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Wonderful graphics and wonderful clean look this theme carries. Good Job.

Thank you, much appreciated :)

Nice Design!Well done :)

Thank you

Well Done!

Just a small suggestion.

Add Filter to the portfolio & its a charm…


Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll definitely add it on our next update!

Good luck with sales , congrats.

Kind Regards,

Thanks for the words :)

Great work! :)

WoooW Theme and Thank you for your documentation

Just one hint on Shortcodes documentation there is a defect that delay my work more than one hour :(

The defect shown as the following img

simply in Shortcodes part you have to replace




Thanks :)

Thanks for letting us know, it’s much appreciated. We’ll fix the typo in the documentation with the next update :)

Hi. Looking site on the tablet – not scrolling works. (Sorry for English, translated through a translator :) )

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into it.

Awesome theme. The only thing I couldn’t find out how to do in the documentation was add the portfolio gallery thing? I’ve added a page with the portfolio template but how do I put in content?

Thanks :)

Just had a look through my emails and I didn’t get anything :(

Ok, I’ll post it here since another person asked the same question

Ok, so after you’ve set up the portfolio page, the only thing you have to do is find the “Portfolios” menu on your Wordpress dashboard and click on “Add New Project”. That’s it, all your portfolio items will be automatically added to that page.

How layout “Portfolio” used?

It should be right between the “Comments” and “Theme Options” buttons. Like in the image below:

I don’t have the menu Portfolio.

It’s Ok, my problem was a plugin

I’ve downloaded the theme and read over the documentation. The documentation indicates that there is demo content provided. I can’t seem to find it. I don’t have an appropriate xml file included in my download. I would appreciate any guidance about how I can import demo content. Thank you.

Hi, thank you for downloading our theme, it’s much appreciated.

We intended to add the xml file as a download but ultimately decided against it because of copyright issues with the images.

However if you insist on having the demo content, drop us a message on our profile.

Hi there, congratulations on the theme, it really stands out.

I have a doubt: how can I set a logo in the menu bar that exceeds the bar height?


Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme!

At the moment, you will break the logo area if you try to put a larger (vertically) logo than the graphic that’s holding it. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to either go with a long logo instead of tall one, or make the logo smaller.

We will try and make an alternate version of the navigation bar that would suit tall logos with the next update.

Nice theme on desktop, weak on mobile,

Im trying to send a email but the contact form show me a message “Opps…Error: Please try again later!”

I cant find any error to fix or configuration.

Please need some help.

Everytime i make a change under “Theme Options” and click “Save Changes” the page redirects me to


without saving any changes.

I reinstalled everything and it worked again.-

Great to hear your issue is solved. Maybe something went wrong during the main installation.

The responsive features for this template are very poor, please add responsive enhancements in the next upgrade. :(

Can you be more specific? What issues are you running into on the responsive side? Any details will greatly help.

Plz Help Me With This Error. Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Can someone plz mail me the stylesheet of this theme plz.. :crying:

What version of Wordpress are you trying to install this too? Did you try re-downloading the package?

Ya.. Itried but still it doesn’t work. Plz mail me the stylesheet na.. My email id is : info.anuragroy@gmail.com

Please make sure this is how you’re downloading the theme: