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Awesome theme 2lip, glws mate! ;)

Thank you very much! I am glad you like it!

Having issues getting link color to work. Any advice?

Hi there,

thanks for purchasing my theme. Could you please give me your email address, so I can send you an updated file? I will also update the files here on Themeforest tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards, Alex

I’ve found a little typo in the color options. Look for the following code in the header of the HTML file: a, a:focus, a:visited {color: {color:02 Links Color}; } a:hover {color: {color:03 Links Hover Color}; }

and remove in both instances the letter “s” from the word “Links”. Then save the file and it should work again. Thank you for catching this bug!

Excellent! Thank you for the quick response and great theme.

You’re very welcome and I am glad you like the theme!

Great theme and helpful creator! Just what I was looking for.

Thank you very much for the kind words!

Hello 2lip!

Super awesome theme! I’m glad I purchased it! :) I have installed it and so far everything’s going great!

But a quick question though.. I don’t know if it’s too much to ask, but is it possible to place in the Socialize! tab the “like” frame for Facebook page? I’m not sure what you call it exactly but I hope I’m not too vague. I apologize beforehand, I’m on unfamiliar territory when it comes to html and the works.

Thank you in advance! :)

Hi Christine,

I replied to your questions via email. Hope I could help out.



thanks i bought this.. anyways i could flip the instagram into the a Flickr api?

Hi there,

thank you very much for purchasing the theme. At the moment, there is no Flickr integration possible. However in January 2013, I want to add this option together with a dribble feed and in an updated version. If you give me your email address, i can notify you as soon as the updated theme files is available for download.

Best regards,


I really like your theme :D But could you please tell me where I can find my Instagram Api ID ?? I’m already google’ing for 2 hours XD

Hi there,

thank you very much for purchasing my theme.

Did you take a look at the theme documentation? The section “Instagram Widget” deals with this topic.

In short: - go to http://embedagram.com/ - press “let’s get started” and login with your Instagram account credentials - on the next screen choose the 3rd option “jquery plugin” - on the following screen, you’ll see an example and a note, where at the end, your Instagram ID is mentioned.

I am glad, you like the theme! Would you be so kind and use the star rating on the theme page itself, in order to rate it? Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Thank you so much :D It works yeahhhhhh!! :D

That’s great to hear. I wish you lots of fun!

Hi! I’m having some doubts. When i click on Date Post, i wanted that opens in the same windows or in a new windows with de sidebar. How can i keep the sidebar?

Thank you!

Hi there,

thanks for purchasing my theme.

I just went with a full width page template for the single post view in order to get images additional room compared to the post overview page.

However, if you give me your email address, I can send you an adjusted theme file, which keeps the sidebar also in the single post view.

Best regards,


my email: geralnog@gmail.com

Send us please the layout with sidebar hehehe :D

the file is on its way ;)

I purchased this theme last week and have just attempted to use the slider feature…the slides are just all showing up in a row on the main page rather than being contained in a slider…any tips?

well not rows more like a column…any who its not a slider

the buttons to scroll between slides originally weren’t showing up either but I found the part of the code that was missing and inserted it…i tried re-downloading the file as well

you can contact at thebeatpath@gmail.com if its easier

I’ve sent you an email in order to sort out this issue.

I feel like this theme was made specifically for me. I love it! Thank you for making such a beautiful and easy to install theme. The documentation was perfect and I got everything up and running in a matter of 10 min.

Looking forward to the update you mentioned with the flickr image feed!

Great thanks! I had a feeling it was because of the diff version.

For the time being you can put the following CSS code in the Custom CSS far below on the customize screen: iframe {background: none;} I will fix this in the updated version as well and hope to have it ready by next week.

Perfect! Looks good now. Thanks!

Hi, nice theme but i have a issue with the “older post” button, didn´t work in chrome and firefox.

any solution?

thanks a lot

Now, I’ve tested Firefox, Chrome, Safari on Windows 7 & Mac OSX and Internet Explorer on Windows 7. Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce you problem. Does the button work on my demo website for this theme? http://affectiontheme.tumblr.com/

your demo didn´t works too

I have tried everything, in order to re-produce your problem, but I could not do it. I am not sure there is anything I can do from my side. Sorry.


I’m thinking of buying this theme for my blog, but I have a few questions.

1. Is it possible to upload a header image to go above the slideshow? 2. Is it possible to enable a “search” box? And if so, is there a way to add pagination to the search results? (I think tumblr only displays one page length of results by default—so annoying) 3. Is there a way to add linkedin and youtube icons to the socialize widget?

This theme seems SO CLOSE to perfect for me, but if you could answer my questions I would really appreciate it.

Thanks!! :)

Hi there,

here are the answers to your questions.

