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Hey, I was wondering when I navigate away from the home page if there is anyway to keep the slideshow and the sidebar , for example on a page with a post or the ask page. And also to remove the “image post” link on all posts . Thank you !

and with image post link, you mean the small label underneath each post?

yes i do

I just sent the new file via email

Hello I love your theme but the next page doesn’t work in chrome or firefox but it does not seem to work in internet explorer. Everything is perfect with this theme but this problem really does spoil it.

sorry, but I am not able to re-produce your problem. does the same thing happen on the demo page for this theme at: http://affectiontheme.tumblr.com/ ?

it does I’m not sure what the problem is either, my friend uses the exact same versions these browsers and they seem to work, i think it might be a computer problem, thanks for your help anyway

thanks for the feedback and sorry that I can not do anything to help in this case. judging from your last comment it really seems to be an isolated problem with your computer.

Love this design!! I noticed have added the sidebar to individual posts for other users. Could you possibly do the same for me? Here is my e-mail: redstarsdoll@gmail.com. Thanks so much!

I’m also having issues changing the colour for the quotes and getting my twitter feed to showup. Here is my blog: http://www.adventureswithjasper.tumblr.com Any ideas?

Thanks for purchasing the theme. The quote post & icon color options are a bug, which I did not catch earlier. I will fix that and send you the updated theme file including the sidebar on single posts tomorrow. I could see on your site that you were able to get the twitter feed working. Best regards, Alex

I just sent you the adjusted theme file

Hi there,

I purchased the theme and it looks and is working great! Question for you, how would I go about adding more or different social media buttons? I am not sure where the code would go for that. If you could let me know, that would be great! kpeterson@lynn.edu


those 2 icons together with a generic one for a weblink, I can add quickly and send you the updated theme file via email. expect those in the course of tomorrow.

Great! Thanks so much for your help

I’ve just sent you the updated file via email.

hi 2lip, What are the main differences between this theme and a Wordpress theme?


Hi there,

this theme is specifically designed to work with Tumblr, which is an entirely different blogging platform compared to Wordpress. This theme will not work in combination with Wordpress and I also do not have a Wordpress version available for sale.

Whereas Wordpress is a complete Content Management System which can be used for corporate website, online shops or communities, Tumblr is more suitable for people, who like to run a blog and post lots of content fast.

It is up to you to decide, what kind of website you want to set up. If it is more of a traditional website with lots of functionality, I would go for Wordpress. If it’s a blog with short text posts and lots of image or video posts, I would go for Tumblr.

Does this answer your question?

Best regards.


Alex, thanks for the reply. What kind of plugins are available for SEO, Commenting and etc. Basically, is there or how comprehensive is the plugin resource?


Dylan, from your questions, I get the feeling that you are really looking for something different than Tumblr. Tumblr can not be extended with plugins like Wordpress or Drupal. There are a few apps and widgets (e.g. for embedding music on your page), which can be used in combination with Tumblr, but the system itself is pretty much closed. For comments, most themes nowadays use Disqus (http://disqus.com) and this is also embedded in both my themes. Best regards, Alex

Hi, yhnak you for the great job. I’m having issues changing the colour for the quotes side bar and getting just the last 5 twitters instead of a lot to showup. Here is my blog: http://lucaburei.tumblr.com Any ideas? I’m also wondering how to change post title colour. Thank you.


Hi Luca,

could you please give me your email address, so I can send you an updated theme file? I am currently fixing a few color bugs as well as implementing a new way to integrate the twitter feed. The new file still needs to be approved by Themeforest, but I can already send you the new file, where all of the issues you addressed above are fixed.

Best regards,


Hi Alex -

Thinking about buying Affection. I’ve been toying with the idea of going to wordpress for the plugins and widgets available, but this theme is almost everything I’ve been looking for as I look to improve my blog. I’ve been searching high and low for a different type of pinterest “pin-it”, one where a reader can hover over your images and pin directly that way. Do you know if that would be compatible with this theme? I’ve see a few jQuery code sets out there but wasn’t sure if it would be compatible. Thought I would ask! Thanks in advance!

Hi there, i would have to investigate and get back to you. I am not sure how much work this would mean. Please give me a week to check this out, as I am currently tied up in client projects. Thanks. Alex

Hi Alex. That sounds great. I really appreciate you looking into it! Take care. Jenn

Hello, I purchased and implemented your great theme, here is my blog: http://andrearigon.tumblr.com/ I have a couple of questions: a) the links on the Twitter feed in the sidebar send to missing pages b) I would like to keep the sidebar in the individual posts pages, can you help me?

thank you very much Andrea

thanks a lot Alex, here it is: andrea.rigon@gmail.com

how about the featured slider on top? do you want to keep that on single pages as well, or really only the sidebar?

only the sidebar if it’s possible

Hi, I purchased your theme a few months ago and I’m loving it. However, I just noticed that on iphone and ipad the older posts pager isn’t working. I tested your demo site on my iphone and got the same issue. help please?! my site is frauofleisure.tumblr.com


Hi there, thanks for the heads up. This is a bug I need to fix urgently. I will inform you as soon as the updated file is available here on themeforest. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best regards, Alex

Hi Have some questions about the theme: 1- After installing the template the title isn’t showing http://rimoun.tumblr.com/ could you check and feed me back. 2- Can I replace a social icon with another? for example I need to add an icon for good reads instead of google plus 3- can i move adbar boxes up and down? 4- After installing the template i noticed that all images became lesser width than the post size, anyway to fix that?

