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very creative, good luck with the sales :)

Thanks IamHasanAli

Great work!

Thanks Tean

Creative work, congrats :)

Thanks Bedros

Does this support full page video on the front page? Also can i remove that video overlay over the vimeo video? This theme looks really appealing to me.

- Current the template doesn’t have an option to add full screen video in front page, but you can easily add the full screen video using external resource

- Yes, there is an option to load video without video cover. You can see the example in below page. just click the video tab http://fmedias.com/afresh/features.html

Terrific template! Congrats :-) Is it possible to remove the slider number?

Currently no option to remove the slide number, Just contact me through my profile page with details. I will remove the slide number

Thanks for purchase and nice words :)

In base.css file on line number 1071. You can see the class sliderNumber, just add the style visibility:hidden; to the class. After changing rename the base.css to base.min.css that’s all

Hi. Your theme looks wonderful. I’d like to know before I purchase:

1. Can the header menu be easily made transparent (change opacity)? 2. Can a sticky side sub-menu be added to jump to each section (instead of the main menu)?


1. Yes, you can easily set opacity to the menu background. You can see the style in color.css file

2. Yes, You can hide the main menu if it’s not needed

Thank you for your quick response.

1. Noted

2. I would like to use the main header menu to navigate to other pages (so not hide it). But in each page, I would like to add a sticky sub-menu on the left/right side to jump to each section (like how the main header does right now.) So, simply 2 menus and both sticky. Would this be easy to do or take some customization work?


2 – OK, I will do it for you for free, not for customization work

It ’s already support the external navigation.

You just need to set the homePage : “home”, in plug-in initialize code that’s all (see 94th line )

Great! Thank you.

I will make the purchase.

Great Template! Best overall parallax design I’ve seen here.

Thanks stravenius, Please leave rating :)

Hi. I’ve purchase the theme. Could you assist with the css code to make the main menu link to other pages and a sticky side menu for single page jump.


I replied to your email

Hi, I am having some issues here, I see a container is getting positioned form the top of the screen, based on the height of the .header. How Do I remove this geature? I want all divs to sit at the top, regardless of the .header height? Thanks

Hello, just contact me through my profile page with details i will help you

Ciao Great Template!!!! Your theme looks wonderful. I’d like to know before I purchase: 1. It’s possible working with woocommerce? Thanks.

Sorry I don’t know, I am only work in html side

Thanks.. So I have to try if it is possible combine Afresh theme with woocommerce plugin by myself…

Yes, No problem

Thanks for this great template. I’using the Full Screen Gallery as homepage and there are 2 questions:

1. The captions appear on every “responsive test page” but not on a real mobile device – even on the gallery of your demo page. Is there any css or js setting to make the captions visible?

2. Is there a setting like “play once” or “play once and then stop at slide1” for the gallery? If not, can I add it?

Thanks a lot, Bernd

1. Currently I hide the text in mobile device because it will disturb the image. Just contact me through my profile page with details. I will enable the gallery text in mobile device

2. Just contact me throguh my profile page, i will add the place once option

Thanks Mani – quick response – problems solved. Fine!

Looks really nice. Love it.

I need some customization on your template. Do you offer paid customization?

Please let me know.

Kindly, Jason Beattie

Sorry I don’t take custom works. You can find lot of good freelancer in this market place


I need to change the homepage slider pictures for a video, or to open the site already loading the video. Is that possible?

Thanks, Nas

You can use Bigvideo( http://dfcb.github.com/BigVideo.js/ ) plugin to add the video to site background

Hi Great theme, I have 2 questions i wonder if you can help me with:

1. I am trying to remove the header menu to make buttons on each section to scroll down and up, however when i remove the nav it spins on the preloader, can you advise how i can fix this?

2. The images scale great on every browser with the exception of ie8. Is there a way to get them to scale on ie 8 as well?


- Contact me through my profile page for menu issue - IE8 doesn’t support responsive behavior

Hi FMedia

Great theme. I looked around for many parallax templates. Yours is wonderful.

Now a few questions:

1.) I want the fullGallery in a container. Not hidden in the top. Therefor I copied the <!- Full screen Gallery page -> and now it looked like this:

<div class="page sixteen columns" data-id="!galerie"> <div class="container"> <div class="fs_gallery_wrap fs_gallery"> [... sliders ...] </div> </div> </div>

But I can’t see it.

2.) Can I disable the autoplay on the FullGallery?

3.) Or instead of the fullGallery the Slideshow from the home.

I think I enterd the wrong classes?

Greeting from a happy guy from germany

Just contact me through my profile page with details i will help you

Hello, i want to ask how i pick up the informtion ot the portfolio, when the preview is low resolution, the image is full width and right information go down … how i pick up the info to right side of image … and image resize to right resolution ….

You can place any type of content on the portfolio section, it will align, position and resize as per the container

hi. im using the single page version, homepage background image has a white overlay on it of it looks like the opacity is down I would like to bring it back to normal opacity please tell me where to change. also I would like the background to be a slider.


-in color.css file you see the style .whiteBackground just delete background-color style that’s all.

- Sorry background image slider is not availiable

im trying to add the homepage slider to another section of the site but im not having much luck. when I take out the nav it doesn’t work at all please advise

Just contact me through my profile page with details and link