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The thumbnails on the category, etc pages are not cropped square. They need to be 250px x 250px for you hover effect to work.

You should also use a thumbnail php so the full image doesn’t have to load.

I now see the issue. It seems I need to re-upload the feature images so they are re-cropped.

You can also use regenerate thumbnails, a plugin that re-crops images for you.

When attempting to install the required plugins, I get the error:

An error occurred while installing Theme Station Load More: The package could not be installed. The package contains no files..

ETA: (same error msg for other plugin as well)

Please advise. Fresh install of WP 3.6, Aerogram 1.3.4. TIA.

Alternatively, are the plugins available anywhere else so I can install them via FTP?

Sorry about that, we’ll be looking into it.

As for the plugins themselves: they are within the theme package. You can find them here: \aerogram\functions\plugins

First of all, I love this theme-thank you so much for creating it! That being said, I have a borderline embarrassing skill level at understanding pretty much anything related to web design, etc.-so please bear with me!

I’m trying to install my first update for the theme. I downloaded the latest version, but when I try to upload it in Wordpress, I receive an error message that reads: “Destination folder already exists.” I renamed the zip folder because I assumed it was a file name issue, but that hasn’t helped. Can you let me know what I should do? Thank you!

Thank you! Sorry for the delayed answer. In order to install the update, you first have to delete the one that is currently installed. When you are on the “Appearance” page within your dashboard simply deactivate the theme and delete it. Then upload the updated theme as usual. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask! :)

The support is completely absent

If you have contacted us by email it might take a day or two to get back to you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, thanks for the nice theme! I have a question: I have installed the theme on a testserver and did all adaptations and options there. When finished I transfered the whole website and database to the real server. When opening the site all theme options we set where gone and the website is shown with the default opitions and colors.

Where are the options saved? It seems that they are not saved in the database. How can I do a transfer with all options?

Thans for the reply Regards

Thanks for your purchase! The theme option values are actually saved in the database. Look up the wp-options table (search for podcaster-theme) and you will find them.

But there is an even easier way to go about it. Podcaster comes with an Import/Export feature in the theme options. Export your settings (as a json file) and import (by copy and paste) the values in the theme options of your live website!

I hope this answers your question.

Just realized you were using Aerogram, not Podcaster. Sorry for the confusion. I saw your email and will send you further instructions.


Is there a way for me to not have a menu to display in the header. I want to just use it as a blog with not categories etc…the menu section says “please click here to create and set your menu”....

I added this to the child theme and nothing happened :(

I tried .the_menu { display: none;} and it appears to work. Is there a way for me to center and enlarge the logo.

Happy to hear this. This might be a bit more tricky without breaking the layout. You’ll have to do more than just override css. The only pointers I can give you is to take a look at navigation.php and create a copy in your child theme for you to edit. Since this request doesn’t fall into support but customization I can’t be of more help. As of now we unfortunately don’t offer customization services.

Also, I need to change the footer, rather than having 3 different widgets in the footer, I would prefer to place copyright information..something simple. How do I do this?

We have missing images on our aerogram theme on our site. When checking the demo version on themestation it looks like they are missing their own images as well. Please expalin why this is an issue and please fix. If not needed then you should remove the request as it eats up time in loading and waiting on the theme.

GET [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 769ms] GET [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 906ms] GET [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 906ms] GET

Replied to your email :)

Has this been updated for WP 3.9? Should there be a shortcode button in the text editor? Is there a shortcode guide?

Are you still supporting this theme?


Yes this theme is being supported, just some personal technical difficulties that kept me from answering any sooner. Sorry about that. Please download this (newest) version of the plugin, this should solve the issues you’re having for now:

This child css is not being loaded properly. The parent css is overriding it.

I’m having issue with H tags, fonts and line-heights. I don’t think any of those are part of the theme options.

Could you give me a URL so I can take a closer look? Thank you.

I think it had to do with the slider which was part of the php. There also may be an issue changing em to px. I solved it with !important. I was editing so fast I can’t remember which edits they where. I’ll take better note if I see this issue again.

Your demo has errors in the header:

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘thst_alm_init’ not found or invalid function name in /nfs/c09/h03/mnt/133039/domains/ on line 470

Thanks, will take care of it.

The responsive css is not removing the top margin on small screens leaving a large gap below the header. It seems to work in your demo but does not work in the current version or maybe its the child theme.

`.supercontainer.single { margin-top: 190px; }`

That top margin also doesn’t factor in the admin bar.

Thanks for the feedback, will be taken care of.

When you activate then deactivate the slider it leaves a gap in the header.

Could you please send me a URL or screenshot so I know exactly where this error is? Thank you.

I solved it. I chose the “No Slider” option which I think made it look for a single image. After clicking the “x” on the option so nothing was selected it fixed the gap.

I did find another bug with the slider. The title, button etc only displays when hovered over in Chrome.

Hi, very nice theme!!! I have a question: how can I remove the sidebar from the post page? I would like to have the post inside full width of the page.

Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately this is not possible without making major customizations. Adding this as an option to customize this via the theme options sounds like a good idea, though. Keep your eyes open for this when the next update is out.

Thanks for theanswer, I will wait next update! I have another question: how can I arrange columns inside posts/pages? In the demo site menu there is “Shortcodes >> Columns”, but I don’t understand how to set it…

Thanks again for your answer!

If you install the Theme Stations Shortcode plugin (included in the theme) you can create columns (and more) when creating pages. Just look for the turquoise button and click on it use.

Hi I have installed the theme but the sidebar will not show up is there something I need to do for it to activate because I have the widgets I want in there by default

Hi there! Please check the theme options under Theme Options > Blog Settings > Sidebar. Tick the checkbox to enable or disable the sidebar.