1. Yes, you can upload a custom header image. The one you see on the demo page has been uploaded the same way. 2. I am currently working on an updated version, which I want to release next week. It contains a few bug-fixes as well as new functionality, e.g. a flickr widget. I am happy to take on the search function as an additional feature. However, I am not sure if I will be able to implement pagination of the search results. I’ll have to do some research for that. 3. More social icons are already part of the update next week. Youtube is one of them and it’s not a problem to add LinkedIn as well.

I would suggest, that you give me your email address, so I can inform you as soon as the updated theme is available. Then also the demo page will contain the new features and icons, so you can have a look first before you buy.

Best regards,


We just downloaded the theme and absolutely love it!! It’s exactly what our blog needed. Our email address is traverse404@gmail.com for updates. Thanks so much!!

thank you very much for these kind words! I will let you know when the update is available.

Hey there! I’m having problems with Spotify posts showing accurately on my page (I checked Chrome & IE). Any ideas?

My tumblr is located at christyherself.net – Thanks!

Hi there,

many thanks for purchasing my theme. I can see what you mean and it has to do with the <iframe> that embeds the spotify player. It overwrites the normal CSS of the theme. When making a post using this player, can you specify the dimensions? Now it is set to 500px. Try half of that, if that’s possible. Stlll then, the spotify player will only appear in the right corner of the audio post, because it is divided into 2 columns. the left one for the artwork and the right one for the standard Tumblr or the soundcloud player. I will have to make more tests with spotify in order to get this resolved. As soon as I know more, I will inform you.

Best regards,


Thank you! And my email for the next update is christy.herself@gmail.com – also I think it would be nice to have social links that include GetGlue, Instagram and Last.fm :)

an updated theme is now available. I fixed the spotify posts and Instagram has been added as a new social icon.

Hey 2lip,

Im pasting the code from “Affection-Tumblr-Theme-v1-4.html” opened in text editor on Mac into my edit HTML on Tumblr, but only get a bunch of code in my preview. Is this some straight rookie error stuff on my part? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

On a second attempt, it’s changed from code too the text examples Tumblr gives you on your preview, but there is no theme in the preview, only the text.

Apologies for the incessant questions. But is it possible too adjust the images in a text post so they are the same size as a photo post? Also would you be able to send me the adjusted theme file, which keeps the sidebar in the single post view. Really appreciate the help.

In the custom CSS box on the customize screen just enter this small CSS snippet in order to fix the width of the images in text posts: .text img {width: 100%;}

I will send you the updated theme file with the sidebar on single post pages via email tomorrow. The Flickr widget is not yet part of the latest update. As soon as that is available, I’ll inform you.

I’ve sent you the updated file via email.

hi I am encountering issues, because the layout won’t appear I copied and pasted the new HTML of affection on my tumblr as you suggested but when I saved the whole thing and went to check if everything was ok all I have is the text of my tumblr with no layout whatsoever. WHich is why I am stuck and I can’t do anything. I don’t really understand what happened since the procedure is pretty simple :/

Hi there, many thanks for purchasing the theme. Did you check the documentation? It explains that you should use a text editor like Notepad++ (for Windows) or Textwrangler (for Mac) in order to copy & paste the code into your Tumblr page. Should that not solve the problem, please provide me with a link to your tumblr page, so I can have look at what going wrong. Kind regards, Alex

Hi yeah I did and I I fixed it later by downloading the textwrangler, like you suggested, I just forgot to update it here, sorry. Thanks for the theme its great.

That’s good to hear. I am glad you got this sorted out. Have fun with the theme.

Love the theme! Wondering how to get the “share” button on posts to work. Do I need to install/connect ShareThis? And how?

Sorry but they are not working for me. I click and nothing happens. Have tried it on multiple devices, while logged in and not logged in. Any ideas?

Also not working: the button next to it that shows all posts of a certain type (e.g. Image). When I click in a post, the page it links to says there is nothing to be found. Perhaps I need to manually tag the post type?

Also not working: Latest Tweets. It’s all set up per your instructions, but nothing it showing up in the sidebar. My site: http://tenuoustale.tumblr.com/

Nevermind about latest tweets! I just realized I couldn’t see them because they were white text on a white background. Sorry!

You are right about manually tagging the post types. However, I saw that the resulting tag pages looks ugly on top, so I will have to do some rework on that. With regards to the share button not working, I will have to investigate further. This is something that should work right out of the box without further adjustment of the theme. Please let me know, if you edited the code in any way before installing the theme.

Two things:
(first of all, love the theme)
- My notes count has gone missing – vanity aside, I’d really love to be able to keep that # up there
- For some reason, I can’t get our blog title to show up?
oh, and a third thing – this is a food blog, so pinterest as a sharethis is super important – is it possible to integrate?

hi there, many thanks for purchasing the theme! Could you please send me the link to your Tumblr page, so I can check out, why the title is not there? The notes count should appear when you hover over the heart icon underneath each post. As for pinterest, this is a minor adjustment, which I can add. I would need your email address, so I can send you an adjusted theme file. Kind regards, Alex