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i really like this template, is perfect for my new project, THANK YOU

Hi xRommelx,

I am really glad that you like the theme, Thank you for purchasing it!

In the mean time let us know by email if you require any help, we will get back to you in no time.

We also assure everyone to provide many more awesome themes in the coming days.

Thanks & Regards 9dLabs

FYI there seems to be an issue with css on earlier firefox versions like 3.0.1.x

The cuber box is about half an inch lower and the menu is displaced as well.

Hi webdork,

We just emailed you right away…

Thanks & Regards

Thank you for purchasing the theme and hope you got the solution. :)

Finally, we believe that we were able to help you out!

Thanks & Regards 9dLabs

Hello Everyone,

For maintenance reasons, we have relocated and organized all the Live Preview files (For All Themes) to a different directory. So if you have bookmarked our previous links (Bookmarked before 9th January 2010) then we request you to change those with the current undermentioned links.

1. Aflatun Design

2. Akon Business Theme

3. Ideal 2010

4. Red Ikons

All the Live Previews are Online!!!

Hope this helps!!!

Thanks & Regards


I’m new to Word Press and have encountered a problem. when i downloaded your theme i put it straight in to the themes directory but when i went on to my site and tried to activate the theme, Word Press gave me the following error message

Broken Themes The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description Aflatun Design Business Website Stylesheet is missing.

I believe i have tried everything but i’m most probably still missing something.

How do you properly install this theme?


Hi FrancoisB,

Already replied you through email (a week ago) that the theme is currently available as a Site Template only and NOT WordPress

In your case, you are mistakenly trying to put a site template into a WordPress CMS which should not work correctly in any case.

btw, we are planning to build a WordPress of the Aflatun Design, so we would surely let you know when it gets available for sale at the marketplace.

Thanks you

Regards 9dLabs

This error shows up in IE.

Message: Invalid argument. Line: 45 Char: 3 Code: 0 URI : http://9dlabs.net/tfdemos/aflatun/js/DD_belatedPNG.js

Message: ‘this.styleSheet’ is null or not an object Line: 89 Char: 4 Code: 0 URI : http://9dlabs.net/tfdemos/aflatun/js/DD_belatedPNG.js

How do I fix it?

Hi MissJen,

The Aflatun Design is build to have compatibility with IE6 (which doesn’t support PNG transparent images), so basically the “DD_belatedPNG.js” files that you see is actually implemented so that the theme works correctly in old browsers like Internet Explorer 6 and others.

New browsers like IE8 already supports PNG images, so basically it doesn’t needs these files, this is the only reason these errors are shown to you when you open the theme in IE8 or other updated browsers. Please ignore this error if you want your site to have compatibility for old browsers as well.

If in case you delete the “DD_belatedPNG.js” files then your site would loose compatibility for IE6 so we strongly recommend to keep these files and ignore the errors on IE8 as this errors are no way going to affect you site contents or anything else within the design. :)

Hope this helps you clear your queries.

Thank you

Regards 9dLabs

My contact form doesn’t work! :( Can you help me?


Thanks for purchasing the theme. :)

Could you please email us your hosting information like, username, password and domain name and then we can see what can be done to fix the contact form issue.

Just to make sure many of the hosts doesn’t support common PHP scripts and thats basically makes a kind of problem that you are currently facing. If we cross check it with some other PHP scripts which is supported by your hosting provider then we are sure that this will solve your problem.

Looking forward to hear from you through email: “9dlabs@gmail.com”

Thanks & Regards


I want to replace the picture presentation with an accordion I’ve purchased or with the one in the worldbiz I also purchased from you.

How can I do it?

Thanks, Alona


Already emailed you…

Thank you

I have a question… what is the lincense on the 3d cu3er slider? I don’t want to get in trouble for using it.


Cu3er was a free slider when we launched the theme, however after 1st february 2010 cu3er was declared not be be used for free incase for any commercial purposes any more.

So, Cu3er is currently not a free product anymore as the slider has been developed a lot and now comes with enhanced animation etc.

You can see the new cu3er and its pricing here: https://getcu3er.com/signup

You can also contact its author incase you have any doubts on its previous licenses.


hey, i purchased this but cant seem to get the contact form to submit to me, i have looked at your help file, it says to look for ’$to=”youremail@domain.com”;’ but this does not exist in the mail.php file.

can you please email me and tell me what i need to do?

Many thanks Luke

Could you please provide us your link so we can chk it online and see whats going wrong ?

You can email us at: “9dlabs@gmail.com”


I have emailed you and not heard back yet.

the only other problem is my logo has to be tiny for it to fit in without moving the nav bar down.

Is there a way around this? I have looked at the css but cant really see anything