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You nailed it this time :) Awesome work!

Thank you !

Looks great :)

Can I display full height images on single post blog pages without the light-box. The images would be proportionately resized (without cropping) so they use the width you are using now for the featured image but with open height?

Yes, it is possible. There is a setting that can disable the light-box and you can choose if you want to have cropped or re-sized image on single post.

Thank you.

Is there a way to enable colors to the photos instead of BW ?


Yes, of course.

How would you do that is that an option in the admin panel?

We do not change the color of the images. All the images will have the original colors. We just uploaded in one of the demo black and white images. If you want to have images with colors, then upload them like that.

Very nice! Good luck ;)

Thanks @louiejie

I wanna use this for a client site. But it’s very important that the video is front and center on the home page. Is it possible to have a view display instead of the slider on the home page?

Hi. You can customize the header how you want. Here is a screen shot from a test site with a video instead slideshow –

Thank you

Amazing. Buying Now. Thank you, looking forward to working with this

Nice work. Congrats ;)

Tank you. Multumesc :)

Well done. Good luck with sales.

I recently purchased your theme Colorbow, and I was surprised by the simplicity of working with it. Thank you. This new theme is great. It is really stylish. Keep eyes on you, guys!

Thank you, uhm… Marusya! ;)


Lovely looking theme.

One question; How customisable is the front page? Is it limited to the previews you have on the demo or can it be customised further?

I like the first home page layout you have (with the slider) but the square/boxes (which appear to be posts?) isn’t functionality I’d like. I’d like to keep the slider and have maybe some widgets beneath it or some static content I could build underneath the slider?



The front page(and other pages ) has practically unlimited customization possibilities. You can have instead of boxes widgets or a post if you want, or even both. The theme has a powerful template builder that offers a lot of customization options.

Thank you.

Thanks for the response. I went ahead an purchased, looking forward to experimenting :)

One final question; I’ve installed the theme to Wordpress – The 2 versions (dark and light) you have on the demo. Are these 2 examples selectable when you install Wordpress or do you have to configure the settings manually? I ask because I can’t find either option (though the theme is “White” upon installation.

There aren’t options for black or white (btw there is more demo available – a colored version ) .

If you want your site to look like one of the demo versions you can check folder ‘XML + import’ available in the .zip downloaded from Themeforest. Inside this folder there are instructions about how to import demo content and setting.

If you want something different you have to create your own content and use different background images, colors for boxes, and customize and set the post templates as you wish.

You may want to check the documentation and go through all the options to have an idea of what’s possible.

If you’ll have any questions you can use our forum.

Thank you.

Great work, guys. Congrats.

P.S: “Faraon Club” – frumoase poze :P

nice work on this..

Can i remove the more by author and more from category at end of post ?

Suggestion The category icon(interview,concert) post archive is quite annoying sometime if you have one category only. An on/off button will be good. Show the love count there if it doesn’t slow down the site much. The always on top navigation link BOX is too big, a little reduce in vertical size is better or transparent.

The related posts can be enabled/disabled from theme settings, tags are shown by default at the end, can be removed from template file.

Can i just keep the related post, but remove the author and category related. There is too much related.

Related posts are retrieved based on 3 criteria: same author, same category and same tags. You can enable/disable any combination. For example you can have post from same category only.

Really amazing theme … i’m impressed by your unique style. Great JOB GUYS.

Thank you

Hi. Nice work! It´s possible to have an gallery with images and Youtube-Vids in same gallery?

Hi. The gallery can have only images.

can u explain what team groups are? this theme is a great UX design , is it also possible to add additional data fields to the front end profile, i was looking at advanced fields plug in or would it be easy to customize the registered profile page. i would like the user to be able to add their travel itinerary from frontbend form and be displayed part ofvtheir profile page. my last question is would this theme work geo map or google maps to add a location map to some posts? thanks!

Team groups are custom posts that are used to show teams/members, like here

The plugin was not tested if it’s compatible, some features will require some customization.

Hi!, really impressed by this theme, nice work! I have some questions…

1- Can i change the size of the post squares?, or maybe editing the css file?, i need them to be 300×250 instead of the 360×360.

2- Can i include the timestamp in that squares?, i notice that they says “x days ago” but i need “Jan 15, 2013”

Thank you, and again, NICE WORK


1) In order to change that you’ll have to modify some css and php files.

2) you can change the time format from theme settings.

Thank you

it’s very important to me how this looks on an iphone or any smart phone. do you have screenshots of this? or a way i can view the responsive theme on my iphone 4s?

HI, you can check this link from your iphone:

Thank you. The only issue on mobile is the framing. The title is off.

Follow up question: Is there a way to download the LIGHT Afternight demos and then customize it with color photos instead of black and white without having to get into coding?

When you download the theme you get only one version. The content is not part of the software. If you want to have a site like the light version, then you’ll find in the theme a folder called ‘xml-import’ . In that folder you will find instructions how to import the content and settings for light or dark version. After doing that you can edit the imported posts and populate it with colored images. You won’t have to touch the code.

Nice theme. Does this have the ability to have User Submitted Content like the I Love It theme?

Yes it has this option. You can check the 4th version of the homepage that has login enabled.

After you are logged in you’ll have a link in the user menu to the submission page.

Thank you. Yes, it has front end submission, can be enabled from theme settings.


Is it possible to use Light version / Have (Home 1 with Slider ) but also have Member option ( like in Home 4 ) Also use Banner as in Home 4 ?

Is there possibility to use adverts in other place ( widgets ) ?

So HOT theme! Amazing – Love it ! :)