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Hey, do you have a demo content to share with me? im having some issues. thank you

thank for replying, my website is www.taijiros.com, i have tried clicking the “disable parallax” but its not working, some buttons are not working as for example: select image(next to parallax option on pages), disable parallax effect(its still does parallax even when clicked). Under aether theme general options there is an option called: Logo Image “Choose your website logo image”. That one isnt working for me neither. i decided to start digging into the codes and changing it from inside but i cant seem to find the code to disable parallax on the “default template”. I want the default template to be normal without

i found an alternate solution for that, its not what i really wanted but you know..time is money, so yea, uhmm thanks anyways, have a great day =)

Did you solve your problem or do you still need help? Sorry for the late replies, it’s just a very busy time.

Hi! I’m sorry to bother you… I’ve just bought the Theme and I’m experiencing some issues: some of the buttons simply does’t work. For example, I can’t upload a Logo Image because the button doesn’t work. And so other buttons: I click them and they doesn’t work. Nothing happens. Can you help me as fast as you can, please? Thanks.

Hi! I’m sorry to bother you again, but I really need to change the logo and the parallax images of Home and Standard Template Page, but the buttons won’t work. How can I fix them quickly? Thank you, I really need your help.

Hi! I’m sorry to bother you again, but I really need to change the logo and the parallax images of Home and Standard Template Page, but the buttons won’t work. How can I fix them quickly? Thank you, I really need your help.

Thank you really a lot, I can’t delete the other comments :(

No problem, glad to help out.

It worked! Thank you a lot for the fast and efficient response!

Hello, I got a problem with the portfolio page, the additional information that appears after clicking the image never loads (title, description and project link) the page keeps loading forever. How can I fix it?

Thank you

The problem solved reinstalling the theme. Thank you anyway

Yes, we released a hotfix for most issues a while back. I was a bug due to file naming, glad you sorted it out :)

Hi, several of the admin buttons don’t work, including the logo upload button, the change parallax photo button, and the disable parallax checkbox. On the front end, the logo does not line up with the top page border. I need to have the project I purchased this theme for completed by Friday (3 days from now) and I’m very frustrated—please let me know the fixes ASAP. Thanks!

Did you download the theme after the hotfix or before? Also please send us the link to your website so we can have a look.

I just paid $43 for a theme with no demo content to import?! You really need to put some more effort into this theme. Could you please refund my money, I won’t be using it/ Thanks.

Sorry for the late reply, been away for a while. Please use the form on our profile to contact us for the import data.

Please send me the demo files (XML) OMG! I bought this theme and I think that I lost my money! joan.barrios76@gmail.com

Sorry for making you wait. Sent you the demo.

Hi, I bought your theme some time ago and finally want live with the website today. Unfortunately I have following problem: The site seems to load before the loading screen appears. It is like this: Sile loads completely (js functions not working), loading screen appears, quickly loading to 100%, loading screen disappears, now everything works fine. Have you any idea what could be wrong? Complete reinstall of the theme won’t resolve issue… Thank you very much


You can go in library/js/main.js and delete from line 68 to line 77.

I have installed the theme without any errors showing, and have followed the documentation to create the home page and navigation menu. However, nothing shows on the home page, and my error_log reads “Cannot use object of type Cuztom_Post_Type as array in /home/mrhead/public_html/wp-includes/post-template.php on line 268”

I deactivated the Jetpack for Wordpress plugin and it worked. I then activated the plugin and still worked so i’m not very sure what is wrong. If you have trouble in the future post a message here and i will help you :)

You activated Jetpack, but didn’t connect it, so the Jetpack extensions weren’t activated. When I connected Jetpack, the theme stopped working. Going through the Jetpack extensions one by one, I figured out it is the PUBLICIZE extension (http://jetpack.me/support/publicize/) that is causing the problem. Activating it will cause the theme to crash; deactivating it will allow the theme to run.

Also, activating the Jetpack contact form extension causes the “Portfolio” custom menu item to disappear.

Hi I’ve just purchased your product. Could you please email me your demo content asap.

Many thanks


You can download the demo content from here

Hi all, completely random, the tiger ‘home-g.jpg’ image has suddenly shown up on my front page. Using Aether here, I can’t get rid of it please help asap! Thank you in advance!

sorry correct file name that has randomly generated is “home-bg.jpg” (darn auto correct haha)

Hi all,

Working with Aether, suddenly a tiger swimming/jumping in water pops up on my front page! Can’t get rid of it. Please help asap! www.emethproductions.com/Ideation Tiger image should NOT be there! Thanks!

Hello, I am facing an error on my website:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /wp-content/themes/Aether/page-home.php on line 42

Could you please suggest a solution.

I have aslo sent you an email to get the demo and instructions. Please could you send these to me? Thanks

Hi, I am trying to change the background colour (blue) of the round icons on the skills section. When I choose a colour in wordpress, it changes those skills icons if I hover over only, otherwise, the background remains blue. Can you suggest a solution please? Thank you

hello, works with revolution slider and page builder on board?