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Hi! I want to remove the “XX days ago” info from the frontpage and from posts. Any help?

Is annoying to clients see how long I takes between one content and other.



try to add this in Custom CSS box:
.entry-content .entry-content-date {


GREAT!! Thanks!!

Turn off your cloudflare it is a piece of sh*t, it always ask captcha moreover when I type its not accepting. use another cdn..

aybekdes, you’re right, of course, but there are also other issues… can you please tell me from what country are you? And where exactly are you getting the captcha? We’ll investigate this.. Thank you in advance.

Turkey. When I click live preview from themeforest I’m getting that annoying captcha, and it tells me this:

Can you please write us from the email form? Hope we’ll get to you soon with something. Thank you in advance.

I posted the same issue TWICE in the support help board. This is an coding issue I have been facing for months with NO assistance at all. This is what causes poor ratings. So I will ask AGAIN! All the FTP and WP credentials are in the support system. Request #527.

I have put this request in before and it went unanswered. I am asking again before I have to take other measures. I stop using your calendar function to start using The Events Calendar Pro Plugin ( The general events page in most typical templates see it fine in either a generic page template or the events template. The AfterNight template doesn’t see the general events page at all. Now it shows the individual events once clicked on them from the front page.

Now this is the error I get:

Fatal error: Call to a member function render_header() on a non-object in /home/hitfm/public_html/wp-content/themes/hitfmmiami_07/header.php on line 491

URL: Events Page: Single Event Sample:

I already answered on the ticket. Sorry for the discomfort we caused. Best regards, Nick

how do i change the size of the title text in a post?


you can add these snippet in the CSS section:

.post> { font-size: 30px; }


do i add this anywhere

here you go, it’s quite the same box:


Is the 0.8 upgrade included? I am on 0.5 and have yet to complete my site. How do I upgrade without touching the aesthetics of my site?

Here is a tutorial of how to update:

Version 0.8 was already sent, so you should have it available in your Downloads section. Cheers!


Is there any chance of getting some help with Request #441 that I submitted? Just waiting on help for a few areas that will make my site complete.

Cheers. John

Hi John,

those are custom requests, and we give priority to theme’s issues… but I am sure you’ll get support soon. Just please understand that these days we are overwhelmed with questions. Thank you. Nick

Ok, hopefully I will hear back soon. I do not need help with the twitter follow button issue anymore. But the other points I do still need help with. Cheers

Please update the ticket with the above message – will be easier for us too. I will ask Victor about your request. Cheers!

Hi, I tried to view my site on a Samsung galaxy tablet and the background picture for the site does not load correctly. Are you aware of the issues with the Samsung tablets? I tried the galaxy tab 2 and my site looked awful.

Any information on this would be great!


You have a background picture of almost 200kb. If you wait a little bit, it appears . Try to insert a background-color – you’ll see it right away – mobile devices do not like big images/contents. You can write in CSS that “if a mobile is viewing this, instead of image to show a color or something”. With @media attribute. Cheers!

Is there a way to stop the background image resizing in the current way it does on phones and tablets? It appears that the background image is zoomed in on. Is it possible to make it display more like the desktop version?

I changed the background image to a resolution of 72 so hopefully that will help it show up on all devices?!

Yes, the background is not fixed on mobile devices, thank you for reporting. Please open a ticket at with our discution, including mine, so we could have a connection with you. I opened a ticket regarding that to our designers, so already waiting for a response. Cheers!

how do i make the sidebar in the post wider and turn the background color off… none of my ads will fit on the side bar


you can re-design the sidebar width in every page/post settingL also in Layouts, for every layout.


Is it possible to change the way in which ‘New’ is displayed on new posts? It is so small and can barely be seen on the posts so I would like to change it to something like a circular icon or some kind of icon that stands out so visitors can see what is new.

Kind of like the post on this page, but maybe something that looks slightly better.

Many thanks John

Hi John, here is the CSS snippet you might want to add/edit in custom CSS box:
.new-post-label {
right: 10px;
top: 10px;
line-height: 16px;
color: inherit;
padding: 2px 5px;
font-size: 25px;

I edited right/top/font-size already. Cheers!

This has just made the text bigger, which is great. But it still looks a little boring. Is there anything I can do to make it more attractive? eye grabbing? Want it to stand out so people are drawn to it. Any help would be amazing! Thanks

I gave you selectors, color, size and position. With all these you can basically do anything… sorry, but I am not a designer. Try to find the look you want and just implement it. Cheers!

Is it possible to add the author details on the grid view of the blog? At the moment it just displays tags, title, date, and category icon. I know that when you click through to the full post the author details is displayed, but I would like visitors to be able to see who wrote each post before clicking through to the full post.

Many thanks John


you might want to look at /lib/php/post.class.php file, function grid_view() . Add here any block you want for the grid view. Cheers!

What do you mean by block?

I mean a DIV in which you’ll add your meta information, like author name, date and so on (you wanted that, isn’t it?). Cheers!

i upgraded the theme and the utube and vimeo videos got smaller and auto play stopped.

in featured_image.php on line 118 replace

echo post::get_embeded_video(post::get_youtube_video_id($video_url),”youtube”);


echo post::get_embeded_video(post::get_youtube_video_id($video_url),”youtube”,0,670,500);

and instead of 670 and 500 use your dimensions. This will affect you tube video, for vimeo


echo post::get_embeded_video(post::get_vimeo_video_id($video_url),”vimeo”);


echo post::get_embeded_video(post::get_vimeo_video_id($video_url),”vimeo”, 0, 670, 500);

in the upgraded version this is no longer the way, how do u fix this

Yes, the WordPress 3.6 has another rules about rendering functions in the theme, so we changed a little bit the theme structure. Where are you inserting videos? In wich post type? As for every template (portofolio, events, etc) there are different files… Thanks.

auto play and post video size

please check \afternight\lib\php\main.php file.