Thanks in advance Rimoun

Hi Alex I’ve been waiting for your response concerning image width issue since Apr. 18th…I sent you a reply and reminder and got nothing from you till now… please advise

Hi Rimoun, sorry for my late reply. I lost sight of this thread. For your affiliate images to work, I would need to be able to target a specific CSS class, which I can exclude from the 100% width rule. Is it possible for your to adjust the affiliate code before your paste it into your tumblr post? The code probably looks something like this:

Now try to add inside the image tag the attribute class=”affiliate”, so that it looks like this (and check if the affiliate link still works):

Then in the custom CSS box on tumblr add the following CSS rule:

img.affiliate {width=”auto”;}

I hope this helps. You took down the affiliate images from your tumblr, which is understandable, but could you maybe put on in the last post on page 2, so I can see how it behaves?

Many thanks for your patience.


Hi Alex Thank you for your response Its working fine now :)

Hi is there a “read more” option in the posts? I don’t want all of the content to appear at first glance.


Is there anyway I can add a title on to each type of post.

Tumblr offers different things for its various post types. Text, link and chat post types can have titles. Photo, Photoset and Video posts can have captions. For audio you have the track name and for quotes you there is no such thing, just the quote and the source.

Can you please email me the fix for the Twitter issue. I want to get my blog up asap. I would really appreciate it. email is: robertpark83@yahoo.ca

Thank so much!

Problems with the Twitter widget! Hello, the widget from Twitter is not limited to the 5 last! He is taking a lot of space. How do I fix this?

Sorry the translation by google.

Sorry, that was my mistake. The updated file was not correct. I have re-uploaded a fix and it is currently reviewed. Will be available somewhere today.

How do I hide some icons social network because I do not use some of them still. You received the email about the widgets?

I replied to your email answering all of your questions. Sorry for the delay. I was on holiday for 2 weeks.

Hi 2lip,

What a nice theme you made! But can you please adjust the width (or tell me how to do it) of the top slider to equal to overall width of the main body? I think that would have a better look. Curently the slider are wider than the main body. Thanks!

My email is: tronghoang2u@gmail.com. Thank you for your reply and nice support :)

I’ve just sent you the updated theme file via email.

Fantastic! The theme looks great now! Thanks again for you support, 2lip! :D

Hi 2lip,

I'm really interested in your theme. Just a couple of question if you don't mind. I'm new on Tumblr platform. Is this theme easy to use and to install  or I need HTML and CSS knowledge?  And what about localization? Are Tumblr themes ready to use in another language? Many thanks!

Hi there, good to hear that you are interested in my theme. The installation is very easy and does not require HTML or CSS knowledge. You can check the full documentation of this theme online here: http://in-bloom.org/themes/affection/docs/#installation The above link will bring you directly to the section where I explain the installation of the theme. Localization is possible for Tumblr themes, however, I do not offer it for this theme. I might do so in a future release, but I can not give any specific timelines. I hope this answers your questions. Best regards, Alex

Hey there, I can’t seem to figure out a way to delete old blog posts with this theme. Prior to purchasing this theme, I linked my instagram feed to my blog manually. Now that it is embedded in the blog itself, the instagram photos that I manually added are extremely redundant. Also, with my blog for some reason, there are two headers that say “latest tweets”, and I’m not sure why. Can you help with this? Thanks!

Hi there, could you please send me a link to your Tumblr page, so I can have look at what is going on? Best regards, Alex

I am not sure what went wrong here. In order to have a proper look at the issue at hand, I would need to be able to login to your Tumblr page. Could you please create a temporary password and send it along with your tumblr username to alex.hommel@gmail.com ? One question: How did your integration with Instagram work before you switched to my theme?

Hi… very nice theme – but is there no ‘Back to Top?


Thanks for the kind words. I will add a “Back to top” to the list of requested features and will provide an update soon.

Hi Alex, I am loving this theme through and through. I was wondering if you had a similar theme but perhaps with multiple columns to post. The content I am posting is seeming long winded with only one vertical column. I would love to see two or three. I would be more than willing to “upgrade” if it’s possible.


Hey, just purchased the theme. Looks great! I have quick question: how can I remove the social media widget, if I don’t want to use it? You can see it’s empty here on the right: http://thenurembergmaiden.tumblr.com/

Thanks, Maria

Hi there, I can see that a small empty box stays although you disabled the “Use Social Media icons” option. I need to fix that asap. Can you give me your email address, so I can send you an updated theme file right away? I will also upload a fix here on themeforest, but it might take up to 48 hrs to get approval. Many thanks. Alex

Cheers, it’s maria.nokkonen(at)gmail.com.

This is an awesome template. I’m semi-experience in HTML so I was able to easily navigate the coding and make adjustments. Plenty of options this theme builds into Tumblr customization menu, so going to the HTML isn’t necessary to make minor changes. Love the full screen background option which automatically resizes perfectly. Instagram widget requires an outside website “embedagram”, but it was also easy to use and the instructions were very clear. The sidebar widget “div” is awesome and allows you to add extra information besides the widgets it comes with.

Very happy with this purchase, thanks!

Wow! Many thanks for the kind words. I am really glad that you like the theme so much. Have fun with it!

I am extremely happy with that theme. Very good quality and easy to use.

Thank you very much for the kind words! I am glad, you like the theme.