Discussion on Affliction - Multipurpose Minimal WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Discussion on Affliction - Multipurpose Minimal WordPress WooCommerce Theme

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I purchased your theme from Envato Elements. But my purchase code does not allow me to submit a ticket.

I tried sending a submit ticket but somehow i cant get the form to pull up. I got your theme through envato elements. However the issue I am having is pictures being compressed and razed out for no reason. Ive already tried the different crop modes in the shop image settings but still some pictures its making them blur and raze out. I replaced with other themes to test and see if it was server or plugin issues but to no avail its just your theme and whatever code is associated. Let me know if there is some fix or another link to a site where i can submit a ticket. Thank you. I love your simple layout but my clients want the pictures crisp. thats the only issue im having.

It’s a really nice and simple theme. But, it has some issues. Documentation is not thorough or detailed. It looks like a high school cut and paste job with limited information. The Woocommerce information is outdated. Plugins have to be installed by copying the url and downloading to system to then install on the site. Importing demo data causes error message. Hopefully the author of this theme will provide an updated fixed version. Until then, will have to use another theme.

We also found the following issue with this theme: “Your theme (Affliction) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. “

Hi, please create a support ticket if you haven’t already and we will be happy to help.

Thanks, but I realized I had this same theme from the elements.envato.com website. The theme on this site as a paid version only provides support. We purchased the paid version from this site thinking it would have updated features. But it turns out it is the same theme we downloaded from the elements.envato.com website with no new features or update. I like your other themes and you have great stuff but, I submitted a refund request, which I hope it will be honored. Thank you.

Hi, is there an update for Wordpress 5 ?

Hi, there is an update coming for this theme shortly. In the meantime if something isn’t working, please create a ticket and we will be happy to help. Thanks, Scott.

We have an issue with your template. We did a fresh install without any plugins (except required one) and we have an issue that product images once you are on pa product page are not “popup” but a link .. so if clicked you simple get transfers to “media file link” instead of a popup window like its on your page. Please advise on us how to fix this issue. Thank you.

Also one mayor issue is that on mobile if “Show Splash Slider” is enabled you cant slide up and down on homepage.. it seems to be an issue or conflict with Slider Revolution plugin.. As soon as we disable it it works without any problems.. How come anybody did not discover this?


Please can you create a ticket at https://eovo.support-hub.io and i will be happy to help with those issues.



Hello Scott, I have submitted a ticket & i’m awaiting your reply.

Hello Scott, please check the ticket. thank you

Hi again! I replied to the ticket.

Hi Scott,

I’ve managed to get the rev slider to work, now i have a problem scrolling down, also the homepage isn’t looking like the theme at all.. it’s blank. Would you please check it out.

Or check the ticket again please.

Thank you

Change currency, it´s possible?

Hi, yes it is.

Hi I have been trying to get support on a ticket for over 2 weeks now. I have left 3 comments on the ticket following it up and still no response. I have now been trying to fix all the issues in this theme for about 4 months. I would LOVE to have resolved the problems before the year ends!


Sorry for the delay, your ticket will be answered asap. I believe we have done lots of custom work for you for free so please be a little patient.



Hi – I suspected there would be very few customisation options before purchasing this theme so I checked and was advised that minor customizations would be made by support. After purchasing the theme I immediately raised a ticket for these. It has now been 2 weeks without any action. How do I get help? If support have now had second thoughts about their offer to help, it would be nice if they could tell me because the website is unusable and surely 2 weeks since raising a ticket is outside of service agreement times? I need to at least know so I can start working on another theme because everything is on hold until this is resolved. Thanks


Ive always replied within a few days and I believe its customisations you are after which I’m happy to do for free. Its a little bit unfair to demand a refund. Can I not just do the customisations for you instead ?



Hi Scott

I am not demanding a refund, I just thought maybe because it’s taken so long to do them, you might be too busy to do them, and it would be better for you and me to just find another theme.

I am grateful for you doing the customisations, but as I need them done within the week, I worry you might not have the time.

Please let me know if you are able to. If not, I am happy to find another theme.

Thank you


Sorry yes I can do it today for you, please can you create a ticket at eovo.support-hub.io and I will make sure its done. Sorry if I sounded snappy.


Hello, I love the look of this theme. I just want to check a couple of things before purchasing: 1. I notice that a couple of people have asked for minor layout edits, ie adding the price with product, is the functionality not there that I can do little things like this myself with theme controls? 2.The other that scrolling in the demo feels a bit laggy/ unnatural – can I choose scroll speed?

Thanks for your help (:

​Hi Scott

It has been another week and I haven’t heard anything again. What do I do to get help?