Hi virusnac. Can you tell me how to get photo EXIF data (camera model, shutter speed etc) to display on the single post pages? I’ve tried several plugins and none of them seem to work, but I thought maybe you would know how to code it in? (I don’t know much about PHP so I wouldn’t know where to start).

Sorted the EXIF (had to be enabled on the server). But still need the next/previous navigation links on single pages. Also, how do I change the Load More AJAX button so that is says something like “Load More”?


you can change the Load More ”...” into your text by going in \lib\php\LayoutBuilder\LBElement.php file and searching for

$load_more_btn = sprintf(__( '...', 'cosmotheme' ), '<span>','</span>');

You should have around 4 matches.

About the next and previous post question – we do not have this option, so you have to insert it manually in the code, via get_previous_post() and get_next_post() functions. Unfortunately we do not have enough time resources for custom requests right now, in our working hours.


Thanks virusnac. I was able to modify the Load More… button. Probably won’t be able to get my head around the previous/next buttons though.

Hi) Very important! Concerning the posting from front end – ‘Text content’ area…

1. How to disable “attachment” area of the posting – the “Add media” button, so that only text can be added at this place? I do not want people to have an access to the Media Library.

2. Ho to disable the ‘Text’ mode of the posting with html code, so that only ‘Visual’ mode is shown to users submitting using front end?

Thank you in advance.

Please refer to \afternight\post_item.php file along any changes regarding item front-end posting. Cheers!

Hello again. Just wondering…

(1) How/where I might change the default social icons on the prettyPhoto overlay.

(2) Whether it is possible to add the stripes overlay to the prettyPhoto overlay as well, so that the photos can’t be right-click-saved.


those social icons are from the default social connect plugin, so you might see on their forum something helpful. About the right-click function – there is a plugin to dismiss right clicking – maybe you want to see that?


Not really, but I’ll sort something.

Hello again. I’ve come across a problem I can’t figure out. The lost/recover password function doesn’t seem to be working as the emails aren’t being received. It’s not a server problem because I tested a new registration and that email appeared fine.

I have also tried using SMTP. Sending a test email from the WP admin works fine, but the lost/recover email still isn’t being sent.

And I just thought to try the lost/recover password from the admin panel and it works, which narrows it down to the theme itself…

Please open a ticket at with an admin account to your theme and a link to your site – we’ll try solve your issue. Cheers!

Hey guys, I’ve updated to the latest theme version. Since then, search request (google) on specific terms are gone. I mean, my page is only reachable by searching for the title, not the content. According to the jetpack statistics. If I check the google webmasters tool, everything looks fine.

Do you have noticed this too or something familiar?

Hi there,

we did not noticed any issues regarding SEO, not even from our customers. It could be a jetpack error… if you still feel that your site is hidden for some search engine, please open a ticket at with more details, regarding your site – and we’ll help you out. Cheers!

Hi, we have your theme and we are using yoast seo plugin, something in your theme (or something else) seems to be preventing the correct page meta descriptions showing in google results, have you any experience of this issue before? Any ideas how we might solve it? instead of showing the correct meta description it is showing a repeated list of page menu names. we use the yoast seo plugin on all our other sites with different themes and didint see a similar issue. Many Thanks.

Please open a ticket at with an admin account and a link to your site – we’ll try investigate your issue. No, ussually Yoast SEO works great on our themes. Cheers!

Hello, i cannot understand how i can add a menu next to home…i have been struggling to find how to do it ..can you please help me ?

You can add pages/posts, etc item to you menu from here:


Hi, Beautiful theme. I am running WP 3.5 and have the following message stick to my admin and front end when I activated the theme:

Warning: Constants may only evaluate to scalar values in /mnt/114/sdb/9/2/jpajot/mu/wp-content/themes/afternight/functions.php on line 8 Warning: preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string, object given in /mnt/114/sdb/9/2/jpajot/mu/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 608 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/114/sdb/9/2/jpajot/mu/wp-content/themes/afternight/functions.php:8) in /mnt/114/sdb/9/2/jpajot/mu/wp-includes/option.php on line 568 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/114/sdb/9/2/jpajot/mu/wp-content/themes/afternight/functions.php:8) in /mnt/114/sdb/9/2/jpajot/mu/wp-includes/option.php on line 569

What should I do ?

Forget it, problem of my server. I put on a new one and it works perfectly!

Hi, The squares of my latest posts on front page are not squared :) The width is fixed but they have different heights. How can I force it to be strictly squared?

BTW the template configurator is impressive! Really cool.

Thank you

Hi there,

we are sorry for the delay, just came back from our vacation! For any of your questions, please use our ticketing system, right here: .

Really glad you liked our Template Builder. Yes, it’s pretty great. Please try to disable “Masonry” – I think you have it activated in element’s settings

Let me know if that was not it. Cheers!

The height is still changing depending of the information in the block. Cannot force it to be square whatever the content… No big deal for now. I have other priorities for the web site now, so I’ll come back to this detail later. Thanks for your answer

OK, please do not forget to open a ticket next time, with a link to your site and would be great an admin account too. Cheers!