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The main issue appeared to be with the background image not displaying properly and with items in the side bar not fitting within the side bar width. The problem seems to be in browser version older than the newest one. Eg, Firefox 20 does not display the background image correctly. Is the theme not also compatible with slightly older versions of popular browsers? It would be a shame to have to have a note on the site saying that the users will need to upgrade their browser to the latest version to fully enjoy the site as I intend them to….?

We are trying to make the themes compatible with all browsers, but there are also some limitations related to their capabilities. Using latest versions of the browsers is recommended for all browsers, but also it should be compatible with FF 20 (it has an autoupdate feature as well :) ). Can we have a look at it?

I would love for you to have a look. Many thanks

Firefox 20 supports all modern features. Have you added some css changes maybe, which affect the sidebar, layout?

Hi – is your support site down?


I have the facebook and twitter jetpack widgets in a sidebar, and when you resize the browser, the sidebar size adapts (I assume because the theme is responsive?) In some browsers, the widgets also resize in conjunction with the sidebar size, which is great. However, I have noticed in some circumstances (eg, in safari 5.0.3), the widget size does not change in line with the sidebar. Is it possible to make these widgets resize in all browsers?

Can I also say how pleased I have been with your support since I purchased the theme. Absolutely brilliant! Many thanks In advance. John

Hi. thank you. Yes, the theme is responsive. By the way, version 5.0 Safari (which is for windows only) is already not maintained and dropped, latest is 6.x, we have tested on these ones. Our widgets appear to resize nicely.Could be related to the third party widgets.

Hello, I don’t understan. has the theme a calendar for event?

Hi. The theme doesn’t have a calendar for the events.

is there someone suggest by you to integrate in your theme.

Hey there would you mind telling me please what custom CSS I could put in to change the Size of Text & even make it bold for the main menu.

Many thanks


Try the following

nav.main-menu .sf-menu  a {
font-size: 10px;
font-weight: bold;

Wonderful thanks! How would I also change the colour?

Ive adding line :

font-colour: #ffffff;

but no luck!


Sussed it !

Is there anyway to not make the feature image crop to a 360px x 360px square on the main page?

You can change the sizes used by the theme in lib/php/image.class.php, don’t forget to run Regenerate Thumbnails plugin after this.

Hi, live preview doesn’t works.


I just see this:

ErrorTechnical Difficulties! We’re currently experiencing technical difficulties… Please check back soon, and thank you for your understanding.


Try clearing your browser cache at try again, sometimes the error screen from our host was cached.

Now it works. Thanks

the search engine for this theme needs to be fixed. its terrible.

If you mean the search functionality, it uses the standard WordPress search.

how do i center my items in my side bar this this …

and how do you change the size of the thumbnail and font on the main page

The images are resized as specified in lib/php/image.php (in case you change the sizes please run the regenerate Thumbnails plugin). The font could be changed using the Custom CSS.

thank you …. also i just want a background to show on the main page not the post page how do i do that ?

I’m having an interesting problem with linked images on some pages. When I click the image instead of going to the link the screen darkens and acts as though it is trying to open the image in a lightbox but fails with a “Image cannot be loaded” error. Any ideas? Only seems to be happening here:

Thank you!

The images are loaded in the prettyPhoto lightbox, but it shows “Image cannot be loaded” because instead of the original link to it, there is an url going to other resource than the image.

That’s strange because linked images seem to work on the page. Can you see anything that would keep them from working on one page and not the other? Is there a way to disable the prettyphoto lightbox?

How can I sort an event category page by ‘event start date’ just like on an events page? Right now it’s sorted by published date. Thanks.

In the template where you added an element to show events, select the ordering by event start date make sure your events have the dates specified.

Problem is when I choose the element ‘event categories’ I can only list one or more specific categories, which would show up on every catwegory page. What i would need is to sort the default element for the ‘event category’ by ‘event start date’.

OK adding this in the taxonomy-event-category.php sorts the events: <?php query_posts($query_string . ‘&orderby=XXX&order=ASC’); ?> Now I just need to know what to use instead of ‘XXX’ so it sorts by the event start date. thanks

also, using the ‘latest custom posts’ widget to list latest events. how do i print/include the event category under the event title?

For this you need to customize the widget in lib/php/widget/custom_post.php

thanks, worked.

how do i create a page without the comment box on it ?

got it but how do i take the title bar that holds the title of the page off

You could remove it for all pages from code or hide it in specific ones by inserting in the page content html mode
<style> {display: none;}

how do i remove the background content color for he widgets … or make it wider … no ad sense fits in them

You could remove by editing the css, while the widget can be extended using the Layout options (drag and drop the slider). For exiting posts, you can edit this in the post settings.

how do i make the main page and post backgrounds diff? ... as of now when i change the main page background it changes everything

You can set it individually in post settings

I need some little help, I found the option “display featured image on archive pages” but how can i setup an archive with the theme? A little hint would be great!

Archives are default pagesin WP, and by default they are accesed by special links ( for year or for month ) and they can be accessed from WP widgets: Calendar, Archives. Also you could add the mentioned links in the menu.
The templates for Archives are assigned in theme options -> Layouts in case you want to change the layout which appears for the default content, then edit the Default content row in the template

thank you now it’s clear.

I’ll install the theme in another folder name eg. “gooday” instead of “afternight” as theme folder name. This is to avoid my competitor to clone my site and also for security reason. Will there any influence or problem if i do like this, especially regarding to update or function of theme.

There should be no problems, just on every update you will have to rename the folder.

why need rename ? how’s it is difference from normal free theme update eg. twenty twelve theme ?

The updates are done manually. You could reupload the theme (in this case the folder will need to be renamed again, according yo your description) or you could keep the folder and reupload the theme files in the existing folder.
More about the update can be foiund here

i want to embed my jw player like the youtube videos…. is that possible.

This requires some good changes in the theme.

I have a question before purchasing this theme- we are photography-centric and one of my partners is concerned about a theme that cuts off a featured image when it is previewed on a blog list. So here’s my question: would I be able to enable a single-column blog-style homepage, in which the featured images were resized and not cropped? This as opposed to a grid-style homepage.

Sorry for the extreme specificity, I just want to make sure of capabilities before making a purchase :)

Thanks! Gabriella

Hi. The list view option can be set with larger image as shown here