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I need to add buttons to enjoy and send social networks could do this? Especially Facebook, twitter and G+ 1.

This functionality is already part of the theme. Beneath each post, you have a “Share” button for facebook, twitter and G+.

Do you have any url you can give me so I can see what your site looks like on my iPhone? Just looking at a small picture…not so good. I like what it looks like on the my my laptop on the web…now I just need to see what the responsive look is like on my iPhone. It would be great if you had a Q code like some of the other vendors do so we could just scan it and see it instantly. Any ideas? Thank you. Adam

Hi there, did you check out the preview page? You can use the same URL on your iphone: http://affectiontheme.tumblr.com/ QR codes are a good idea, I will implement these in the theme description for my responsive themes. For now, you would have to manually type in the URL in your phone. Kind regards, Alex

Is it possible to move the “Pages” sidebar widget above the slider and have the pages laid out horizontally?

It is possible, but the adjustments needed are beyond the regular support for this theme. Please write me an email through my profile page if you want to receive an offer for this customization.

Would there be any way to change the content slider at the top so that it displays posts with a certain tag i.e “featured” ?

Hi there, Tumblr’s possibilities are very limited in that regard and to my knowledge it is not possible to implement this. For that you would need to require a second “loop” for the featured posts next to the normal loop of posts. That is why I opted for this manual approach, which enables you to define the slides and images from the options panel. You still have the possibility to link to certain posts from you blog, it just cannot be automated in the way you described. Kind regards, Alex

Thank you! I just bought the theme, and now I’m wondering if there’s any way to stop the photos in the body of every post from expanding to a huge size, and instead retain its original size.

Thanks again! The theme looks great so far!

Also, is there a way so that the slider at the top only shows up on the main page?

Hi there, thanks for purchasing my theme. Could you please give me your email address, so I can send you an updated theme with a fix for the image issue and where the featured slider only appears on the main page? Kind regards, Alex

Sure thing! My email address is thefinalpoints (at) yahoo (dot) com . Thanks so much!

Hey, great tumblr theme,

can you please send me your Theme colors of the demo version http://affectiontheme.tumblr.com/ tngerbrecht@hotmail.com

Would be awesome Cheers, Tim Gerbrecht

and the background code?

Do you mean the texture background image that is used on the demo page?

You can download this texture here: http://subtlepatterns.com/patterns/noise_lines.zip

Hi, I love the theme – looks great! I haven’t purchased yet as I would like to inquire about one feature. Is it possible to show the number of ‘Likes’ and ‘Retweets’ for each post? I don’t see that as an option. Apologies if this was already asked or if there is another way of doing this that I may not be aware of. Thanks for your help!

Hi there, this functionality is not yet part of the theme. I will put it on my list with feature requests and release an updated theme within the next 4 weeks. Kind regards, Alex

Thanks very much, looking forward to the update!

Hi 2lip, thanks again for your help. Do you know if this update will be available soon? Will there be some sort of notification when it is? Thanks again, looking forward to the update and will purchase once available! Cheers, Imad


I’m interested in the theme, but have a couple questions:

1. Is there integrated support for google analytics? 2. Is there integrated support to add other html or code snippet for the sidebar?

Thanks and bunch and look forward to hearing back!

K, so I bought the theme. Answered both my questions after purchase. Only thing I need now is to keep sidebar for individual post pages. I see you’ve addressed this for others, and was wondering if you could do the same for me (if even just a cold snippet and where to put in)? slimjax at gmail dot com. Thanks.

Hi there, I’ve just sent you an updated theme file for the sidebar on permalink pages. Let me know, how this turns out. Kind regards, Alex

Greetings Alex, Hope all is well. I’ve purchased your theme, it’s really great…and I’m just starting to put it together. Would you kindly give me a hand? ~ I’d like the side bar to appear at all times; with single posts, etc. ~ Also, the slider isn’t scrolling through images, just static. ~ And, is there a way to link the header to a url (back to my site). If needed: http://dworkspersonaltraining.tumblr.com/ darla@dworkspersonaltraining.com

Thanks very much, Darla (please know I’m not a techie and out of my knowledge base here)

addendum: is there a way to adjust the size of the header slider? right now images are 600×400 and are appearing much larger….

I love this theme for my tumblr page. My only concerns right now are my pictures appear as huge, and I have to scroll down to see them. How can I click through them like on the sample blog? This is my website so you can see my problem. http://lexie4608.tumblr.com

I have just uploaded an updated theme to themeforest, which first needs to be approved before it is available. I discovered a bug in the theme, which causes this issue on your tumblr website. You can either wait a day or two, before the update is available here, or you can give me your email address, so I can send you the updated file right away. Kind regards, Alex

I love this theme. I only have one more concern. Is there any way to remove the shadow effect from the description portion, twitter widget and the links under the Pages heading? I changed my background from white, and now it is hard to read those parts. The headings still look great due to being large enough to support this effect.

Hi Sir,

Great theme!

Just wondering if you could show me how to organize my side bar, so that the about section is before the pages? And also, what is the code for creating my own text based widget on the side bar?

Thanks man!

Hi there, many thanks for buying my theme! Could you please give me your email address? This way, I can send you more detailed instructions on how you can change around your sidebar items and add a text widget or chatango box. Kind regards, Alex

don’t know if you got back to me via email. did you send an email? thank you!

Oh is it possible to expand the side bar? I want to fit a chatango.com box there

also is there a way to add a reblog icon to each post? i think this will help in the viral nature of the posts

Hi I’m about to purchase the theme but need to know is there a way to disable the slider so only one pic can be shown?

ok thanks so much

I have a few questions. Can you email me?? lushus2193 (at) gmail (dot) com

Hi Tahyisha, you can send you questions via email to support (at) in-bloom (dot) org

Hi! I recently purchased and installed this great theme, but the top pic slider option is not coming up in my customize toolbar? It gives me the option to upload 1 header, (no other images) and even when I do upload 1 image, it doesn’t show up my actual blog. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi there, you should be able to see 8 image upload boxes in your options panel. 1 for the logo, 5 for the featured slider and 2 for the background images. If you options panel does not look like in this screenshot, please send me an email via my profile page. http://imgur.com/osb15Pi

Hey there,

Just wondering how come the pages that I create do not show up in the pages widget at all?

Thank you

whoops. figured it out. thanks!

Hello, Would like to add a floating mailchimp signup form to my tumblog. Can be either on the left or the right but would appreciate your help in getting this done. I have the required embed code from mailchimp but need to know where and how to paste

Thanks for your help

Hi there, could you please send an email to support@in-bloom.org with a few screen mock-ups of the floating signup box, so I get a better impression of what you want to achieve? As an alternative, I could provide you with a code snippet for adding a separate widget in the sidebar. Best regards, Alex

Thanks Alex. Email sent

Can you edit the “about me” and “ask me anything” headers?

yes, it is possible to change the title of both widgets to anything of your liking.

Hi, Nice theme!

I’m having trouble finding where to add custom fonts. I’ve followed the “Google web fonts” section but can’t seem to find the “Font Header Code” section you mention?

Any idea why I can’t find/see it?

Cheers J

My bad, it’s now appeared. I swear it wasn’t there before :)

Great to hear that this “problem” sortet itself out ;)