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how to remove blog name from top of a page ?

when you going to update it can you add www.twitch.com option and icon to social site section ?

just to make sure, you mean http://www.twitch.tv/, right?

yes, forgot that they have tv domain ;)

2lip, I can’t get Disqus working on this theme. Added the shortname to the config page within the theme but am unable to get the disqus verification tool to successfully verify . Is there an additional step i need to perform ?

Could you please send me an email to support@in-bloom.org and give me a temporary login to your tumblr page, so I can have a detailed look at what is going on?

We love the theme! We are having issues loading photos, especially in the featured slider – the photos stretch out. Is there a preferred size we should be resize the images to stop them from stretching?


sorry for my late reply. there is no strict rule about the size of the featured images. on the demo page, I use 800×250 pixels, which is stretched to 970×303 pixels due to the responsive nature of the theme. Could you please provide me with a link to your tumblr page, so I can have a more detailed look at what’s happening? Cheers, Alex

Do you have a code to make photo sets viewable as sets instead of just one big photo with the arrows?


I ordered your theme today and so far am very happy with it! One question, for the top banner, I am only using one image. Is it possible to remove the ”<>” that is appearing in the upper right corner of the image?

Thank you, Greg

Could you please post a link to your blog, so I can have look at what is going on?

I replied to your request via email.

Hello! I just purchased this theme, and was wondering how I can make the photos just a tad bit smaller when I click on an individual link. I would prefer to not have to scroll to view the whole photo, and it will be a feature I will use a lot on my blog. A specific example is on this page: http://tourist-to-local.tumblr.com/post/87245843984/behold-the-rei-grand-tour-80-travel-pack-for

Hi Juliana,

sorry for my late reply. I was on holiday for 2 weeks (which perfectly suits the theme of your blog ;o)) and have a lot of catching up to do.

Many thanks for purchasing one of my themes! As for your question, the answer is not that simple.

The theme is set up in a responsive way so that the photos always spread over 100% of the available space.

I could set a maximum width for the photos and slideshows, but it looks nasty, if the images are only half as wide as the text below.

In turn, I would suggest that you try to post landscape oriented photos as much as possible.

Next to that, research suggest that only seeing part of the photo motivates people to scroll down and they are more likely to see the text below the photo compared to when they see the entire image at once.

So trying to prevent the user from scrolling actually decreases the engagement of the user with you content.

In case you still want me to send you an adjusted theme file with smaller images or detailed instruction on how to implement it yourself, please let me know, how wide the images should be?

Best regards and safe journey!



I’m using this on my tumblr http://surfandwrite.tumblr.com

Now, when I attempt to customize my theme to change some things, the preview shows that the fonts do not work and they revert to Times New Roman.

Makes me afraid to make any changes and save as I don’t want the fonts to be changed.

Is this a bug?

Hi there,

you should be fine. The preview does not always reflect the real changes.

In case you make any changes, which you cannot revert, you always have the HTML file from the downloaded theme, which you can paste in Tumblr in order to get to your starting point.

Should you encounter any problems, please let me know and I will help you out.

Kind regards,


Hi 2lip

I need to change the text in the ‘Read More’ button – how can I do it please?


Hi Alex – any news please?

Hi there, did I miss you email? From which email address did you send it? Might be that it somehow ended up in my spam folder. In the meantime, you can have a look at this Quora thread, where there are instructions on how to change the “Read more” link in Tumblr: http://www.quora.com/How-can-i-change-the-Read-More-break-text-in-tumblr

Have a look at this screenshot in order to see where you can find he right code block: http://imgur.com/gallery/nj9BGQl/new

Hey Alex,

Sorry to bother you again. But is there any code we can use to tweak the theme a bit? I want everything to be as if, but would like the option to make the multiple photo views the same as tumblr (ie if i post three photos, all three will show up in a specific format i choose) instead of the pre-installed code you have in theme that lets photosets be viewed one by one via slideshow?

I also noticed that on your blog, the tags are overflowing the content box, when you are using a lot of them. I will have a look at this issue as well, because it is a bug in the theme.

Thank you for your hard work. Looking forward to your reply x

Hi Alex, any progress on this, please?

Hi Alex. It’s been 2 months now. Did you still plan on working on the photoset code or no? Please do reply.

Hi Andy, last weekend, I tried out 2 different implementations for this, but was not happy with how it turned out. I will show you the results tomorrow on the demo page and then you can decide, if this is what you want. Kind regards, Alex

Hi Alex, yes I’d love to see the results and decide for myself. Please let me know when you’ve the demo and/or code up.

Is it possible to move the menu to the top in this template?

hi there, I just purchased your template. Can you please tell me how I can add a page and post to the page with the same post appearing on the front. So I want the post to appear only one page rather than two pages. Is this possible. Also what was the Full-width page in the live preview?

Hi there, many thanks for purchasing one of my themes! Moving the position of the menu falls outside of normal support. However, if you have basic HTML & CSS skills, you can change the template to your liking. With regards to you second question, can you please explain in more detail, what exactly you are trying to achieve. I am not sure, if what you are asking for is possible in tumblr at all. Maybe you could illustrate it with an example or another website, where you have seen this functionality. Kind regards, Alex