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I’d like to change the Main menu and Category filter color background.

Where should I look to do that properly?


if the element is on a single row, you can change row’s color, editing it’s settings . Can you please send a link to your site, so I could inspect the elements you want to change? Cheers!

Thanks, I’m gonna look at it ASAP.

Simple question for Buy Today. Has this theme Events manager of is necessary a plugin? Thanks very much.


our theme has Events set like Custom Posts So it has some options there. We had a client that installed an additional plugin, because he wanted more options. That’s how it is ;) Cheers!

this theme isnt 4 ppl who plan on gettn a lot of traffic. i get 20k ppl a day on my site and this themes coding made 4 that

OK, thank you for sharing. 20k people per day on a uncustomized 45$ theme, yeah? Pretty great though…

no this theme is broken or something … it sends a million errors to my hosting

Hello there!

We kindly ask you to use our Ticketing System for your issue. Please send us more details. Thank you.

I have a question that I am unclear about. I am strongly considering buying this theme, but my current site has multiple authors. Does this theme support that?


yes, our theme does not conflict with WordPress’s default features, like authors, users and so on. Cheers!

Is there a limit on the amount of views this theme can handle? I saw an exchange between you and telloknows where it is unclear on the amount of traffic this theme can handle.

Hello there!

We kindly ask you to use our Ticketing System for any of your questions. Just submit a request. It’s fast, free and it’s completely private (so you could send sensitive information too). Also, you can visit our forums too, maybe your question was already answered, or Tips&Tricks section! Thank you!

I did, but nobody has responded for several days.

Can you please tell me the ticket number? thanks


I would like to buy this theme for my music blog for it’s stylish and responsive.

One question tho : If there a way to crop all the existing thumbnails to a square on the homepage, like on the demo ? Since I’m changing themes, these thumbnails could have differents sizes and it would not be very esthetic.

Thank you in advance,



Afternight is resizing/cropping your images so that you should have no worries about that. Just try to upload big images, so that it could resize, not enlarge, your images. Cheers!

Thanks ! Keep up the good work.

regarding STICKY MENU


Any idea how to center the sticky menu? At the moment its left aligned by default, but with main menu centered it looks odd.

ps. this theme is awesome!

Best regards,


Hello there!

We kindly ask you to use our Ticketing System for any of your questions. Just submit a request. It’s fast, free and it’s completely private (so you could send sensitive information too). Also, you can visit our forums too, maybe your question was already answered, or Tips&Tricks section! Thank you!

Hi, My request has been awaiting assignment for the last 5 days. Can you please help me asap?

Hi, sorry for the delay, I just responded. Cheers!


How would I disable comments on posts?




please disable “Comments” in every post/page settings. Cheers!


How can I change the skin to show an image instead of just the background color?


try to use these settings: Hello there!

We kindly ask you to use our Ticketing System for any of your questions. Just submit a request. It’s easy and it’s completely private (so you could send sensitive information too). Also, you can visit our forums too, maybe your question was already answered, or Tips&Tricks section! Thank you!

oh sorry, I didnt elaborate enough, I mean when you hover over the image, instead of just the skin and the link, can I display another image instead?



nope, unfortunately you can’t, by default, you should only customize the code. Cheers!

functions.php has shortcodes for post excerpts enabled, but if i fill in shortcode for soundcloud nothing in list-view is displayed – what could i do?

or – to put it in another way – could i modify the audio post format to include soundcloud too?


sorry for the delay. Please open lib/php/post.class.php file, function get_excerpt(). There you’ll have strip_tags() function (that cuts off all shortcodes/html from the excerpt). You should start with that, as this is the excerpt function used in grid/list. Thank you.

I can’t figure out how to set up template to make it show only posts from one category. For example when I open “category #1” I want to see only posts from this category and when I open “categry #2” I want to see only posts from “category nr 2”. How can I make it?

Please open Layouts, and check Category’s template then open that template and delete all unnecessary elements. Also unhide the DEFAULT row

Please open a ticket at with an admin account, if you still have this issue. Thank you.

It works! Thank You!

Glad you made it! Please rate us with 5 stars! Thank you!

this theme is good beside the fact it makes way to many request to my server and crashes my site EVERYDAY


it should not do that… can you please send us a link so we could test a little bit? Have you tried any cache plugins/better hosting? Thanks.