It has now been 50 days since I originally raised the ticket…



Sorry we are having some issues with the ticket system, can you please email me at scott@eovo.uk and I will look into your issues straight away ?

Sorry for the troubles.


Hi it has been 17 days now since you last responded to the latest theme issue. that the text is covering the screen on loading. This ticket was raised 1 month ago…..

hello it’s possible to have a dummy-data.xml ? thanks

Hi, sure. Please can you create a ticket at elusive.ticksy.com and i will send it over ?

Hello, I trying to install the theme. When I trying to install the required plugins, I got some errors. Some plugins missing from your server. Can you provide it, please? Because it is important. Also you have out dated woocomerce files. Can you upgrade it?

I need these missing plugins: Lazyload, Product Filter.

Hi, thank you for your answer. I’ve created a ticket, but I also found new problems with this theme. I trying to import demo content but the .xml files are missing from you server. So I can’t import the required content. Some plugins need an update too, they are outdated. I see that the last update was made in: 31 August 2016. When can I expect new updates?

Hello, can you upload and update the .xml files to your server, please? I need them to import demo content, because without that I cant import the files. It is really important for us.

Hi, sorry for the delay, I have just replied to your ticket. Thanks. Scott.

Hello. This is exactly what I was looking for in a theme for my online storefront. There are just a few problems that I have encountered while reviewing your live preview: 1) Product Filter: There is no way to submit the filter options. You can select the options on the filter screen but there appears to be no way to actually get a filtered list based on the criteria selected. 2) Sorting Functionality: When selecting any of the options (such as price low to high), the result is always “no items match your search criteria.” 3) Mobile view: When viewing the theme in a smaller sized device, all of the beauty and animation of the themedisappears. The hero image with the slider is gone and the product images have no animation. Is there a way out of the box to improve the mobile view of the theme or would this require additional programming? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for pointing out those issues. If you want to purchase the theme i will be more than happy to fix them. Thanks. Scott.

It would be useful if you could at least fix the filter issue on your demo so I can get a sense of how it works. It is an ajax filter or does it reload the page?

Sorry yes the filter button should now be showing.

Hello, before buying the template wanted to clarify if is it possible to disable that full-screen image and load automatically on the products page/view? So that the customer doesn’t have to click on View Collection of scroll etc?

Hi, yes i will happily remove that feature for you. Thanks. Scott.

Hi, I’ve just purchased your theme and I have two problems : firstly Visual Composer is not up to date and also WooCommerce pages are broken… Can you fix this and make an update of your theme? Thanks!

Ok, thanks! I also have an issue with PrettyPhoto – is simly not working: when I click on image it shows on browser screen without your demo effect in lightbox with arrows and close button… and I can’t add more than one image per product… Waiting your help to publish the website…

Ok, I figured out for Pretty Photo : you need to add this in your functions.php file : add_theme_support( ‘wc-product-gallery-zoom’ ); add_theme_support( ‘wc-product-gallery-lightbox’ ); add_theme_support( ‘wc-product-gallery-slider’ );

Hi, thats correct yes. Did it fix your additional image problem to ?

In six months never made an update, even after a massive update of woocommerce where the view of products remain broken. Bad update rate. I do not recommend it.

Hi, you could of contacted me if the woocommerce products were broken and i would of fixed it straight away.

Interested in this theme, but I notice you have not updated it. Are you still supporting this theme and planning on making any updates? Thanks

Hi, yes there will be an update in the next week or two and i am always here if you need help with anything. Thanks. Scott.

No update? I am interested to see you themes being updated for keeping up with the latest updates to WordPress and WooCommerce.

Hi, sorry for the delay. We are currently working on a new update for this particular theme.

please check the live preview on an Android device before you purchase, currently it has scrolling issues (does not scroll) seems to work fine on IOS. I have notified the developer.

Hi, sorry about that, I will get it fixed asap and release an updated version. Sorry again for the troubles. Scott.

How soon is As Soon As Possible? i’m still awaiting a reply to my “support tickets”

Arg… got errors completing installation of theme. It requires additional plugins from a server that is down: http://demo.elusivethemes.com/plugins.

See the error here: http://ww3.sinaimg.cn/large/006tNbRwgy1ff20n50nxej30om0qln3j.jpg

I’m 18 hours into a waiting more to get any support. Meanwhile, I cannot complete the installation for this theme for my client.

Any advice or help is appreciated.

Thanks. -Todd


I have replied to your email.



The email bounced back so I have replied to your ticket as well.

is this work on wordpress 4.7 ?

Hi, yes it will. Thanks. Scott.


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