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Are there plans to bring new updates/features/improvements?

Hi. At the moment there are no new features to be added in the theme.

My url always show /?page=2 instead of /page/2. Seems like an error to me ?

This means your WordPress installation is configured to use the default permalink structure. You can go to theme options -> Permalinks and change to the Post name option For more information please check here

How do i change the font size of the front page of thumbnail font

For this purpose you need to use the Custom CSS from theme options -> Extra.

on frontpage i use “Grid view sample – Latest posts” in the template and i would like to get images cropped to same size: do you have any idea how to do that?

The images are resized as sepcified in lib/php/image.class.php (they are not resized if they have lower dimensions than the one specified). The grid view uses also the tlist value.

what file is the viewport in … i want a size you dont offer


Really nice theme – LIKE!

One question:

How ist it possible to add some CSS-Styles for the Facebook-Comment Section? Don’t like the transparent background…

I need to style the FB-Box as following:

background-color: #F5F5F5; overflow: hidden; padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px; padding-top: 5px;


Hi. Currently Facebook comments allow to change width, height, and the skin light/dark not sure if it allows other manipulations.

Hello, I am working with your theme on and need to move the social media icons to the header, instead of the footer. Is this possible? How would I do it?

Also, I noticed that the pre-set social media link for facebook starts with “” or something like that, and I can’t add a business page link that works. Can you help me out with these two things?

For this purpose you need to edit the templates and remove the element showing the social icons from footer and add them in the Header of the templates
The FB page should work as well just set a ID or name of it. Or you can edit lib\php\LayoutBuilder\LBHeaderElement.php in function get_social_icons() remove the “people” part from facebook link

where do i find the viewport coding …. i dont like the options yall gave me

also where is the code to change the size of the related post ?

Hi. The viewport option is not just a single file, it requires layout and design change as well for the new values.


I want to create a single page with some content. But i always have the “Leave a comment” section on the bottom. how can i hide this? thanks!

cool – thank you!

another question:

how is it possible to show the content from the standard wp-text editor?

Not quite understand your question. By default it shows the content in the single post/page.

Hey guys, do you have some experience with the compatibility of the W3 Total Cache Plugin? Issues or any other?

haven’t tested, but might be issues related to some functionality which works with JS, like front end submission can break, uploaders, it might depend what settings are enabled in the plugin (minifying of the js is not recommended).

I updated to latest version, but I’m still having lightbox issues. Is this a folder permissions problem?

That’s not what I’m seeing…

I am still having lightbox issues, can I get some help with this?

Yes, no problem. Please open a ticket at with an admin account, and a link to the post you have images – we’ll investigate this as soon as possible. Cheers!

What file do I need to modify to get tags displayed above post title instead of categories?

Hi, in lib/php/post.class.php file search for:

$the_categories = post::get_post_categories($post->ID, $only_first_cat = false

You'll find the line where are rendered all the categories (you'll have around 4 matches). Try to alter this line. Cheers!</pre>

obviously my knowledge in PHP isn’t that good: what would i have to alter here?

ggraf, this is a custom request. Unfortunately we do not have time resources for customization right now. At least not in our working hours, sorry. Cheers!


Hope you can help me. I’ve been trying to lose the dots next to the tags. No luck sofar in the custom css. If possible, I would like the tags to have completely different style in comparison to all the other labels, but I can’t seem to find how.

Would it also be possible to have, in the next update, both facebook comment as well as wordpress comments enabled together.


Hi. They are added from css/autoinclude/cosmo-widgets.css You could hide them using in custom css

.tabs-container a.tag:before {
content: none;
Facebook and WP comments will not be both enabled, but if needed can be done from single-content.php with a tweak by removing the conditions for comments_open() and thus loading fb comments and wp comments.

Thanks a million! Both worked like a charm.

As for the comments section I’ve changed it into:
        if( comments_open() ){
        <div class="row">
            <div class="cosmo-comments twelve columns">            
                    comments_template( '', true );
                    <fb:comments href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" num_posts="5" width="430" height="120" reverse="true"></fb:comments>

Hi, I have a few areas I need some help with. 1. My blog is currently in the grid view with 3 boxes per row with a side bar on the right. I am happy with how this looks on the desktop, but not so happy with how this looks on smaller devices such as the ipad in portrait mode. Is it possible to have the blog laid out with 3 boxes per row on the desktop version of the site, and 2 boxes per row on smaller devices, such as the ipad in portrait mode? I know you can edit the layout for different screen sizes and can see that on my phone, the blog is displayed with one item per row, and with the sidebar moved to the bottom of the page, under the posts. What I would like, is on devices such as the ipad when viewing in portrait mode, to keep the sidebar on the right, like on the desktop version, but just change the blog to 2 boxes per row. I was unable to figure out how to achieve what I have described above? Could you please explain what I need to do.

2. I would like to use the sticky menu, but I have made my main menu right aligned. The sticky menu is left aligned. Is it possible to make it right aligned to tie in with the main menu?

3. I would like to disable the themes use of excerpts and use the default wordpress ‘more tag’ feature. I would like to set the excerpt length on a per post basis. I do not want to set one value for every post for how long the excerpt should be. It is my understanding that when writing the post, you can add the ‘more tag’ button which will create the end of the excerpt. I have tried to implement this, but it appears that the themes excerpt settings are overriding the wordpress method. Could you please explain what I need to do to achieve this?