Hi there, Looks like an amazing theme! I have a few pre purchase question: 1. Can I create thumbnails of Ads and include them amongst posts or do Ads only work through sidebar widgets? 2. Did you get to the bottom of the server request issue? Only asking because your own demo site failed on your own servers a couple of times today. 3. Is it possible to change the menu to a ‘hamburger’ icon with some easy customisation? Not a big fan of the native dropdown… 4. Have you got a page with all of your shortcodes shown? 5. Can I use the filter blog posts option for other types of posts than square thumbnails, e.g. on the gridview page? (can i mix and match types of posts and still filter them? – that would be amazing!) 6. Can I have posts without images? 7. There are a few bugs (typography, size of thumbnails) on the narrow ipad view – are you fixing those any time soon?

Sorry for asking so many questions, but very excited about this theme and hoping that it’s what I’ve been looking for for ages…


thank you for pointing that out, we fixed the timeline view bug, also uploaded a bigger image for the members page. It’s a one-number change in the style.css ;) Cheers!

That’s great. Thanks. Can I ask about point 5 again, because this one is the most important to me.

Based on your answer I understand that I can basically use filters with any type of blog view on any page. Is that correct?

And can I use custome sets of filters consisting of subcategories or tags or can I only set one set of filters?

That means can I create different sets of filters for different pages?

Do you have screenshots of the backend page builder? Your video isn’t currently working.


Please write us on, about the demo, we’ll solve that out. Thanks.

HI, How do I remove the sidebar?

thanks, I have another question, how do I enable logging in using facebook?

and registration?


you should have these credentials entered and a valid application created on Facebook, for your site. Cheers!


I’m just about to buy this awsome theme, but I need to know if its possible (and easy, and if will get some help from you) to show the author of the post in the mainpage when using the Grid View.

In the demo only image, title, date, type and excerpt are shown. Just need to add the author name.

As soon as I get an answer I’ll buy it! :)

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! That code has done something… but is not working the way it is supposed to work :(

Something weird happens (it also happened with the other code in thumbnails-view), as all posts in mainpage show the same author (in my test-site, “Sopa de Relatos”, who is de admin user), insted of the author of the post. If you click on any of them and go to single post you can see that author doesnt match.

Let’s try one more time with the post.class.php content . Thanks

Awesome! It works! Thanks a lot, it’s been tough :)

Do you have any idea about the other question I asked in Zendesk? (selecting more than one category in the frontend post editor – with a checkbox, for example). If you can help me with this I promise I won’t bother you again, hehehe :D

I’d like some custom things done to this template … please email me telloknows @ so i can send u my request and u can quote me

didnt get your email …

sending it once again, no problem.

why is it that when I go to a single post, the featured image looks large while the page is loading? is there any way to change that?

Yeap, there is a way: please open the Custom CSS option, and paste this into the box:

.single .featimg .featbg { display: inline-block; }

That should work like a charm. Cheers!

Hi! I posted this 8 days ago in your sopport forum but still no answer. Any help please? --

Hi again, I’ve found problem I can’t figure out. The lost/recover password function doesn’t seem to be working as the emails aren’t being received. It’s not a server problem (I tested new registration, smtp from WP admin, the lost/recover function from the admin panel / wp screen), and these emails were received fine.

Any help with this? It’s quite important as we just launched our new site and many people will be coming back again after several months of no use.

I’ve made a fresh and clean install for testing (, just in case the problem was related to plugins, options or database. Well, it’s not. Same problem happens in a new wp install with no plugins or custumizations. So I have to assume its something related to the theme itself. Any sollution? Thanks!

Sorry about the delay, we’re trying to catch up. Further details i will send in the ticket. Thanks

Hi guys,

I bought your theme (love it!) and i’m trying to customize it now. I can’t find how to set the embedded video dimensions on a post template page.

I’ve made the edits in the: /lib/php/main.php and /lib/php/post.class.php files as you mentioned in previous posts but that doesn’t seem to be having any effect at all.

Ideally what I’d like is for the video’s width to be full width across the entire page, resized dynamically depending on screen size. Is that possible?


please give us more details about how are you inserting your videos, where, which code are yo inserting? Also, try to see this small plugin – we tested it once and it went just great

It will resize perfectly your videos, and you can insert it’s shortcode basically anywhere, even in the templates, via text/shortcode element. Thanks

How do I access the Revolution Slider plug-in with extended license that is supposed to come with the theme? I don’t see options or files anywhere. Thanks!

Oh, and I’m having a problem where the social icon for Tumblr is showing the Twitter icon instead, but my client doesn’t have a Twitter account. Any ideas why that would be happening or how I can fix it? Thanks.


please contact us to, attaching the above questions, along with an admin account and a link to your site. Thank you and sorry about the delay.