site / agency, for eCommerce, you need a more flat/corporate design.

Does the theme come with PSD files and the font to recreate the logo with my name and the graphic on the slider?

You have the PSD of the logo, you can inspect it and check the font or edit the file as you wish, just I don’t have the right to redistribute the font, you have to find it yourself. Thanks

Hello, thanks for the great theme.

I’ve been in the process of developing my site with it, but can’t seem to get the slider on the home page. Is there a button I press or link I go to that allows me to choose this option? I have been able to figure out how to put it on pages, but how about the main page? Thank you.

I just needed help accessing the front page so I can edit the slider there. Can’t seem to find the page that links me there. Tried clicking on the “Edit front page” option on wordpress.org but that is only returning to the dashboard.

Thank you, I figured it out.


I’m really loving the way this theme works, however I’ve got one question. I will be using this mostly as just a blog, and would like to add some background images to the page body itself. Is this going to be a simple css process like it would be in a standard wp theme? Just wanted to make sure it’s still easy to modify things before I buy.

It’s an easy customization, I can help you with that.

How can i add “a slider” to home page???

Find in the documentation or contact me via pm. Thanks

Hi, i´m interested in purchase this template, however i would like to know if its possible to add text insted of icons in the top menu, to look like a normal menu.


You can switch to normal menu items in the theme backend.

Hey? I am setting up my website, I wondered http://www.pcadviser.ro/themeforest/?theme=aeon-wp this page’s bottom part” clients how purchased / our services /gallery widget” how to set them ?

Please contact me via PM for support, thank you.

Hi Dan, have you been able to sort out the 2 isues i am having with your theme?

1) The filter on the portfolio (categories) does not work. It only displays some of the items, not all.


2) The wrapper on the theme doesn’t work on an iPad or and iPhone

The other issues I am able to live with.

Thank you.

Issue fixed, please wait for the update mail, or re-download in about 4-5 hours.

I just downloaded the theme again and uploaded it to the site. None of the issues were resolved. Still having the same issues.

The update have been approved after your comment here. Try again now.


Is a slide like home’s slider (but another obviously) can be put on a portfolio page, please ?

Best regards

Sure, contact me via PM.

already did !

Replied to.

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.



AEON_1.0.3_package Stylesheet is missing.

I keep getting this error when I try to install it in wordpress

Unzip first my friend.

I tried Unzipping and installing the theme but it still doesn’t give me the whole template only bits and pieces

Your reporting not quite informative, I need to know exactly what you do, what happens and what are you expecting. Your mail address does not work, I already replied.

Hi dnp,

I’m loving the theme. Just one thing.

For the slider, my images are 1200×750 and for the slider properties the max width is 1980 and the max height is 750px (fullwidth slider). My screen resolution for my pc is 1280×800, so the images on the slider will appear roughly the way they should in terms of size. However, when I view it on a higher res monitor the image size will increase (to the max width size) but the height is still 750px, meaning half the image will be cut off from the bottom. Even when I create an image 1980×750 the whole image will fit the screen but the height however will decrease.

I understand that the theme is built to be responsive but is there a way of making the images wide without out it fitting to the side of the page/screen? Example, on a smaller screen only the middle section of the image will be shown and on a bigger screen you can see just about the whole image. Take a look at this website http://www.saintsrow.com

Documentation :)

Ah, good call :D. Will read through it. Thanks.

Alright, if you have any question, send them all via PM. Thanks

Hi, i’m interested in that theme, but i want to know if it’s Buddypress, BBpress compatible, payd membership pro, achievements?

Thanks you

None of the above unfortunately.

Well thanks for your speedy answer, i realy love that theme, but sorry i’m beginner in wp, so could you explain me what’s the difference between a “compatible” and not theme. Because i think for membership you just need to create new pages? And for Buddy or BBpress you can redirectthem to the default buddypresstheme?

I am not an expert regarding BBpress or BuddyPress, I would suggest using the forums here http://themeforest.net/forums

IMO, I believe the themes must be compatible, but they do/do not provide support for third party plug-ins.

Hi I’m new to wordpress and looking to get my first site up and running. It is a business site (no ecommerce) like a brochure site with information about our products, gallery and video. Is this theme too complicated / difficult for a beginner at wordpress?

Checked, it looks OK to me.I will send an email to your yahoo address.

By the way the documentation with this theme is excellent and all fears I had about getting a complex theme like this working are fading fast!

Great, enjoy your work :)

Hi. In description is said that Software Version is WordPress 3.5 and WordPress 3.4. Can I install it in WordPress 3.7.1?

I purchased but I don’t know why the site don’t look like the demo. Even the theme screenshot and icons at wordpress dashboard don’t show up. I had to upload via FTP for the installation to work but now even if I see all features it says in demo, when I configure every page displaying in one menu it only shows lastest post in every page. Can I share my site here?

You can do that via PM. Thanks

Ok I will send it right know. Thanks

Good theme. Can you please guide how to edit slider text, i am not seeing any section where i can change slider text

link: impfm.com on first and second slider , i want to edit this text , currently it is “Welcome to IMPFM” and i want that to be ” Welcome to Impact future media “

Yes, PM please.

i have sent you PM but i will still prefer you reply over here.

I prefer you send PM, thanks.

Love the theme. Will be spending the next couple of days setting it all up. Any chance you will add styling for woocommerce? I have tired through there page on how to do it but had no luck.

I am not planning any third party stuff any time soon.

Pre sales question: can a video be implemented as the ‘background’ of the slider, rather than ‘over top’ of? Thanks :)

Incredible theme either way!

Currently not possible, I am now working on updating the theme, mainly a new theme options panel and a new slider panel, but a video as a slide is not my kind of thing, looks fine but not practical in the real world.

Looking forward to the update. The site I’m making is a portfolio so practicality (or lack thereof) isn’t a factor, but thanks for the quick response :)

You’re welcome :)

Hello, I am considering purchasing this theme, and I’m wondering if it is able to do everything I want it to do. Basically what I am wanting to create is an online publication with multiple blogs from regular contributors, as well as other assorted articles from non-regular contributors. I also would like to have the facebook feed for the page built into the website with some kind of widget. Is it possible (or necessary) to have multiple blogrolls with this theme, in order to accomplish this? Thank you for your help!

Thanks for your interest in my theme. Basically with this theme you can do just about anything Wordpress can do (regarding Users) and especially what you see in the demo when it comes to blogging. On the widget side, I think there are alot of widgets you can use to showcase your Facebook feeds, here an example: https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-facebook-feed/

I hope this was helpful.