4. I am having some problems with the rev slider in my posts. I have uploaded a screen grab so you can see what I mean. I have selected the responsive option and I assumed it would resize to fit within my content area? I have pasted the short code into the top of my post in order to get it to display. Is there any other way I can get it to display? Each post will have a different slider so I cannot add it to the template for the page. And I do not want to have a new template for each post. I cannot think of any other way I can get it to display in my posts, other than to paste the short code at the top of each post. Ideally I would like it to be displayed full width at the top of the post page, just below the main menu, with the main content area/sidebar beginning underneath. The only way I think I could achieve this would be to add it to the template above the content section, but again, each post will need a new slider, so I do not think this will work? Could you please explain what I need to do to get it to display correctly?

Many thanks in advance for you help. I look forward to hearing from you.


3. I tried to use the excerpt feature like you advised, but was unable to get it to work. I copy and pasted the text I wanted to feature as the excerpt but it did not change the excerpt on the site. I thought maybe I had to remove the excerpt number in the post settings for this feature to work, but this also made no difference. Could you please advise what I am missing?

Many thanks John

Any news on this?

Hi John, as you have many questions related to CSS and JS, and to give you the explanations/solutions/code in depth, please copy the exact questions from here in a ticket on our support system Please send there also some links with your issues, as we can’t reproduce some of them. Thank you.

Hi, Thought of two more things I need help with.

1. I would like my picture logo to be bigger. What code do I need to edit to reduce padding around image and make pic size bigger?

2. The URL when a visitor clicks on ‘next’ or a page number when navigating through the blog is…

Please tell me there is a way to make this link look nicer?

Many thanks. John

1. You could use custom css and expand the image by specifying custom width/height.
2. This link is used for custom navigation (when using the template builder, it has options which affect the behaviour). Currently can not be changed in a easy way.

I just updated to 0. 8 and I am having some problems with my twitter widget. When the browser width is reduced, the twitter widget disappears? I have tried the jetpack widget and the html version of the widget.

Can you please explain what I need to do to fix this?

Many thanks John

Hi, when the screen is smaller, the sidebars are going under the content. Also, please verify if your information in the widget is populated as it should. If both methods fails, please open a ticket to our support. Thanks.

I understand that the side bar moves underneath the content when the screen size is smaller, but if you take a look over at you will see that before the side bar relocates to underneath the content, the twitter widget disappears, leaving an empty sidebar area….?

Very interesting… can you please open a ticket at with all these details along with a temporary admin account and an FTP to the theme? We’ll have a look. Thanks!

how do i change the size of the related post?

what do you mean by “size” and by “related post”? Please send us more details.

i want to change the size of the thumbnail in the related post …. also how do you turn mobile version off ?

You can modify that width from \afternight\related-posts.php . Just search for
$column_width = 'four';
You cna change here “four” in “three”.


HI, I have installed the theme but the Slider doesnt work. Could you help me? I just see a grey box in the slider space. I have made all like on documentation.pdf

Thanks in Advance, Edu

I have disabled all plugins and still doesnt work, just work on preview on admin.

OK, I have the slider working now! I have another doubt, How to select the fonts for the main menu? I have changed in admin but only appear on special menu, not on main menu. How to solve this? thanks!

Add this in Custom CSS box, with your edits:

        font-family: Arial, sans-serif;
        font-size: 16px;


Hi guys We’ve been fiddling for quite some time to try to get this theme to work and fear we might have to abandon it… The biggest issue is that the portfolio template looks nothing like your sample. All the content is at the right of the page, not in the big picture box in the left half of the page. We did not touch the ‘single portfolio’ template assuming it should work out of the box. Is there something we had to do? (of course we did assign a featured image and also tried randomly applying all the options.) thanks in advance.


I don’t think abandoning Afternight is the best idea, as it’s really a great theme. Maybe you just started with the wrong foot.

First, Afternight is based on our Template Builder system, so almost anything in this theme has to do with Templates. Here is a tutorial about the builder:

You can start by creating a new template, then add a new row, with this settings: and

Now save, then create a new page, assign that template you just created, and access it. Enjoy!

Let us know if there are any other issues by opening a ticket here:


thanks for the suggestions – we had tried the template builder, but just can’t get the theme to work. Plus, you’d think that the template for portfolio would look just like the demo when you use it for the first time… no luck!

Can you please open a ticket at with an admin account? We’ll have a look at your configuration. Thanks.

i upgraded the theme and now i need to change the size of my youtube and viemo uploads. this method doesnt work anymore. in featured_image.php on line 118 replace

echo post::get_embeded_video(post::get_youtube_video_id($video_url),”youtube”);


echo post::get_embeded_video(post::get_youtube_video_id($video_url),”youtube”,0,670,500);

and instead of 670 and 500 use your dimensions. This will affect you tube video, for vimeo


echo post::get_embeded_video(post::get_vimeo_video_id($video_url),”vimeo”);


echo post::get_embeded_video(post::get_vimeo_video_id($video_url),”vimeo”, 0, 670, 500);


please see /lib/php/post.class.php file, and search for this line-function:

function get_embeded_video($video_id,$video_type,$autoplay = 0,$width = 570,$height = 414)

These are the dimensions.