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Just quick curious question : Can you change slider from white to black and how many blog post can you have?


Yes, i will change the slider color for you, You can see the blog post pages (3) in feature menu. Make sure it’s a html file not a WP

Hey..I just bought your Template…I hope you can help me with few things….

Replied to your email

Hi, just bought the theme.. I might be being silly but I am struggling to upload the theme to wordpress.. I am doing it via an FTP, but Wordpress is saying the stylesheet is missing?

It’s not a wordpress file, it’s a simple. Please see the item description

Hi, is this theme works with Wordpress? Or i will have to adapt it? Help me! P.S. Your work is awesome!

Sorry No, it’s a html template

Okay. Could you adapt it for wordpress? OFC i will pay you as much as you need.

As you scroll down to the different sections can an active class be added to the navigation element? So the user knows which section they are on. Similar to this – http://jsfiddle.net/5Cfm6/3/

Currently this feature is not available, since its have a browser history option. I will try to add this feature on next update

Hi, I am not able to activate the captions on mobile device, could you kindly assist me? I am also would like to align the logo with the caption, is that possible to do so? Thank you.

Just contact me through my profile page with details

Hi, can you tell me how I can set an alternative full screen background for the portfolio or news slider? I’ve been searching through the code and tried CSS and JS adjustments, but can’t find a way.

Contact me through my profile page with detail

Can you tell me where I can adjust the one-page scrolling speed? I want to slow it down a bit. Thank you!

Scroll bar speed can’t be change, if you use lot of parallax background the speed of the scroll will reduce. so please use limit number of parallax background.

If you need to remove the parallax effect, just delete the parallax initialize code in html file. see the 113th line

Why not? I have been able to change the scroll speed of the ‘back to top’ button.

I did send you a mail, but no answer? one more question: how can I add to more “profiles” in the about us section so they get the same formatting an lineUp ? see image in mail

please see a help file, To add more portfolio pages

How to change to maps location????

Hi, can you tell me how I can set an alternative full screen background for the homepage slider? .

on the slider div (contentWarp container whiteBackground class div), just add the background style, see the below code style="background-position: 0px 0px; background-image: url('../bg2/images/background17.jpg');"